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Dragalia Lost, Nintendo is the newest mobile game that has danger, Gacha machines, and dragons to provide fun and enjoy. This game is all about the story of a young boy who tries to regain his kingdom. The boy can control the souls of darkness and use them in the middle of battle. This game needs grinding and luck to get the best possible team, and it happens in most of the exciting games.

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5 Best Players/Characters

There are many players in this game. However, we have gathered the most important information about the 5 best characters. The strengths and information of the five best characters or players of the game are given as follows:


1. Ramona 

Staying in power and offensive presence are the two key assets of Dragalia’s varying Axe users, which Ramona combines. Ramona runs a self-proc-able Strength Double buff with Primed Strength. She rarely sits at her base strength level and is also surprisingly mobile for an Axe user. Ramona is the one that can change directions throughout their Skill animation in the game, and no other character can do it.


Main Strengths of the Player

  • Self-Sufficient 

Skill 1 is Primed Strength, and Skill 2 is Double Strength buff, making sure that Ramona's power boosts are staggered so that it can provide more consistent overall damage. As with Vanessa, longevity is sacrificed but not with her as she is considerably Smith Shields' DEF buff, who meshes well with a defensive Co-Ability.

  • Good Mobility 

She is still locked mainly within Howling Meteor's animation, even if Ezelith can slightly alter her course. If Ramona finds herself in a wrong spot, she can reposition herself as she has a grant of a higher degree of freedom to reposition with six extra hits.


2. Summer Cleo

Taking the four former Light Bow adventurers to one side, Summer Cleo blows in with the tropical wind while effortlessly knocking. The number of user buffs increases the primary skills of Summer Cleo. Summer Cleo is a supportive Bow wielder and comparable to Gala Sarissa. The maximum number of shots fired by Parasol Shots at all times are ensured by high Skill Haste. A whopping four buffs provided by Tropical Breeze on their own. She gets access to the eventual High Zodiark’s Trial because of the Curse immunity. The potency of Paralysis in endgame content should be seen.

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Main Strengths of the Player

  • Skill Haste to Spare 

Cleo can increase her skill uptime in multiple ways in line with her Co-Ability. The enhanced skill uptime will lead to more frequent Paralysis applications and team support. 

  • Curse Immunity  

Cleo has cursed immunity, and she rounds out the Light roster as a capable Bow adventurer. During all Zodiark-related content, this bow adventurer can maintain full Skill usage.


3. Gala Cleo

Cleo arrives has a Wand in hand, ears revealed, and is Shadow's first Gala Dragalia star. She shows an enormous buff zone and abundant Skill Shifts, which makes her offensive and defensive support unparalleled. For the foreseeable future, Cleo undisputedly marks her spot in the upper echelons of the Shadow roster. She did it by boosting the team's DPS and shelling out massive damage.


Main Strengths of the Player

  • Versatile Support 

The team-wide 25% STR boost is part of her primary skill in sports, a generous radius, and high uptime. Furthermore, topped off with occasional regain healing, Cleo's second skill shift can reduce both enemy STR and DEF.

  • Dual Immunity 

Cleo finds herself a viable pick for any light-attuned content as she joins a shallow pool of blind-immune adventurers.

  • 100% Skill Prep

Cleo gets a head start on both Skill Shifts as she has two damaging skills instantly available. These two skills grant her massive burst damage.


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4. Summer Celliera

Celliera is the co-star of a Splash of Adventure Summer and is less of a powerhouse than Xander, so she makes up with her supportive capabilities. Reminiscent of Marth, The Skill Shift of Celliera scale over time, leads to a powerful 20% Attack Rate boost. Celliera performs well both in a vacuum and with a team as she is capable of self-double buffing.


Main Strengths of the Player

  • Dedicated Offensive Support 

Like banner mate Julietta’s, the Skill Shift of Celliera builds upon itself. It reaches an extreme 20% jump in Attack Rate. Celliera packs real support to rival Elisanne between STR boosts, increased Buff Time and Bog applications. 

  • Self-Proc strength Double buff 

Celliera has some teeth of her own, though labeled as a Support unit. She can contribute to team DPS by reliably double buffing herself.


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5. Victor

The flagship Windswept Warriors showcase is Victor. He is also wind's first 5★ Blade user as he has been readily available on his primary skill. That's why he considers himself an offensive powerhouse and easier to pilot than Addis. Victor comes chock full of team-wide defensive utilities, the most notable being the immunity to knockbacks and his top-tier damage output.


Main Strengths of the Player

  • Immense Damage Output

You get Victor's Bleed right off the bat, and it doesn't depend on using Skills in tandem. It would not be much difficult to make hitting three stacks in comparison to Addis's kit.

  • Defensive Utility 

Victor can increase the survivability of his team by enhancing Water Res and a decent-sized %HP shield. Team-wide knockback immunity is most important, which acts as a bonus, was previously exclusive to Julietta. The immunity gets extended to almost 20 seconds with Innate Buff Time.


The Bottom Line

This article provides information about the 5 best players in the game. The information given will help you to know the character well. It will also help you to play the game well as every character has different strengths. You can use the character well if you know the strength of the character; otherwise, it would take time to understand the character's powers and strength. Choose the player according to your needs and make your moments special by playing Dragalia Lost.

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