Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)

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 Penny belongs to the 'Super Rare' class of Brawler and is arguably one of the best characters in the game. He has medium health with a long-ranged attack that deals with tons of AOE damage whenever it hits a target. Her super lets you use a mortar with medium health, which throws out cannonballs dealing tons of damage.


Due to her immense DPS output and general range, she deserves to be considered one of the game's best Brawlers.


Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)


An Overview of Penny:


Penny Belongs to the Sharpshooter class of the game, as mentioned earlier. Since she deals a large amount of damage and has a generally high movement speed, this particular reason is why Penny is good at being a Sharpshooter since she can also evade most aggressive attacks done against her. Here’s a quick overview of her health gain in the game:


  • Level 1: 3200
  • Level 2: 3360
  • Level 3: 3520
  • Level 4: 3680
  • Level 5: 3840
  • Level 6: 4000
  • Level 7: 4160
  • Level 8: 4320
  • Level 9 – 10: 4480


Penny’s Basic Attack: Plunderbuss


Her basic attack shoots out a pouch that is full of fool’s gold. If the pouch hits an enemy on impact, it busts with coins targeting the first enemy it hits. After some buffs, her main attack is quite powerful as it now shoots a med-sized pouch.


If the attack ends up hitting, it throws down three smaller additional clumps that travel behind the enemy in a cone/kite-shaped fashion. They travel for four tiles and pierce opponents dealing the same amount of damage for each clump.


This attack mechanic, in turn, lets you double or even triple the amount of damage you can deal. However, to balance it, the attack itself deals meagre amounts and unloads and reloads quite slow.


As you practice the hero, here are some mistakes you should try to get rid of when you start playing Brawl Stars.


Basic Attack Stats:


Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)


Knowing the basic attack stats of a Brawler is extremely important, especially as you try to utilize them differently. These stats help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of picking Penny.


  • Range: 9
  • Reload: 2 seconds (Slow)
  • Super charge per hit: 20.925%
  • Projectile Speed: 3000 / 2500 (pouch)
  • Attack Width: 1 / 0.67 (pouch)


Here’s an accurate look at the damage scaling for Penny’s Basic Attack according to her levels and general stats for the character:


  • Level 1: 900
  • Level 2: 945
  • Level 3: 990
  • Level 4: 1035
  • Level 5: 1080
  • Level 6: 1125
  • Level 7: 1170
  • Level 8: 1215
  • Level 9 – 10: 1260


Penny’s Super – Old Lobber:


Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)


As soon as Penny uses her Super, she drops a cannon that deals extremely serious damage but has very low health. You can throw this Turret in any location at a particular range from Penny. The Turret itself is stationary and fires high damage cannonballs that deal with a high amount of AOE damage. But since the Turret has a slow firing rate and the projectiles themselves are slow too, they are relatively easy to dodge, even for inexperienced players.


Here are some basic stats for her Super that you should know about:

  • Range: 5
  • Super charge per hit: 30%
  • Projectile Speed: 1196 / 750 (cannonball)
  • Cannon Range: 13.33
  • Cannon Reload: 2.5 seconds


Here’s an accurate look at the damage scaling for Penny’s Basic Attack according to her levels and general stats for the character:


  • Level 1: 1200
  • Level 2: 1260
  • Level 3: 1320
  • Level 4: 1380
  • Level 5: 1440
  • Level 6: 1500
  • Level 7: 1580
  • Level 8: 1620
  • Level 9 – 10: 1260


Penny’s Gadget – Pocket Detonator:


As soon as Penny activates her gadget, her cannon blows up, damaging and pushing enemies in a 33-mile radius. The gadget itself also destroys nearby bushes and tiles. You can use this gadget only if you have Super activated within 13 tiles of her latest location. The gadget also activates her Last Blast Star Power.


Penny’s Star Powers – Last Blast & Balls of Fire:


If Penny's Cannons ends up being destroyed, it takes out a barrage of bombs that targets closing enemies, which end up firing four cannonballs, each dealing an immense 1680 damage to their closest enemy in range. You can also use this particular Star Power and trigger it by their pocket Detonator Gadget.


Penny’s Strength and Weaknesses:




  • Large Projectile Spread: Penny has a unique attack that can almost be considered as a shotgun-style attack from an extremely long range. So, you can take out large clumps of enemies stuck together quickly. This feature is especially useful against squishy damage dealers against allies who hide behind high durability allies.


  • Hit Behind Obstacles: Penny can siege enemies hiding behind her walls with her cannon. Since she provides a lot of control on the map, it is really hard for enemies to approach her.


  • Long Rang Destroyer: Penny can deal tons of damage when her targets are far away due to her nature of the attack. Moreover, she also can decimate players who are at closer range.




Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)


  • Weak Against Up-Close Heroes: If a Brawler can sneak up close to Penny, there's very little she can do. Since she has no escape, there’s a higher chance that you will end up dying.


  • Weak Solo-Kill Hero: Since most of Penny’s can be dodged after her initial burst, she is poor at solo killing.


Matchups and Counters:




When you face off against brawlers like Barley, Dynamike, and Spike, they will usually stay out of your reach in most cases since they can throw objects over walls (where your mortar usually is). They can be quite annoying to deal against.


If you are facing off against one, make sure to stay near your mortar even though it is generally not recommended so you can guard it to the best of your ability.




Tanks like El Primo, Bull, Pam, and Frank have huge hitboxes with supports behind them as well. They are excellent targets for your main attack. If they try to flank and destroy your mortar, you should help your tank defend it to the best of your abilities. The cannon is also good against Brawlers like Pam as it automatically targets her healing station.


Damage Dealers:


When playing against brawlers like Colt, Ricochet, Tara, and Leon, you won't have much luck. Generally, it is hard for any other class to 1v1 against a damage dealer due to their inherent nature. While your potential to deal damage is relatively high, enemies must be clumped up so that you deal damage.


Make sure that you are dealing poke damage against damage-dealing brawlers or if you auto-aim up quickly. You should always aim your shots.




For brawlers like Brock, Piper, there’s a meager chance for Penny to win. However, since you will have an extremely fast fire rate, you can enable her to get 3-4 shots very quickly. At extremely close ranges, you can deal whopping 3600-5040 damage.


Try not to deal with snipers since they are probably going to end up beating you. So, let other brawlers deal with them.




When playing against other builders, remember to isolate yourself from other brawlers. Make sure that your Super is up before them, or otherwise, you’ll be at a disadvantage most of the time.


Penny In Different Game Modes:

Here are different modes of penny.


Gem Grab:


In the current meta, Gem Grab is a fantastic game mode for Penny. Usually, she is played as a gem carrier due to her ability to throw people off with her attack and turrets. You can also play her as a support due to her long-range damage with coins.


You should be playing her with an aggro Brawler like Shelly or Nita for a good team comp. You can also try her as a crowd control Brawler-like as well so that you can keep Brawlers outside the gem mine.




Penny is good at the Bounty game mode only if you know how to play her extremely well. It is specifically related to the map as well. Here are some good maps to play her at:


  • Outlaw Camp
  • Showdown


However, she’s not good in extremely open maps like Star Gulch like long-ranged Brawlers, especially Piper, as they deal tons of damage. Her cannon is also extremely powerful in certain situations, especially in the final seconds. She can finish off brawlers that are on low health quite quickly.


If you are still confused about what you need to pick for Bounty, here’s a guide that can help.




Penny’s main attack does not deal a lot of damage to the safe due to her damage spread. She can easily be countered by Throwers and DPS heroes who can take down turrets. Generally, brawlers don’t clump up in Heist game modes. So, your Turret probably won’t be used that well anyways.


If the enemy team has no throwers, you can use her Turret quite safely and chip enemies away. If you want to pick a Brawler like Penny, you should probably go for someone like Brock or Colt instead.


Brawl Ball:


Penny is not a good pick for Brawl Ball. You should probably pick a Tank if you are going for the game mode. Since most of the meta is dominated by them, Penny's low damage will not do anything to them.


However, if the enemy usually tends to clump up or cluster together near her goal, you can take enemies out quickly due to her coin spread. Since Brawl Ball maps are quite open, your Turret won’t stay up for long.


Robo Rumble:


Robo Rumble is an excellent choice for Penny. She’s great at the early game as she can take out more than 3-4 robots at one point. In the late game, she can take out multiple clustered robots. Moreover, if the map isn’t open in nature, her Turret will be quite a valuable asset. If you have DPS heroes near you, you can take out the smaller robots, which turns them into excellent team composition. Since this game mode is tough, here are some Pro tips for Brawl Stars that can help you out.


Boss Fight:


Penny is not a very good choice for playing Boss Fight. As an attacker, she can’t do a lot on the offensive side and hardly damage the boss. Plus, unless the boss is standing right by her or near a turret, she won’t be doing a lot of damage to them.


The boss can also quickly dodge her cannon due to their increased speed. Even if the boss somehow ends up getting hit by the cannon, only 1 per cent of their total health will be drained.  So, you are going to have a hard time using Penny in the Boss Fight game mode.


Solo Showdown:


Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)


Penny is not a good solos character. Since she is a Sharpshooter, she is quite well versed at destroying multiple boxes. But you’ll always have to try and stay back with Penny, which means you won't be getting a lot of kills or a high score either way.


Your Turret is your main damage dealing weapon in this game mode. Try to defend your Turret until you recharge your super and hold rotation as much as you can. Make sure not to fight brawlers like Brock since you are much weaker than them.


Duo Showdown:


Duo Showdown is perhaps the best game mode to play Penny on. She usually tends to play as a significant damage long-range Brawler for Tanks. She can take out more than one Brawler at a time due to the amount of spread on her coins.


She can also take out huge clumps of boxes and can also act as a third member of the Duo since her Turret can reliably dish out damage while remaining accurate as well. We recommend that you play her in more open maps like Scorched Stone and figure out particular spots that are good to place your Turret.


Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)


Her Second Super, Balls of Fire, is when Penny's cannonballs hit an enemy, it will create a burning DPS effect for 3-4 seconds that are just like Barley’s but are with two seconds longer. If you are in particular, that is burning. You will take about 400-500 damage totaling up to 1500 damage. The Captain's Compass Gadget can also trigger this Star Power.


LDPlayer Features for Brawl Stars:


Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)


After you have gotten Penny, your next step is to practice her till you get at a reasonable skill level. Thankfully, LDPlayer can make this entire process much faster and more efficient due to the numerous advantages it features over other platforms. For example, LDPlayer has a complete mouse and keyboard integration and support. This feature lets you completely re-map your keys in Brawl Stars assigning a bind of your comfort to each action in the game, making the game feel like any other stand-alone PC game.


Another feature you can take advantage of while playing Penny on LDPlayer is the Emulator’s Macro Feature. What the feature does is it lets you record a bunch of actions (for example, setting up Penny's Turret) and sets them up to a particular key bind. You can then press the key at any specific point and instantly perform the set of actions with no delay whatsoever.


Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)


LDPlayer has now added the feature of canceling skills in Brawl Stars. If you are using the Default Key Mapping, you can use the Shift key to access the feature. The team has also resolved an issue where the skill direction control was inaccurate after the game was updated.



Another brawler who can take advantage of the dedicated mouse and keyboard controls is Spike. Here’s a complete guide to play Spike.


Gameplay Tips and Strategies for using Penny:


If there’s an enemy positioned behind the opponent who has high health, the splash effect of the Brawler's primary attack will hit both of them. So, if you are up against another brawler that is somewhat defensive, you can completely negate the effect of the particular shield as Penny’s attack will go behind her opponent.


If you want your Turret to last longer, you should always place it behind walls on your side of the map. You can then have your tanks defend your Turret. Since it has a highly long range, your Turret can efficiently finish off weaker Brawler and also shoot cannonballs to the enemy’s side of the map.


Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)


Try to practice Penny's Basic attack. While most players tend to focus on the Cannonball due to its massive DPS, her basic attack, too, is no slouch. If all three of the coins end up hitting the enemy simultaneously, you can deal with your regular attack damage three times, turning her DPS into the highest in the game.


If you have short-ranged Brawlers coming up to destroy your cannon, make sure to use your Last Blast ability as it deals with massive splash damage in a close range. You can also use this ability to play the Brawler differently, wherein you place the cannon in the center of the map and then let it take damage making the Last Blast do insane amounts of splash damage right in the middle of the fight. Your cannon also makes players consistently move around the map to dodge incoming attacks. So, it can get relatively easy to predict enemy movement by constantly looking at places where your Turret is trying to hit.


Balls of Fire is an effective Star Power in control game modes as it can completely cut enemy lines off, rendering their escape route completely inaccessible.


In short, try to pick Penny in places where you know you will have some durable Brawlers defending your back in case things go south. Without her cannon and the ability to clump up her basic attack, she is pretty easy to take down.


If you want to take a look at some other characters, here are the best characters to play in Brawl Stars


How to Unlock Penny:


Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)


As mentioned earlier, Penny has a Super Rare Rarity. Therefore, you can unlock her only through Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes, and Mega Boxes. She has a minimal chance of coming out through any of these boxes. Here are the chances for Penny to be unlocked in all three of the possibilities:


  • Brawl Boxes: 1.17%
  • Big Boxes: 1.20%
  • Mega Boxes: 1.20%


As you can see, the chances of getting Penny are extremely small. So, you’ll have to be opening up a lot of boxes. Currently, she is one of the best snipers in the game, which leads to her high rarity in the first place.


Penny Skins:


Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)


Penny does not have a lot of skins for her due to her extreme rarity. Moreover, her skins are extremely expensive as well. Here are all the skins Penny has in Brawl Stars and how you can get them:


  • Default (Free)
  • Lil Helper (79 Gems)
  • Bunny (79 Gems)
  • Dark Bunny (10000 Star Points)
  • Smuggler (25000 Star Points)




Brawl Stars is known for its epic list of brawlers, with each having its unique advantages and disadvantages that add a sense of variety and depth to the game. Penny is an excellent Brawler, not just because of her DPS but also because she can be played in various manners to help her be viable in every situation.


However, try to practice her as much as you can as her basic attack is quite hard to land even for a more experienced player as it requires a bit of finesse. If you haven’t downloaded the game already, you can download Brawl Stars on PC completely for free! 

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