NU:Carnival Mystical Banquet Event Full Clear Guide


A night full of fright in the middle of May?, NU:Carnival is holding a Mystical Banquet of Yokais filled with mysteries, rewards, a Brand New Type of Event and 2 Limited Timed SSR Characters. 

In this guide, we will explore the entirety of how to play this new Mystical Banquet event and what rewards to priorities, go over the 2 new Limited Timed SSR Gacha characters and what they do and advise on whether or not you should roll for them.

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The Mystical Banquet Event

The Yokai Bliss Event Gacha Banner

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The Mystical Banquet Event

Held from May 19th to June 9th, the Yokais welcome all guests to their Mystical Banquet with foods, luxury goods and amazing Rewards for anyone who participates in their event. In order to participate in the event, you must have completed the 2nd node of chapter 2 of the main story, after that, you can access the special Event tab and enter the event.

The event consists of 3 different parts: The Story Nodes, The Free Farming Nodes and The Event Shop.

The Story Nodes

There’s a total of 12 main story nodes which only requires you to clear them once for the entirety of the duration of the Event. After completing these nodes, you will be rewarded with 100 gems as a first clear reward for every node, for a total of 1200 gems, equal to 2 gacha rolls.

Completing the stages while fulfilling the stages’ conditions will net you stars that you can then accumulate to obtain rewards such as 300 spirit gems and 1 sorcerer gem (equivalent to 300 spirit gems).

Go through these stages as quickly as possible in order to unlock the more important Free Farming Nodes that will be unlocked after you have completed all of the story nodes.

The Free Farming Nodes

There are a total of 9 Free Farming Nodes in the event. For the first 4 pairs, each pair of the Free Farming Nodes gives specific Event Currencies, with the higher stamina cost node giving more of that specific Event Currency. 

The last Free Farming Node gives all 4 Event Currencies with a considerably higher stamina cost compared to the first 4 pairs of Free Farming Nodes.

While it might be tempting to go all in to farm the last pair of Free Farming Nodes, it is actually more recommended that you go with the first 4 pairs of Free Farming Nodes, specifically the ones with higher Staminas as they gives overall more Event Currencies per Stamina than the last Free Farming Node. 

The Event Shop

Unlike previous NU:Carnival Events, The Mystical Banquet Event offers an entirely unique mechanic unseen in the game: an Event Exchange Shop. Here in the Event Shop, you will be able to exchange the Event Currencies gained through the Free Farming Nodes into Rewards.

Some of the available rewards are Event Exclusive Rewards and should be priorities above all others. In addition, there are also a total of 20 summoning scrolls in the shop that you should absolutely get first. 

The other rewards, such as potential upgrading materials, EXP bottles and especially Gold, are also essential to get once you have cleared out the other important items in the shop.


The Yokai Bliss Event Gacha Banner

Alongside the Mystical Banquet Event, a gacha banner featuring 2 NEW Limited Time SSR Characters is also being held. These Limited Time SSR Characters are: Endless Banquet Garu and Kitsune Dream Kuya. These characters will be available from May 19th to June 16th and will not become available after. Due to their limited accessibility, it is important to evaluate their battle potential in order to see if you should roll them or not.

Endless Banquet Garu

The split-personality wolf boy is back again as a DPS character like all of his other versions, however, this time, instead of dealing AOE damage to all enemies who dares stands before him, Garu have donned a ceremonial garb and decided to deal with Enemies one by one,applying def break and dealing ST damage instead.

Garu’s normal attack allows him to deal 100% of his atk to 1 single enemy, doing massive damage, then the target’s def by 2% for a whopping 7 turns. Do not underestimate this meager 2% def decrease. While it is true that the percentage is quite low, the fact that it lasts for 7 turns means that the def break will last and stacks together, allowing for a total of 14% def break on a single enemy, which is extremely powerful in NU:Carnival’s combat.

Garu’s Ultimate Skill Gotcha! makes his kit even more powerful as its a 3 turn cooldown Ult Skill that allows Garu to deal 273% (or more) of his atk as damage in addition to decreasing the target’s def by 10% for 9 turns.

In essence, Garu can help deal massive ST damage to the enemy and if they aren’t dead by his massive blows, their defense will be decreased by up to 55%, allowing other teammates to quickly finish off with the enemy without any hassle.

Kitsune Dream Kuya

Like Garu, Kuya once again reprises his role as the game’s only debuffer, with a decidedly familiar mechanic: Stacking DoT (Damage over time) debuffs. Kuya’s entire kit allows him to slowly stack his debuffs on the enemies, bypassing their defense and guard stance and damaging them directly for massive amounts of damage.

Kuya’s basic attack deals no damage when clicked, however, it applies a special DoT debuff on the enemy, dealing damage to them once the turn has ended. This debuff lasts for 4 turns and deals damage equal to 50% of Kuya’s atk, stackable up to 200% of his atk.

Kuya’s Ultimate Skill Kitsunebi Soul applies a stronger debuff on the enemy (182% of Kuya’s atk) and further amplifies all DoT damage currently on the enemy by 10% (stackable up to 30%) on a 3 turns cooldown. In addition, they will be debuffed with an atk down debuff, making them deal 10% less ultimate skill damage.

In conclusion, Kuya functions fairly similar to Garu, with both of their kit stacking debuffs on the enemy. However, Kuya’s kit is extremely strong and scary as the DoT debuff damage bypasses all defense and guard of the enemy, making them take a massive amount of damage per turn, up to 400% of Kuya’s atk. The only problem with Kuya’s kit is that it needs to be built up gradually and by the time it actually does good damage, the fight might already be over. 

Should you roll on the Yokai Bliss Gacha Banner

Yes, you should. Considering the 2 characters’ limited accessibility and their immense potential with amazing kits that are ripe for abuse, this banner is one of, if not, the best Limited Timed banner that has ever been released in NU:Carnival.

Both characters will perform amazingly as boss killers, making them extremely vital for future contents as NU:Carnival have been pushing for harder and tankier bosses.

In addition, this banner also has a 100-pulls guaranteed for 1 SSR character. Therefore, if you want to roll for a good ST damage dealer in the game or if you just want an SSR character in general, this is the best banner that you should put your currencies into

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