Noah's Heart Gameplay Insights and Review


Noah’s Heart is a mind-blowing role-playing game from developers Archosaur Games that allows you to explore the world without borders and experience miscellaneous cultures on your journey. The game offers many cool features and two game modes to lose yourself in it and have plenty of fun. The game has stunning graphics, and its gameplay is beginner-friendly.


The game’s theme has a plot in every world, wherever you go. It can be said that the game is a movie happening, and we are the actors rather than players and fight with the villains everywhere we go. During the quest, you will travel to miscellaneous locations of the planet Noah and combat with monsters anywhere you go. The game is a thrilling adventure in its way.


In this analysis, we will discuss the positive and critical points of the game, but mostly we will focus on the positives of Noah’s Heart. We will also give our honest opinions on what we think about gameplay, features, game modes, game controls, graphics and visuals, and many more. So let’s start without wasting any more time.


Noah’s Heart Mobile Game




Character Customization


Something that is interesting about this game is Character Customization. This feature is really useful for meticulous players about their looks and appearance. We mentioned in the beginner’s guide the beauty of this feature. 


In this game, this feature provides lots of options and flexibility to design your character into a unique form. Not only that, you can alter the height of your character into short or long. We find these features hardly in other games as promised.


Distinctive Game Modes


The game offers two flabbergasting and distinctive game modes where players can participate and get lost in the wonderland of the gameplay. Here are the two game modes:


Role-Playing: In this mode, you will receive your weapon with the help of your assistant Ave and combat with the monster in the beginning. You will travel to Fairy Spring Town with another character Shirley. You will meet many different characters in this mode, but tracing monsters will take time.


Action-Adventure: In Action-Adventure, you can continue on your quest to find your enemies. You won’t take much time to trace your enemies and get to them quickly in this quest.


Additionally, game settings provide custom mode too. So that you can make changes to your operations whenever you want to fight. Tap settings, go to operations and modify the game modes at your convenience. Both modes have their ups and downs, but they are both best in their utilities. Regardless of whichever you prefer to try, we recommend trying both of them once. Both are enjoyable and fierce.


Noah’s Heart Game Modes


Graphics & Visuals


The game’s graphics are cool when there’s fighting going on with enemies. However, there’s no difference when we see them in other combat games. From some angles, they look great, but from some, they do not.


All the buttons and modes are well designed and perfectly positioned. The UI of the game is Interactive and easy to use for players. Except for the game’s graphics, visuals of various destinations are also attractive.


Overall, the game’s graphics are cool and stunning, depending on the device you’re playing with. That will dictate how better the graphics and visuals will appear on your screen.


Noah’s Heart Graphics




Let’s discuss something about the battle system. As mentioned earlier, you have to travel everywhere to trace monsters. A solution to this issue can be to hunt down the animals if you want. You can purposefully fight with wild wolves if you are fed up with running everywhere without any action. 


In Maps, you can make a couple of changes, decide on some hunting spots, and engage in a fight with animals. Gameplay is super easy for players. The Battle system and game controls are flexible for the player to fight. You never lose in this game; you only win. How? Some characters help you defeat them, and they are called Phantoms. Who are Phantoms? 


Phantoms are fictional female characters who have their own story of being fighters. You can read stories of phantoms by clicking on their profiles. Whatever their story may be, their sole purpose is to help players defeat enemies at any cost. You never feel alone when you go to fight. You will never have a chance to lose at all because half of your job is completed by them only. 


What’s interesting about this gameplay is, it provides you full flexibility to complete your quests and adventures faster. However, the gameplay does not provide auto-combat or auto-play features but helps you team up with phantoms. The Battle system is quite good in its way, and it helps you switch between weapons anytime.


Suppose you do not like to relax and keep on engaging in battle with enemies. In that case, it is recommendable to tap on “Adventure” and select challenges, indulge in the mission with the team of phantoms, and defeat every monster. You can have continuous trials to practice your weapon.


Noah’s Heart Gameplay


Game Controls


As mentioned earlier, that gameplay is super easy. Same way, Game controls are easy-to-use for combats. Players do not need to worry about using multiple controls to fight enemies. It is enough for them to tap on 2-3 controls to fight enemies. When you tap on controls, the character fights with enemies on a high-intensity level.


You would probably feel difficulty in arrows because you have to place your aim on the target, and it takes time to properly set your target when enemies are attacking rapidly, and you have to defend yourself. But there’s no difficulty in using game controls so far, as they are placed correctly in their respective places. But still, there is a need for improvement for these controls for better flexibility. 




Lack of Features in the Game


As mentioned earlier in the beginner’s guide, the game forces you to remain in the same character. You cannot change your character anymore after designing your character in the beginning. When you search options to change your avatar, you don’t get it and cannot change it. 


Noah’s Heart Characters


Another forced thing is phantoms. This may be a comfort type for beginners, for whom the game is stranger yet, but for intermediate and advanced gamers, it can be boring & frustrating because they would prefer more action and engagement in the battles. Same as Character Customization, there’s no setting available in the game for phantoms to filter. You cannot cancel phantoms or fight alone when you go for any combat. 


Noah’s Heart Phantoms


The Soundtrack is also one of the features which have issues. When you begin your game, you listen to Soundtrack in Chinese Audio. There is also another option of Japanese Audio, but unfortunately, the option does not work as given. However, Soundtrack is better while gaming. 



Noah’s Heart is an adventurous and thrilling game that has a lot to offer to players to explore the infinite destinations of the planet Noah without any borders and features to customize your gaming experience. And above is the positive and critical points as per our analysis. The game is overall fun and satisfies your gaming experience in a better way. 


However, there is a need to improve a couple of features like Character Customization, Battle System and Soundtrack. These are some of the critical points of the game, and we hope developers will consider these points and upgrade it; when the game launches in its full version, as it is in its closed beta.

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