Nier Reincarnation How to Proceed on Early Stages and the Precautions

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It is rising another newest RPG to our precious RPG world. This is Nier Reincarnation. With a sequel on Automata coming to alive by Appilbot and this Nier world, this game is hiding a wondrous story that will be attractive to all our players. This one is taking place at a cage of Realm, and the Mama, who is more like a ghost, is riding out our playing character of the girl.


Nier Reincarnation How to Proceed on Early Stages and the Precautions


Dark monsters, which we identify as armored creatures, have to be avoided by the protagonists, and this addictive story plot is challenging the gamers with its challenging stages. So to proceed with the stages of the game, you need proper knowledge of the tactics you are going to use in the game.


Here we are introducing the most efficient way to proceed on your early stages on Nier Reincarnation. The flow of these early phases and the points are useful for your game progress, so these are the strategies you have to use on the game at your early phases. So download Nier Reincarnation on PC and begin your early stages guide by here.


How can we efficiently proceed in the early stages?


Basically, it goes like a system as follows.


  • Advancing the Nier Reincarnation Tutorial


  • Advancing the main quests to unlock the features


  • Strengthen up the characters and the weapons when stuck in the battle


  • Strengthen the dungeons and events


You have to go through several ways of proceeding, and those are in detail for the early stages are as follows.


Proceed with the Tutorial 


You need to go through your tutorial first here and learn the system of your battles. Usually, regular attacks are performed automatically here, but some of the skills may still need manual operation. Character-specific skills and the Otomo skills, released in chapter 2, are not used automatically during the automatic operations. So you need the right type of strategies to be used in difficult battles.


Leaning the system of on the battle is a must. The combat system of the Nier Reincarnation goes as follows.


  • Normal attacks – combat system is fully automatic


  • Weapon skills – combat system is manual, and it can be used automatically on the auto battles


  • Character skills – combats system is manual


  • Otomo skill – combat skills are manual


Beginners can refer to the Ultimate Guide for Beginners of ours to have a whole idea of how to deal with Nier Reincarnation.


Nier Reincarnation How to Proceed on Early Stages and the Precautions


Remember your attribute compatibility 


There are a total of five attributes on Nier Reincarnation, and each of them will have its separate advantages and disadvantages. Fire, water, and the wind are equally undesirable, while light and darkness are mutually advantageous. But if these light and light enemies are beneficial to the dark enemies, it will also benefit the defense. If you are taking advantage of your enemies, try to take them straight and keep your advantages over the compatibilities as much as you can. 


Following are your attributes ad their respective compatibilities.


  • Fire attribute: will be advantageous over wind attribute but not be useful for the water attribute


  • Water attribute: will be advantageous over fire attributes but not being suitable for the wind attribute


  • Wind attribute: advantageous over the water attribute but not as good for the fire attribute


  • Light attribute: advantageous over the darkness


  • Darkness attribute: advantageous over the light attribute


Expanding the strength by pulling the gacha 


When the tutorial has been finished, you are directing into the gacha. So you need to collect stones from its missions and the gifts to spin the gacha. In here, you can also obtain the weapons, but some of them are character-releasing weapons. And they can be received by the characters who have some of the rarity levels.


It is not specifically asking you to go through all those tutorial phases if you need to draw the gacha. The reason is you will open the menu after the fighting for once in the tutorial. Remember that players can’t use these draws weapons or the characters because it has some type of fixed formation. If it is not for the Risemara, you can proceed with your tutorial and then have a draw.


Nier Reincarnation How to Proceed on Early Stages and the Precautions


Advancing the Main Quest on Unlocking Features 


After you have completed the tutorial, you can proceed into the main quest and unlock several functions there. If you are in need of moving with chapter 6, the whole system is going to be released. So you have to proceed into chapter 6 in moral with a high priority.


Chapters with releasing elements are as follows


  • Chapter 2 – Sub quest, Otomo equipment, and the Library function


  • Chapter 3 – shooting search


  • Chapter 6 – Arena, Memory equipment, Dungeon, and the hard mode Main quest


It is always recommended you proceed up until chapter six with a high priority.


When you see Black Bird, tap it 


There is a place where you see the blackbirds appear within the main story. When a player taps on the bird, they can take many rare items like value materials for character experience and the gacha material. Always remember to tap on these blackbirds when you see them, as it gives you some rewards.


Strengthen the Characters and Weapons when Stuck in a Battle 


Characters are collecting materials via shops and gacha chapter 


You can collect the character training materials by turning them into the shop and the Chapter gacha. When you are in the shop, you can try selling unwanted star 2 weapons in there. It gives you a considerable amount of coins so that you can use those too for the most robust material on characters.


For the chapter gacha, you can gain tickets by clearing those quests you see in each chapter. When you efficiently clear them, you will take some reinforcement materials with some probability on them.


Weapon Collect materials on Guerrilla Quests 


You can collect the strengthening materials on your weapons by using the Guerrilla quests. These quests are holding for over four times a day for a fixed time, and there you will have the chance to take a considerable amount of strengthening materials on weapons as a form of reward. There are several methods that you can use to obtain the strengthening materials for weapons. So always remember to visit this ground daily.


The times of opening Guerrilla quests are as follows.


  • First, it will open at 8.00 – 8.30


  • For the second time, it will open at 12.00 – 12.30


  • For the third time, it will open at 18.00 – 18.30


  • For the fourth time, it will open at 22.00 – 22.30


Nier Reincarnation How to Proceed on Early Stages and the Precautions


Strengthening with Dungeons and Events 


Take exclusive items to form event 


When the main quests and training progress in the game, try to proceed into the limited-time event and take some reinforcement materials as limited items. There are some situations that you can reach into 3-star characters as well. So if a player is having a less amount of characters or if they don’t have a character who is compatible with the highest rare weapons, give some priority to the events.


Take memory in the dungeon 


The level of difficulty in here is unbelievably high. But if your party is well organized, it will not be that harder. And also, you will take the chance on taking dungeon memory equipment. There is at least a 50000 level of difficulty in the dungeon. And in these dungeons, there are many most challenging phases for you to participate in. So it is not actually important to be considered, and you can leave it alone until the time comes.


Precautions to be Considered at the Beginning


Remember that the compatibility of the attribute will always be a high priority for the organization. This compatibility is the thing that you need to concern about more than anything. So you need to set attribute compatibility as your high priority in party formation. Those main weapons determine these attributes, so this main weapon has to be at least aligned with the weakness attribute of your opponent.


Another one to be considered is using stamina to reconfirm the blackbird. If you already forget or miss the chance to tap the blackbird on that area for the first time, you are going to need to consume the stamina to go for a tapping again. Consuming stamina is not a complete waste because it rewards you with many subsequent battles. But we are always recommending you find the blackbird at the right time while you are still on your first move.


If you are struggling to earn your favorite character, you can check our Nier Reincarnation Reroll Guide. It will provide you the best method of reaching your most needed character. This method will give you the option of enjoying the fastest reroll with several copies of your Nier Reincarnation game.


Nier Reincarnation How to Proceed on Early Stages and the Precautions




So here is the end of our guide to the early-stage proceeding. And take these all notes into your consideration to have the best success at your early stages. Take the best strategic approach at the exact moment, and don’t try to waste the chances you are getting through your game. Make it more effective with quests, weapons, characters, unlocking features, and your tutorial. All together will help you with the right tactics to proceed successfully in the game and use this guide in advance to do it better.

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