Moonlight Sculptor Tips and Tricks Guide


Today we will discuss essential tips and tricks for all you Moonlight Sculptor players out there so you can boost your early to mid-game progression and be ready and up-to-date for your end-game grind. Don't forget to play Moonlight Sculptor on PC.


This guide is divided into various sections so that you may go straight to the section you may want to read first.


Moonlight Sculptor Tips and Tricks Guide


At the start of this guide, you can read about level progression in this game, telling you what different activities and other things unlock as you progress and keeping that in mind, focusing more on reading and doing those activities that you can currently perform. After the level progression section, we have discussed other essential aspects of the game progression and mechanics, giving you important tips and tricks for your present gameplay and future progression.


We will have a detailed guide of each of these aspects and mechanics soon for you to upgrade and flesh out your Class fully.


Level Progression and Dungeons in Moonlight Sculptor:


Below we'll talk first about your Class level progression and what other activities are unlocked for you.


Leveling Progression:


In the early game, you should focus only on doing the main questline to finish objectives and obtain rewards which is the best way to acquire gear and unique gifts to boost your progression.


  • As soon as you cross level 20, you can access PvP modes.


  • At level 27, you can do daily quests from the request board for a massive XP boost. These changes daily, so try to complete them if you can for the massive boost early on. You can complete 10 per day.


  • At level 30, you'll be able to access dungeon modes which vary daily depending on the reward drop.


  • At 35, you get access to Chaotic Entrance, where you can obtain different rewards for every day of the week and get better with the increasing difficulty of the content.


  • At level 45, you will access pet feed and use the feed to charm monsters to become your companion.


  • At level 80, you can enter and participate in Mirkhan Tower, in which you complete each floor and move on to the next for rewards with increasing difficulty.


  • You can also start using the Sculptor system when you reach level 80. These are powerful items to enhance your abilities and stats and are similar to Runes in other games.


  • At level 100, you get access to Twisted Abyss mode, where your team up with party members to fight bosses and acquire higher-level rewards.




In every MMO, Dungeons are core mechanic of the end-game as it provides you with experience and much better gear than regular maps and activities. They are your bread and butter of the grind as soon as you are level 100. Let's discuss a few of them below.


Chaotic Entrance – This dungeon is unlocked when you reach level 35. Completing this dungeon rewards you with various equipment, Option Stones, Enchant Scrolls, and more, along with a massive amount of XP. The drop that you get each day is different, and there are different levels of difficulty to get better and better rewards, so utilize that well. Kill as many enemies as possible during the allowed max time of 1 hour to get max XP provided by the dungeon.


Wednesday is for book drop. Friday, you get Essence of Enlightenment. Saturday is gold. Sunday is XP dungeon. Friday and Sunday are pretty important. Saturday is gold.


Mirkhan Tower – This dungeon is unlocked when your Class reaches level 80, and you can only complete it once per day. Each floor provides you with a goal, and when you have completed the goal, you move on to the next floor. The more floors you complete, the better your rewards.


Twisted Abyss– Reach level 100 to unlock the Twisted Abyss, where you can join forces with party members to even stronger bosses and obtain rewards. You can enter with party members, and the recommended number of players is 4. All party members must have an Entry Ticket to enter the Twist Abyss.


Elemental Weakness – Don't forget to utilize the elemental weakness mechanic in Moonlight Sculptor. During the early game, most enemies have fire as a weakness, so equip gear and fire damage skills.


Skills and Gear in Moonlight Sculptor:


First of all, we will talk about different tips and tricks for skill and, in the preceding section, the importance of gear and its enhancement in Moonlight Sculptor.


Tips and Tricks of Skills:


Access Method – the player can earn most skills in-game by completing regular Main Story quests, while some skills are only unlocked when you do secret or special requirement quests. The game will guide you in detail on when they will become available, and you can click on "track that quest" to see its progression.


Equipment Locked skills – Some skills in the game are locked behind specific equipment, and to equip and use those skills, you have to equip that particular gear to receive its benefits.


Skill Level Ups and Upgrades – Your Class can use skill books and gold you get when completing quests and tasks during adventures to level up your skills



Moonlight Sculptor Tips and Tricks Guide


Skills take many books to upgrade them, so it is recommended to first level up your regular skill as much as possible before moving on to your special skills


So, for example, for the Warrior Class, you'll be leveling up Sculpture Fencing – Strike 2 first and then go for Sculpture Fencing – Moonbeam Outpour 2 as it is an AoE skill and will deal damage to mobs. While for PvP, you can focus on Nature Sculpting as it is a Stun ability.


Continuous (Passive) Skills – You can do quests to level up or acquire your continuous skills, which are a passive boost to your stats. Choose one of these skills which are particularly useful to your particular Class.


For example, “Moonlight Spirit – Exquisiteness” increases your ATK per 1 AGI and DEF per 1 CONS, which can be useful for both Warrior and Archer, DEF for Warrior, and ATK for Archer.


Another example is “Sculptor Fencing – One with the Blade," which is a good passive for Archer as it increases EVD rate per 1 AGI.


These continuous skills can help you out in the long run. The same case is with continuous skills that level one of these skills to the max you can and then move on to the next. Here you'll focus on Dagger Specialist 2 as it increases your PHY ATK, Crit rate, and MAG ATK.


Tips and Tricks for Gear:


Specialized Gear – By specializing in gear, you can add bonuses to whichever piece of equipment you have in that slot. Just a quick run-down of what bonuses specialization provides for some of the slots.

  • Weapon – DMG increase by a %.
  • Shield – DEF increase by %.
  • Ring – Crit Rate increase by a% etc.


You can auto-select to select all lower gear to specialize one of the slots. By choosing different gears, you can see how much the specialization level will increase, so you have an idea of ​​which ones you want to prioritize. Fusing is much more important than selling your gear or breaking down equipment as any amount of DEF and ATK that passively improves your chances to tackle high-level content will progress you faster and provide you with better loot.


Gear Rarities, Tiers, and Levels – There are five different equipment rarities: purple> gold> blue> green> white, by decreasing rarity. For each of these colored rarities, each color has 3 Tiers and up to 10 levels.



Moonlight Sculptor Tips and Tricks Guide


Do remember, a Tier 3 blue is always better than a Tier 1 purple. It is easier to level up blues, so do that and hold on to purples till you can upgrade them to level 3. Do not upgrade whites and do not upgrade greens as upgrading them requires gated resources, and they are difficult to come by in the early game.


There are certain stats on gear that you need to keep an eye out for, which can be but not limited to;

Weapon – ATK SPD %, Crit DMG %, PHY ATK %. These are massive stats for each of the Class and keep a lookout.

Gloves – MP Drain.

Earrings – HP Drain.


The best thing about HP and MP drain stats is that if you have these two stats on your gear, you will leach HP and MP equal to the amount provided by a regular potion. So, if your HP and Mana drain is somewhere between 350-500 per hit, your potion consumption goes down drastically.


Upgrading gear – Upgrading gear requires scrolls which you can get by completing quests and dungeons. Upgrade in this game has a chance to pass or fail. Normally there is a 35% chance, so be careful when you upgrade as failing to do so might cause you to drop to a lower level than intended and requires a protectant ingredient, so you don't fail. The protectant ingredient is the paid mechanic in-game, and its purpose is for the company to make money.


Gear Modification – Focus more on enchanting and modifying your will to boost your power in the game. You can use the options tab to focus on changing from one of the attributes of that gear, but you have a chance for non-required transmutation to be applied. You can use the Blessed Enchant Scrolls to enchant the level of your gear by two levels.


You can always move on to enchanting other gears if you have found a good piece and the enchant from a previous gear is transferred to the new one, but the gear needs to be the same type.


There is another option to modify or make a unique gear item, but it requires Butterflies, and once a gear is modified or customized, you cannot sell the gear by exchanging and cannot be equipped to another Class.


Dismantling – Make sure to review the checkboxes of hard-to-acquire Heroic /Legendary equipment items. Lunarium fragments can be crafted into Lunarium by using the Crafting Table of each village.


Other Tips and Tricks for Moonlight Sculptor:


Following are some additional tips and tricks to complement your combat and other additional mechanics in the game.


Tips and Tricks of Auto Settings:


The game allows you to set different auto options. We have discussed some of these options in detail below but do remember that the game allows you to set the priority of these auto options any time from the Settings in the Auto-play tab.


Prioritize Movement – In auto-play settings, there is an option called “Prioritize moving to destination." If you check the box of “prioritize movement to destination," It will go to your destination automatically; if unchecked, your Class will fight available monsters along the way. Unchecking this option can increase the amount of loot that you may acquire and fill up the entries in the codex.



Moonlight Sculptor Tips and Tricks Guide


In the auto-play settings, you should “select ignore cowardly monsters” so that your Class doesn't waste time in pursuing lower-level Monsters.


Sell ​​Junk – Unselect “Ignore junk” as it is a good option for you to sell the junk to obtain gold during early games, as in later games, you can do higher-level dungeons to obtain massive amounts of gold in Moonlight Sculptor.


Sometimes it is a good option to un-select the "Collect Materials" option as your inventory can fill up quite fast when your adventure. It might get either cumbersome to empty every once in a while, or your higher gear loot collection focus might suffer.


Ability Activation Sequence – When you use auto-use ability, your Class will activate the ability in the first slot of the abilities bar. Therefore, the slot that ability which you have increased to the highest level so it can activate more often as the higher the skill of ability, the lower the cooldown and more the damage. Activation sequence will also be helpful in PvP.


Auto-Hunt – you can set it to wide, so you can clear most of the enemies in a dungeon as well as filling the codex as much as possible early to complete more entries in the monster codex


You may turn on the PvP option when adventuring as it provides you a bonus on your XP. It isn't common that people will attack you, and you can gain XP without bothering anyone.


You can also select Auto-Party if you don't have friends yet and want to benefit from playing with other players, and this way, you can complete some quests early on that require you to be in a party.


You can also go for areas in which you have faster comparable clear time than higher-level maps as this way, you will have more XP per minute than if you try to finish higher-level maps.


Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks:


Red Butterfly – Red butterfly is a currency with a higher value than gold, and you can acquire it from higher difficulty level dungeons. You can use this currency to obtained higher-level gear from the store.


Mana and Potions – Always stack up on mana and health potions. If you run out of these, your Class may die, which causes you to lose XP, and we don't want that. You can set your Class to use automatically in the setting depending on lost HP.


You can also set other non-regular potions on the quick items bar to consume automatically. One example is Intermediate Haste Elixir, which provides 20% increased ATK SPD for 10 min. The second example is Intermediate Swiftness Elixir which increases MOV SPD by 20% for 10 min. Another potion you can use similarly is Versa's Grace.


Codex System – The codex system holds all information on monsters, equipment, and so on. According to each region, you can look into where you can farm these particular monsters and equipment. Completing codex entries provides you with gold and other rewards, so keep an eye out for it. You can spend more time in each area to kill as many different types of monsters that you can to fill up the entries faster.


Sculptures Pieces – You can further increase your Class's performance by equipping Sculpture Pieces imbued with special stats. Sculpture Pieces are separated into Sunlight Piece (Attack), Moonlight Piece (Defense), and Starlight Piece (Support). Each sculptor gives distinct stats, and they range from common-tier 1 to Legendary-Tier 5. Sculptors can be upgraded to a max level of 30.


Sculptors are a major source of power-up in the game, and it is a vital feature to learn and focus on, 2 of each light type are equipable at one time. Following are some examples of stats Sculptors provide,

  • Courage (Starlight) – ATK
  • Focus (Starlight) – ACC
  • Protect (Moonlight) – DEF
  • Swift (Moonlight) – EVD


Sculptor Skill Master – You need to level up this NPC by giving it Rare and Heroic loot. At higher levels, you can get by upgraded loots from this guy. Do get this option as soon as you can.


Guilds – Join guilds for extra XP as the guild leader, and senior players can apply guild buffs for all the guild players can benefit.


Homestead – As you complete quests in the main questline, one of the rewards is that you get your own house, space for you to build, decorate, and manage a house within the game. You can decorate your home to suit your personality with various wallpapers, carpets, and furniture. You can also display sculptures to receive additional effects.


Moonlight Sculptor Tips and Tricks Guide


Talk to an Architect NPC within a residential district to purchase a bigger house or move to the district.


Redeemable codes – Like every other popular game, Moonlight Sculptor regularly hands out codes to redeem them for great rewards. These rewards can be gold or enchantment scrolls, exclusive items like pet eggs, or even costumes.


Moonlight Sculptor coupon codes are released on their official websites and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and their Discord channel. Usually, games give away coupon codes on special occasions like special events, or if the game reached special milestones, even festivals and holidays. Be sure to keep an eye and ear out for those announcements.


Cooking and Recipes – Your Class can consume cooked items to give temporary buffs in Moonlight Sculptor. Make sure to keep your Class satiated to get buffed with stat attributes always.


Gold Farming – the best way to farm gold is to play normally and complete as many quests and dungeons as possible. Even when you are not playing, use the sleep mode feature as much as possible to increase your gold farm further.


Gold farming from Fishing and farming would be beneficial when you are well into the end-game and moving towards min-maxing your Class.


Another way is to use Goblin Tunnel Dowsing Rod, which drops you into a secret warehouse when consumed. This activates when you are in an underground area or underground dungeon. In the warehouse, you can kill many Goblins and open a good number of Chests for gold and loot.


Last but not least is to do your Saturday dungeon, where starting at level 30, you can do difficulty 1, while at 70, 110, and 135, you can do other tiers of difficulty. At the max tier-4 difficulty, you can easily gain a couple of million gold with each run which lasts around 3 minutes.


LDPlayer Features for Moonlight Sculptor:


LDPlayer is arguably the best emulator out there for games like Moonlight Sculptor. With the ability to change your key binds to completely emulate how you would play the game with a mouse and keyboard. As such, you can take your gameplay to the absolute next level and increase your mechanical dexterity by an absolute metric ton!

Moreover, you can use the emulator’s multi-instance feature to create multiple accounts to start grinding your way towards multiple accounts to start establishing yourself as the best player in the game!




The best way to progress in the end-content in the game is to start strong while knowing how and what to do at the appropriate time in most MMORPGs, especially here in Moonlight Sculptor. To start strong, an introduction to this game is available as Beginner's guide for Moonlight Sculptor.


After you are familiar with the game and cruising smoothly, you may want to read our guide on the best classes for PvP and PvE in our Classes guide. These guides will give you in-depth analysis to come out strong when you've reached end -game.

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