Moonlight Sculptor Ultimate Gold Farming Guide


Moonlight Sculptor is a mobile MMORPG which, at its core, is like any other MMORPG, but it executes these fundamentals to perfection. Like any other MMORPG, resources are a must-have item in the game, especially the game's local currency. In the case of Moonlight Sculptor, this currency is Gold. Gold is very important in-game as almost everything in-game requires Gold. So having Gold on you all the time is a must. To help you never run out of Gold, below are some ways to farm Gold in Moonlight Sculptor.


Fishing to Sell them for a Profit:


Moonlight-Sculptor FISHING FOR A PROFIT


Fishing has to be the easiest way to get Gold in, but it's not the most effective way. Every time you start fishing for an extended period of time, you are guaranteed to be on the positive side of the trade. To farm Gold from fishing, you only need two things which are Fishing Bait and a lot of AFK fishing. To start fishing, you need to find yourself a safe spot where you can fish without any mob interfering with you.


Now that you got your bait and have found your perfect fishing spot. All you need to do is just start doing AFK fishing. After you are done fishing, all you need to do now is to sell these fishes at the exchange market. Don't be afraid to sell these fishes at the Max Price as they are quickly sold. Fishing is an easy way to farm some gold, but the amount of time it takes isn't worth it.


Cooking Rare Recipes and Selling them Off:


Cooking is also another way to get your hands on some money, but it isn't very practical. If a player has enough ingredients to make a few epic recipes or recipes of higher rarity, the player can sell them for profit. Some of these higher rarity foods go out for a good amount of Gold. You can put these foods in the exchange item market, and before you know it, they will be sold. Cooking can make a player some good amount of Gold, but cooking shouldn't be your primary way to get Gold due to the hassle of gathering these ingredients.


Farming Enemies in A Certain Zone:


Moonlight-Sculptor FARMING ENEMIES


Every zone in the game has different item drop chances depending on which zone you are in and what monsters you are fighting. You can check the items available in a specific zone of the map by using the minimap in the game. Once you are in a zone where there is a high drop rate for high rarity gear and resources, you need to start fighting enemies to increase your drop chance. The best way to farm is to stock up on some healing potions and AFK farm all the enemies that spawn around the area overnight. To help yourself to get better at clearing these zones check out our Tips and Tricks on Moonlight Sculptor.


Selling Higher Rarity Gear:


Any item that is equal to or higher than the epic grade that you can find as drop loot from an enemy is like a jackpot. The Epic rarity gear in-game goes for almost Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Gold in the exchange market. Items with the same rarity but higher tier can go for even more if you get lucky enough to find a legendary gear piece that you know you don't really want to use on your character. That piece of gear can be sold up to 5 million Gold making it one of the best ways to farm Gold in-game. While farming, the player will also come across lesser grades of gear that can be sold in bulk to make a good amount of Gold.


Best Place to Farm Gear in Moonlight Sculptors:


By far, the best place to farm for gear in the entire game has to be the catacombs. But these catacombs are very high level and are not advised to be accessed by players with a level lower than 90. But if you are a player who is above level, a hundred catacombs can be the place for you to farm gear which you can change into Gold. 


To get access to catacombs, you need to open the map in-game and then select it from the map, after which you would either be given an option to teleport there, or auto navigate.

What makes these catacombs so great to farm Gear is the low spawn rate of the enemies that you can find there. This makes the whole farming gear very efficient by saving a player's time. 


Selling Resources Gathered from Farming Enemies:


When a player is AFK farming for higher rarity gear, what he doesn't realize he also comes across a good amount of resources. Some of these resources are rare and can cost a lot of Gold. A player can easily put all the resources he came against in the item exchange market and make a fortune out of them. Selling resources is a really reliable and quick way to make Gold in Moonlight Sculptor as they are available in abundance.


Using Goblin Tunnel Dowsing Rods:


Moonlight-Sculptor goblin tunnel dowsing road


Using these rods has to be one of the best ways for a player to get Gold. So start collecting and buying them from event shops or any place where you can find them. These rods can be used to create a tunnel to a Goblin's lair where you will be able to find some goblins and get your hands on a good amount of gold chests. After completing one of these lairs, a player can easily make up to a hundred thousand in Gold by selling all the items that a person has gotten in that tunnel.


Creating a Radiant Magic Wand:


Using Goblin Tunnel Dowsing Rods to get your hand on some gold is generally a good trade. But if you hold onto ten of these rods and then go to a crafting table nearby, you will be able to create Radiant Goblin's, Magic Wand. These wands can be used in a wild area in the game, and on using them, the game will make a tunnel for you. This tunnel will contain a tremendous amount of Gold chests and will have rare gems like Emerald, Diamonds, Rubies, etc. After you are done looting all the caves, the game will take you back above the ground.


The Gold that you will get from just opening these gold chests will be above Five Hundred Thousand. Apart from this, all the gems you will find in the cave can go for almost twice the amount of money you can get from the chest. You can put these gems on sale in the exchange item store, and they will fetch you a handsome amount of Gold if you are someone who's trying to get hands-on a good amount of Gold using Radiant Goblin's Magic Wand has to be the best and fastest way in the game to make this much Gold.


Completing the Gold Dungeon:


Moonlight-Sculptor gold dunegon


The Gold Dungeon is part of the dungeon missions that get unlocked every day and go in a cycle. Here you can fight a certain Golden Goblin, which, when defeated, will give you a key, and this key can be used to open a treasure chest. Depending on the difficulty level you picked for the dungeon, you will be rewarded a different amount of Gold. This is a great way to get a hefty amount of Gold by just spending three mins in the game. 




Gold is a very important Resource in Moonlight Sculptor, and it's easy to run out of it in-game. This guide covers all the ways that a player can farm Gold in-game and spend it to further progress on the game. If you have trouble progressing through the game due to Gold problems, this guide will help you tackle all those problems. If you want to start your journey in the Moonlight Sculptor world, download it on Pc from here.

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