Mobile Legends Bang Bang 1.5.88 Update Hero Adjustments, New Skins, Events, and More


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang a mobile MOBA game that has taken the mobile scene by storm due to its fluid gameplay and mechanical fidelity of all the heroes and their abilities and best free-to-play mechanics. The game has a vast roster of Champions to choose from and learn their abilities to have fun on the battlefield while increasing complexity for more veteran players.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Intro


Another content-rich update by the developers Moonton has recently been released with the patch version of 1.5.88, which has brought many new optimizations for equipment, heroes, and battlefield. With this new Original Server update, many new things will be rolling out, which we will discuss in this update article.


Moonton has previously released a new Advanced Server for their game Mobile: Bang Bang that focused on new heroes and revamped some of the older ones. Moonton also optimized the damage calculation methods and better equipment purchase protocols that helped the game include many QOL features. The details you can read about more below. Before that, we recommend you to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on a PC.


Adjustments in the Equipment Systems:


A few of the adjustments that were made for the equipment are listed below:


  • An unprecedented more, the pre-existing Roaming and Jungling Equipment has been removed by the developers.


  • The new boots have been introduced for the Jungler having similar in-game attributes as standard boots. If you kill five creeps while having the Jungling boots on, you can upgrade your Retribution skill corresponding to the boots.


  • Roaming boots have also been added, which work similarly to the Roaming equipment similar in-game stats as Common boots. Like Jungle boots, using these boots and accumulating 600 Gold, the Roaming boots can unlock the corresponding advanced Skill.


Some new additions include three new equipment items:


  • The War Axe is included explicitly for Fighter class heroes.


  • The Shadow Twin blades weapon goes well with Mage/Assassins.


  • The Radiant Armor is another added item that suits tanks and supports and can help mitigate the consistent Magic Damage.


  • Apart from these additions, Moonton has reiterated values of more than 20 pre-existing equipment items, which will give better clarity about the functions and roles of the respective items.


Revamped Heroes:


This update has revamped some heroes and added a few others.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Revamp


Revamped Hero – Karina, the Shadow Blade:


Karina’s revamp was long overdue as she is one of the most-anticipated heroes. In this update, developers have taken special care in providing attention to Karina. Her revamp retained the Assassin status while the agility is seen as buff completing her “agility and assassination” premise. You will find the details of the revamp below.


Shadow Combo (Passive) – Firstly, the damage dealt is increased to a target when Karina hits them three times in quick succession. Secondly, when you trigger Karina’s Shadow Combo at enemy heroes, the trigger will reduce the cooldowns of Karina's Dance of Blade, the first active ability, and Dance of Death, the second Active ability.


Dance of Blades (First Active Ability) – Karina’s Dance of Blades is also getting a revamp. Karina goes into defensive mode when activating Dance of Blades against all basic attacks, which causes her movement speed to increase. You can unleash a spinning slash whenever a basic short-range attack hits her, or she can also throw her shadow blade when an enemy hits her with a longer-range AA.


Her next attack after Dance of Blades deals more damage which is an excellent tool to catch up fleeing enemies while slowing them down. As soon as the preceding AA hits an opponent, the Dance of Blades stops. The Dance of Blades also stops if you activate Karina’s Shadow Assault.


Shadow Assault (Ultimate Ability) – A new latest feature is included in Karina's Ultimate ability. You can summon a Shadowform that stays at the activated spot; Karina can move around freely. You can re-activate the Shadow Assault to return to the Shadowform’s location whenever needed.


You can use this ability if some enemy is following you or in a fight with you, as this will leave a Shadow Mark on them when they hit Karina's Shadow Assault. Shadow Assault’s cooldown is reset as soon as the enemy hero with a Shadow Mark dies.


Revamped Hero – Alpha, Blade of Enmity:


Alpha, the Blade of Enmity, has been revamped to fully utilize the abilities of the summon Beta to rake havoc on enemies.


Beta, Advance! (Passive) – This ability can summon Beta, which you can use to attack and mark the enemy targets. As soon as you mark the enemy with two marks, The Beta will unleash three laser strikes on the marked enemy. The first two strikes can deal True damage to the enemy while also reducing the enemy's speed. The third laser attack is an AoE attack that deals extra True damage, always more than the first two laser attacks.


Force Swing (Second Active Ability) – When you charge this ability for a few seconds, the Alpha strikes in a fan-shaped area in front of him, which deals Physical Damage, and each hit will restore HP. While you're dealing damage to the enemies, the Beta will strafe alongside the enemies and deal with physical damage.


Alpha, Charge! (Ultimate) – The Alpha commands the Beta to jump up and then smash down at the selected location, which deals Physical Damage and stuns anyone caught in the AoE. When activating Sn's Ultimate ability, all the enemies caught in the range of the travel distance are moved towards the destination. This ability also deals Physical Damage to enemies in the path. Furthermore, Alpha will also smash down to deal Physical Damage while slowing the opponents. The Beta will unleash five AOE strikes on the target location that deals Physical Damage right after the Alpha smashes down.


Revamped Hero – Minotaur, The Son of Minos:


This revamp focuses on Minotaur’s Roar and Rage mechanics.


Rage Mode (Passive) – The Passive Skill is adjusted to reduce cooldowns for Minotaur’s skills whenever he enters the Rage State and will be reset.


Motivation Roar (The Second Active Ability) – A brand new effect has been added, which implies Minotaur’s Basic Attacks for five seconds are enhanced each time Motivation Roar is cast.


Revamped Hero – Sun, The Monkey King:


The revamp for Sun has a similar design perspective for The Alpha as it targets Sun's shadow in various ways. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's developers have optimized the AI of Sun’s Doppelgangers as this makes them more intelligent and present in the fields of the battle and HP revamp, which Sun's summons gain from him.


Endless Variety (First Active Ability) – Sun can hurl his Golden Staff towards a designated direction which damages all the enemy heroes along the staff’s trajectory while slowing them. When the Golden Staff hits any of the enemy heroes or creeps, for that matter, it will transform into one of the Doppelgangers who will pursue the enemy champions. In any case, if the Golden Staff is not able to hit an enemy, it will be transformed into the Doppelganger after reaching the end of its path.


Swift Exchange (New Skill, Second Active Ability) – This ability can make Sun invisible when needed and travels along with its Golden Staff. At the same time, a Doppelganger remains where Sun was to confuse the opponents while the Sun flies along with the Golden Staff and escapade. This way, Sun will reappear at the end of Golden Staff’s trajectory after hitting an enemy or reappearing at the flight's end if it hasn't hit an enemy champion.


Instantaneous Move (Third Active Ability) – Both Sun and his Doppelgangers make instantaneous attacks against the target enemy hero. These instantaneous attacks deal damage to the target and any enemy behind the targeted champion.


Hero Adjustments:


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Adjustment


As always in any MOBA game, whenever a champion performs well or becomes OP, the developers have to sit down, go back to the drawing boards, and make calculations to balance the game. Balancing the game is a tricky and challenging process and is an iterative process in MOBA games. Let's find out what this patch offers for the Champions in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.




Even though Argus's Passive has been nerfed, his Second Active ability has been buffed along with his Ultimate ability.


Warmonger Nerfed (Passive Ability) – PHY ATK bonus for the powered-up Basic Attacks has been changed from 100% to 80%.


Meteoric Sword Buffed (Second Active Ability) – A new effect has been added that triggers a bleeding effect on creeps.


Eternal Evil Buffed (Ultimate Ability) – The cooldown has been reduced by five seconds for all levels.




Zhask has been nerfed this patch though his Ultimate has been adjusted to balance the nerf.


Fusion Enhanced Nerfed (Third Active Ability) – The damage will decay after the fifth swarm of Nightmaric Clone decays.


Dominator's Descent Adjusted (Ultimate Ability) – The damage of basic attacks has been reduced slightly after the Nightmaric Spawn increases while increasing the HP of the Spawns. The issue of returning to full HP when enhanced for the spawns is fixed now.




X.Borg has received an overall buff to his basic damage.


Fire Missiles Buffed (First Active Ability) – Base damage has been increased from 30-100 to 40-100 while the PHY ATK bonus damage has increased from 50% to 60%. Damage to minions has also been increased from Fire Missiles from 75-100%.


Last Insanity Buffed (Ultimate Ability) – This Skill also got buffed by increasing the base Fire damage from 200-300 to 200-250, and the extra PHY ATK bonus fire damage increased from 100% to 130%.




Attributes Buffed – Base HP increases from 2589 to 2639 and HP growth from 154 to 164.




Chaos Assault Buffed (First Active Ability) – The damage dealt is now distributed to all enemies in range based on HP while increasing creeps by 1.5%-3.5% of the Max HP to 3%-7% of the max HP.




Stardust Dance Buffed – The Base damage of every hit is buffed from 210-410 to 240-440.




Chang’e is nerfed overall.


Starmoon Shockwave Nerfed (First Active Ability) – This ability got a nerf in its base damage from 300-500 to 300-450.


Meteor Shower Nerfed (Ultimate Ability) – The Mov. Speed Boost has been decreased from 20% to 10%.




Ejector Nerfed (Second Active Ability) – The Base Shield has been decreased from 350-800 to 250-600 while the damage absorption amount is increased from 140-180%.


New Skins & Weekly Free Heroes:


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Skins


Following is the list containing the new skins along with the weekly free heroes:


  • Connie "Strawberry Cone" will be ready to buy from the in-game store on June 24th (Server Time) for 599 Diamonds.
  • Free heroes available from June 18th to June 25th: Lylia, Johnson, Sun, Zhask, Esmeralda, Moskov, Kimmy, Rafaela
  • Free heroes available from June 25th to July 2nd: Cecilion, Vale, Minsitthar, Alice, Hylos, Ling, Diggie, Lylia
  • Free heroes available from July 2nd to July 9th: Atlas, Hilda, Sun, Roger, Terizla, Estes, Kaja, Rafaela
  • Free heroes available from July 9th to July 16th: Esmeralda, Chou, Argus, Angela, Grock, Cyclops, Granger, Karina
  • Free heroes available from July 16th to July 23rd: Bruno, Yu Zhong, Lolita, Grock, Harith, Hanabi, Badang, Guinevere


LDPlayer Features for Mobile Legends Bang Bang:


While Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a mobile game meant to be played on phones, most MOBA skills require a skill shot that is sometimes difficult to do on mobiles, but you can learn how to make key bindings for your gameplay Mobile Legends with easy key movements. You can know more about how to play on PC better if you are new to the game.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Revamp




This patch information has added a few things by nerfing some skills and buffing others, changing the gameplay for those heroes. We recommend you read this guide and update it in detail to know everything that comes under this patch and let's make use of the advanced serve updates better. Therefore, it doesn't matter your experience with this game; having sound knowledge about the meta can be highly integral to winning matches, especially on higher Tiers, as that is when even the slightest advantage can tip the scales in your favor.

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