Lol Wild Rift: New Champions, Skins, and The Battle of Baron


Lol Wild Rift: New Champions, Skins, and The Battle of Baron


League of Legend: Wild Rift is one of the most famous games which is still in Beta Testing. According to the latest news, the developers are about to Officially launch the game in Europe, which is quite big news as a lot of players worldwide are eagerly waiting for its release.


According to another news, the game will hopefully launch in Early 2021 all around the World, and every player will be able to access this free to play, 5v5 role-playing game. After all of this beta testing, the hopes are quite high that the game will soon become the most installed game in 2021. Today, we will talk about a few things you should be aware of as a LOL Wild Rift fan. So, without further ado, let's get started.


New Champions and New Skins:


The game has new League of Legends Classic champions with their unique skins. Great news for mostly Mid-Laners and AD Carries; now you will be able to play Seraphine, Ahri, Kai'Sa, Evelynn, Akali, Darius, and Draven in LOL Wild Rift. All of these champions are here with their classic skills, as you might have seen in the League of Legends PC version.




You will also complete event missions to learn what happens when two of Noxus' most prolific figures get into a quarrel (Darius and Draven). Darius is your Baron Lane Champion, a lane which is also known as Top Lane. He excels as a solo laner and shows most of his skills during team fights, too, whereas Draven is famous for its risk-taking fights and spinning axes as an AD Carry.


Lol Wild Rift: New Champions, Skins, and The Battle of Baron


Darius is a top laner, as mentioned above. You will have four Active abilities you can use and one Passive ability. The passive ability allows you to Stack Bleed Damage on Enemies. Once you have hit an enemy about four times, the passive ability will take effect, and your opponent will take a little bit of damage over time.


The damage of Darius Passive Ability increases as your champion level increase. Among four of the rest abilities, one of the abilities is your Ultra ability, which deals quite a massive damage to the enemy champion. It has an area effect, passive stack up, Bleeding effect, and much more. All of Darius's attacks are physical attacks, so you should focus on physical damage and getting tankier.




Draven is an AD Carry. Playing Bottom lane requires so much patience, and you have to be aggressive at the same time. But the thing is, playing Draven as AD Carry is not easy; in fact, it is one of the toughest jobs in LOL: Wild Rift.


The champion itself is quite squishy just like any other AD Carry, but when you pick him as an AD Carry, the enemy team always pick up at least two champions that can encounter Draven and try to stop him in the early game, which makes it quite hard to play if you are new to LOL: Wild Rift. Draven and every other champion in LOL: Wild Rift have three Active, one Passive, and one Ultra Ability.


Draven's Passive ability allows him to Build Stacks of Adoration, meaning you get gold when you confirm the kill. Draven's first active skill is Spinning AXE; it allows Draven to deal damage to the enemy using his AXE and the best part about this skill is that the cooldown on the skill will reset if you catch the AXE. Draven's next active ability is Blood Rush, which provides Movement Speed and Attack Speed.


Lol Wild Rift: New Champions, Skins, and The Battle of Baron


This is the second ability you should max while playing as Draven to chase enemies with attack and movement speed. The third up is Stand Aside, which allows Draven to knock back enemies and slows them down simultaneously; if this ability hits multiple champions, they all will be affected at the same time. This ability is quite useful when opponents are chasing you.


Last but not least is Draven's Ultimate Ability "Whirling Death," which allows him to send AXES out and back, which deals damage to multiple enemies upon hitting. The best part about Draven Ultra is you can kill enemies halfway across the map. Make sure to keep your ultra for team fights and while chasing enemies with low hp. Keep in mind; both champions are capable of changing the entire game if used properly.




Wukong is also making his debut on LOL: Wild Rift, a champion I have played and liked. This is one of those champions in LOL: Wild Rift that can change the situation no matter what. He requires a master strong and quick enough with good reflexes to utilize his abilities at their max.


For those who don't know much about Wukong, he is a jungler who excels in ganking and helping teammates throughout the game. If played properly, and by that, I mean pressuring enemies in the early game, you can increase your win ratio drastically.


Lol Wild Rift: New Champions, Skins, and The Battle of Baron


⦁   Queen Ashe: The first skin you will be seeing is Queen Ashe. Ashe is an AD Carry champion in the league of legends with physical damage abilities.


⦁  Steel Legion Garen: Newly release Steel Legion Garen skin is also available in LOL: Wild Rift. Garen is a Baron/Top Laner in LOL: Wild Rift.


⦁   Academy Darius and Highnoon Darius: Academy Darius is one of the famous skins in League of Legends PC, and it will also be available in LOL Wild Rift soon. Darius is a Baron/Top Laner Champion in LOL: Wild Rift. Darius can outrun a lot of top laner champions in LOL if used correctly.


⦁   Primetime Draven and Soul Reaver Draven: Primetime Draven and Soul Reaver Draven are also two of the many skins you will be able to buy and use during your next matches after the new patch.


⦁   Volcanic Wukong: This specific skin is one of my few favorite skins in League of Legends, and if you are a fan of Wukong, you will love to have this skin in LOL: Wild Rift as the mobile graphics show it's features and everything.


The Battle of Baron:


The Battle of Baron was live on the 10th of December directly from the Official League of Legends: Wild Rift. The event was to announce the great news of the open beta testing of LOL: Wild Rift in the following Regions:


⦁    Turkey

⦁    Vietnam

⦁    Taiwan

⦁    Oceania

⦁    Europe

⦁    Middle East

⦁    Russia and CIS

⦁    North Africa


Players from these regions will be able to access their new account and can download the game directly from the Google Play Store. Their games will release continuous updates from time to time, just like patches in League of Legends PC; what more is that RIOT is planning to release more champions and their skins to the Mobile version.


Lol Wild Rift: New Champions, Skins, and The Battle of Baron


The event was to fight Baron Nashor, which many people worldwide participated in and killed Baron Nashor, and at the end, RIOT announced the great news we mentioned above.


The task was to enter a specific command in live chat to deal with damage to Baron Nashor. Everyone who has participated in the event will get a unique emote and icon later in the game. If you are one of the participants and belong to one of the mentioned above regions, check your in-game mailbox to receive Emote and Icon.




This is what we have so far about LOL: Wild Rift on PC, and we will be bringing a lot of new and updated stuff as soon as possible if you are one of the above-mentioned regions, then congratulation on your new journey with LOL: Wild Rift.


What more is that you can play LOL: Wild Rift on PC using an android emulator to experience it on another level. The bigger screen, better graphics, high FPS are some of the key benefits you will be getting from using an Android Emulator.

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