LOL: Wild Rift – How to farm Efficiently as a Baron Laner?


LOL: Riot Games develop wild Rift, the same creators of the iconic PC hit League of Legends. The game follows the same crux and ideas but expands on them by adding a sense of exclusive finesse to the mobile variant. With shorter matches and a higher emphasis on micro-decisions, Baron Lane has suddenly transformed into the center of attention.


LOL: Wild Rift – How to farm Efficiently as a Baron Laner


As players improve at the game every day, ranking up, especially as a Baron Laner, might seem to get complicated as well, especially if you are not quite sure about how you can farm efficiently as one.


Pick a Tank:


Baron Laner's main objective is to be a durable tank that can take an unsafe farm from his enemy. So, instead of going to farm lanes or areas with a low chance of ganks, you go to places with a high engagement probability.


For you to efficiently be aggressive, you need to be a Tank. So, your first step to farming efficiently would be to pick a Champion like Garen who can take on more than one enemy or at least run away if the odds feel stacked against his favor.


In general cases, you should farm in areas where you are piled up with enemies. Since this is a solo game, you should try to focus on winning in the early game farm and then trying to dominate the mid and late game as much as you can.


Focus on Minion Waves:


Baron Laners seldom jungle. Generally, this is because they lack flash-farming capability and are relatively slow in moving from jungle to jungle. They do not deal a lot of damage as well, so they will not be flash farming mobs any time soon.


Instead, it would help if you tried to focus your entire effort on trying to farm as many minions in the early game efficiently. Since you will be facing off against just one player (solo-lane,) it should not be a that big issue.


If you do end up being driven out of the lane, especially if you get ganked a lot, you should try to rotate around the lanes rather than hogging up the jungle as it will severely impact your Jungler’s farm as well.


LOL: Wild Rift – How to farm Efficiently as a Baron Laner


Minion Waves provide a greater deal of XP, Gold, and consequently farm than jungle creeps. So, it never makes sense to leave minion waves dying under your tower for a jungle camp, which theoretically should not be yours in the first place anyway.


Invade the Enemy Jungle:


Even though you might not be the fastest farmer, you will always be extremely durable and annoying to deal with, especially for AD Carries in the early game. Therefore, as soon as the game hits the 15-minute mark, you should instantly rotate to the enemy jungle, preferably with support, and try to land a pick off on their carry.


This should provide you with a lot of gold, farm, and space. After this, you can instantly clear either the mid or top lane and increase your farming speed by a considerable amount as there will be no AD Carry who can stop you on the map for a while.


Try to never interfere with your own AD Carry's farm. Therefore, the most efficient place for you to farm in most games would generally be Baron Lane itself, as it is quite an unsafe place to farm for an ADC who prefers to kill minions at safer spots on the map.


Itemization with Aggression in Mind:


To farm efficiently, your must-have items that compliment your playstyle. Understanding your role and timings in the game is pivotal. In this case, you must buy items that complement your aggression. For an aggressive playstyle in any MOBA, you need to have defensive items that help you tank up and soak as much damage as possible.


If you want to farm efficiently, performing tasks like invading the enemy jungle, farming unsafe lanes, trying to frontline ganks, etc. In these cases, you need to significantly vary your itemization and what kind of damage the other team is putting out. If you mess up your way of understanding the game and purchase items that do not compliment you in terms of being durable, you will lose the game.


LOL: Wild Rift – How to farm Efficiently as a Baron Laner


Moreover, you must also consider that your skills and abilities will also play a massive part in your overall farming methodology. For this sole reason, champions like Garen are always recommended as better Baron Laners, especially for players who are relatively new to the lane's concept. Garen enjoys many buffs and good durability plus max HP stats that put him ahead of the competition in various ways.


If you itemize aggressively and build mainly attack items, you will be shredded to pieces by the enemy’s AD Carry as you will have no way to block the incoming onslaught of damage. Consequently, your team as well will not be able to keep up with the barrage of oncoming attacks since you – the tank, will have been dead the moment the fight started due to your poor choice of itemization. Therefore, try to keep up with the meta and itemize with very defensive passive items accordingly.


Keep your Pressure Up:


An advantage of efficient farming as a Baron Laner is the added benefit of always putting up pressure on the map. In hindsight, the pressure is when minions from your side are always pushed into the enemy tower. While this may not seem as much, the tower's health slowly being chipped off can lead to the tower slowly ticking down if it is not defended.


However, if the tower does end up being defended, you can quickly try and take a fight if you want to, which will always end up in your favor. Why? Because if you lose the battle, the enemy team will have no way to capitalize on their win as the lane will be significantly pushed, and by the time they get close to your tower, you will have respawned.


However, if you win, you quickly get a free tower as there will be no one left alive to defend a tower that has already been pushed to oblivion.


Create Chaos to Farm:


Baron Laners are meant to be doing the most chaotic thing on the map at any particular point. Trying to cut waves, farming in odd places, and making enemy players chase them is any Solo Player's dream. Since you are a tank, it is relatively easy for you to take on riskier conflicts without the fear of dying.


Even if you do end up dying, your shenanigans always end up creating a lot of space for your AD Carry to farm, which is still a big plus. Moreover, you always playing on their side of the map reduces the team's likelihood of forming up and ganking on someone other than you.


LOL: Wild Rift – How to farm Efficiently as a Baron Laner


Since you are entirely farmed from your early mid-game solo minion creep trades, you do not mind missing out on-farm for a few minutes to let your carry farm to the max.


Generally, this is a widespread strategy as it helps you farm efficiently and utilize that efficiently farmed gold in the best manner possible. Try always to purchase more defensive items to accentuate this particular idea.




League of Legends: Wild Rift is a game that has been designed to offer unique gameplay styles for everyone to enjoy. Playing Baron Lane is perhaps one of the individual roles you can pick up when playing the game.


The role itself teaches you about independence, durability, and how you can create many problems for an already struggling enemy. Unlike the Mid Laner, your job is not to kill everyone near you, but it is to the frontline for your team while they dish out the damage and trying to keep a high profile amid fights, so everyone focuses on you as much as possible. Since you are a tank, you will be taking a lot less damage too.

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