LOL Wild Rift: Characters Edition in Detail


LOL Wild rift is one of those mobile games which doesn't need any introduction at all. Almost everybody knows who developed it and how much fame this game is getting. LOL Wild Rift is the game of the decade and has a greater chance of getting most Installs on its first day of Global release.


LOL Wild Rift: Characters Edition in Detail


LOL Wild Rift has everything you can wish for in a game and a lot more. It has thrill, intense fights, cute and scary characters with several skins. If you have played the LOL Pc version, then you must have a favorite hero you fall in love with at first sight. Today we will take those characters into consideration and give you the exact tips you need to overpower your enemies in every solo and team fight. So, without further ado, let's get started.




You must be wondering how a vast game like Lol Wild Rift’s characters can be covered in one article? We will explain a few major characters to explain what and how you can make big plays. Take that explanation and put it on your character to see changes in your gaming experience.


In short, Lol Wild Rift has more than 50 characters as of now. You can define those characters in five categories. Yes, that’s right, the five categories are as following:


⦁    Tank

⦁    DPS

⦁    ADC

⦁    Support

⦁    Jungler


Tank Character:


Now each hero that falls into the Tank category will have health regeneration and most health. Tank’s job is to take all the hits and damage from enemies, stay in font lane, and do not let enemies hit the DPS and ADC of your team.


You can never lose a match as long as your tank is strong enough to sustain damage and keep your DPS and ADC alive. What tank won’t have is great damage because that’s what you will find in a DPS character. So, as a tank player, your job is to buy items with health, regeneration, crit resists, etc.


A few examples of the best Tank characters in LOL Wild rift:


⦁    Garen

⦁    Galio

⦁    Darius

⦁    Jax

⦁    Shen, etc.


DPS Character:


LOL Wild Rift: Characters Edition in Detail


DPS is a hero with the greatest damage and high attack speed in the game. As a DPS player, your job is to stay in the backline and deal as much damage as you can. To do that, you will need items with attack speed and attack damage only. Your team relies on you and ADC; it’s your job to damage your opponents in a team fight or push a solo lane. Most of the DPS are magic damage types, so for those, you will need to go with “Ability Power” Items build.


A few examples of the best DPS character in LOL Wild Rift:


⦁    Akali

⦁    Yasuo

⦁    Seraphine

⦁    Ahri, etc


ADC Character:


ADC is like a DPS hero; in fact, you can put ADC and DPS in one category. ADC depends on attack damage (Physical mostly) and attack speed. Your chances of winning increase if you have more damage and attack speed.


As an ADC player, you have to stay in the backline and deal as much damage as possible. To do that, you will have to buy Attack Damage and Attack Speed items from the in-game shop. You cannot go for health or any other tank items. If you go for the build according to your character type, you will be able to push your opponents and win every match in LOL Wild Rift.


However, your performance also depends on having a good Support character. But before we go into Support Characters, here are a few examples of the best ADC character in LOL Wild Rift:


A few examples of the best ADC character in LOL Wild Rift:


⦁    Draven

⦁    Jinx

⦁    Kai’sa

⦁    Vayne

⦁    Ezreal, etc


Support Character:


Support plays an important role in LOL Wild Rift. His job is the toughest one among all other laners. He/she must sacrifice himself whenever ADC is in trouble; he/she cannot farm minions because ADC requires as much gold as possible in a short amount of time.


In short, support cannot do anything unless ADC asks him/her, but it doesn’t mean he/she is not a good character. When the time comes, the support character makes big plays while securing ADC and DPS characters. As a support player, you will have to build items that benefit you and ADC along with other heroes in your team. You also build hp and regeneration items to stay longer in frontline and save both ADC and DPS.


LOL Wild Rift: Characters Edition in Detail


A few examples of the best Support character in LOL Wild Rift:






Leona, etc




If you think ADC and DPS are the main characters of LOL Wild Rift, then you are in for a surprise. Jungler has the most difficult task among all other players. As a jungler, you have to farm in the jungle and help your teammates from time to time.


You cannot be seen by enemies at any cost unless you are ganking a lane. Stay hidden and attack enemies to help out your teammates or to push pressure on enemies. For example, your team doesn’t want the enemy’s DPS character to farm easily and stay behind in building items as compared to your DPS. At that point, your team will have to rely on Jungler.


To farm quick and help your teammates, you will need items like Health regeneration, Health steal, Attack damage, attack speed, etc. Mostly jungler is the most sophisticated lane; it usually depends on what character you are using. For example, as Evelynn, you go for AP and health. As Master Yi, you go for attack damage, attack speed, health steal, etc. So, you have to figure out what type of damage your character deals during fights and then build accordingly.


Keep in mind; your team will need you a lot, so you better bring your A-game. You have to help every lane, and in team fights, your team expects you to chase down enemies and finish them off or push lane while your team is distracting enemies. Also, watch out for the enemy Jungler because he/she will also be hunting you and your teammates.


LOL Wild Rift: Characters Edition in Detail


A few examples of the best Jungler character in LOL Wild Rift:


⦁    Evelynn

⦁    Master Yi

⦁    Olaf

⦁    Lee Sin

⦁    Zac, etc


Damage Types:


All characters in LOL Wild Rift will have two types of damage. It usually depends on what character you are using. For example, Jax, Master Yi, Galio, Garen, Akali, Ahri, Jinx, Blitzcrank, and Teemo each character has a different type of damage, explaining what they need as a build. You cannot build AP Master Yi or AD Jax because it will be as useless as not being there.


Every character will have one of the following damage types:


⦁    Physical Damage.

⦁    Magic Damage.


Physical Damage:


Physical damage is commonly known as Attack Damage (AD) in LOL Wild Rift. So, any item which has attack damage will be useful for the character. The best example is Master Yi; he is an AD type damage dealer. His build includes Attack Damage, Attack Speed, etc.


Magic Damage:


Magic Damage is commonly known as Ability Power (AP) in LOL Wild Rift. So, any item which provides AP will be useful to the character. Usually, the mid lane has magic damage, but Galio is a top lane character, and he also has AP, so it’s not lane-specific.


LOL Wild Rift: Characters Edition in Detail


The best example is Zac, he is a jungler, and you can use Ability Power or Attack damage build on him. Zac is one of the few characters in LOL Wild Rift which work neutrally. Meaning you can go for attack damage or ability power; it's your choice but never build both at the same time because it will be useless.




LOL Wild Rift is the exact replica of the League of Legends PC version. To make big plays, you will have to understand your character and how they work. It’s usually better to practice two or three characters, so if, in any case, your main character gets banned, you can choose another character.


Pick one lane and master every hero that belongs to that lane and become a pro in LOL Wild Rift. This game guide will help you to understand characters and get better at LOL Wild Rift. Follow the guide to the letter and become one of the best players in LOL Wild Rift.

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