LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Physical Lineup?


In the last article, we have discussed how you can dominate your lane against a Magical/AP champion or how your team can dominate a Magical/AP Line up with just a few changes in itemization.


LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Physical Lineup


Today, we will discuss Physical Line up and how you can dominate against it or a single champion. So far, League of Legends: Wild Rift hasn't been globally launched, but it will happen soon, and we hope 2021 brings us good news regarding the League of Legends: Wild Rift and Valorant Mobile version.


With that being said, let's dive right into what champions to pick against a Physical Lineup in LOL: Wild Rift.


What is a Physical Lineup?


A physical lineup is when your opponent team has three or more than three Attack Damage champions in their lineup. In LOL: Wild Rift, there are five champions in one team, and that team is known as a lineup. There are multiple scenarios where you can tackle a Physical Lineup, and we must say quite easily if you just know the right items and build.


First Step:


A lot of players are mistaken when they think the game starts when you are in the Summoners Rift. The reason they are wrong is that the match starts right when you start picking and banning champions. You can win 50% of the game just by picking the right champions. For example, you must know who counterattacks who; picking Master Yi against Evelynn or Lee Sin is just a suicide pick.


The first step you can take is to play with friends; that way, you will advantage to swap champions after picking but before going into the match.


How do you recognize a Physical Lineup?


LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Physical Lineup


A lot of new players wonder how they can recognize a Physical Lineup without looking at their build. The answer is quite straightforward: you must know about every champion in LOL: Wild Rift, especially who counterattacks your favorite champion. You also have to know what type of champions there are and their difficulty levels. Once you know everything about a champion, only then you can recognize a Physical Lineup.


Physical/Attack Damage Champions In League of Legends Wild Rift:


We have added all Attack Damage Champions in LOL: Wild Rift. Keep in mind, for now, RIOT hasn't released every League of Legends PC champion in LOL: Wild Rift, but they will add champions step by step.


The following are some of the Attack Damage Champions available in LOL: Wild Rift:


⦁    Akali

⦁    Ashe

⦁    Camille

⦁    Darius

⦁    Ezreal

⦁    Fiora

⦁    Fizz

⦁    Graves

⦁    Jarvan IV

⦁    Jax

⦁    Jhin

⦁    Jinx

⦁    Kai'sa

⦁    Lee Sin

⦁    Nasus

⦁    Olaf

⦁    Tryndamere

⦁    Vayne

⦁    VI

⦁    Xin Zhao

⦁    Yasuo

⦁    Zed


The above-given champions are some of the Physical Damage champions in LOL: Wild Rift. If you didn't know the Attack Damage champions before, you might have got the idea and can spot Attack Damage champions in any lineup.


LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Physical Lineup


How to counterattack Attack Damage Lineup if you have AP Champions?


There are three ways to go against a Physical Lineup. One of them is to pick AP Champions, the second is to build Armor, and the third one is to pick versatile Champions.


AP Champions/Lineup:


Picking AP/Magic Damage champions in your lineup is not a problem, but picking more than two AP champions can cause many problems. As mentioned above, three or more than three same types of champions make a lineup.


If you pick three AP champions, then the enemy team can build magic resistance and counterattack items against you, and the fights will become a lot more difficult. So, make sure to pick two AP champions, one or two tanks, and one attack damage champion (if possible).


Ahri is a fine example of picking an AP champion against an Attack damage lineup or champion. She can be the champion you can use against Yasuo and Ezreal in Mid Lane.


The other example of using AP Champion is Dr.Mundo, who you can use against Xin Zhao, Olaf, Darius, Fiora, etc.


The following are some of the Magic/AP Champions you can pick against a Physical/AD Lineup:


⦁    Ahri

⦁    Alistar

⦁    Amumu

⦁    Annie

⦁    Blitzcrank

⦁    Barum

⦁    Fizz

⦁    Gargas

⦁    Janna

⦁    Lux

⦁    Malphite

⦁    Nami

⦁    Nasus

⦁    Orianna

⦁    Singed

⦁    Sona

⦁    Soraka

⦁    Twisted Fate

⦁    Ziggs


LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Physical Lineup


Build Armor as a Counterattack Items:


The best and the wise choice is to build counterattack items against a Physical Lineup. These counterattack items are highly useable and beneficial against a heavy physical lineup or even if you are against a solo physical champion in a lane. The following items can be more beneficial if you use them on tank champions in Top or Jungle lane. We have compiled a list of counterattack items you can use to dominate over a Physical Lineup or Champion:


⦁    Thornmail:


Thornmail is one of the most common items used against Physical Lineup as it provides you almost 75 armor and 200+ health. It's passive also reflect 25 magic damage.


⦁    Guardian Angel:


Guardian Angel is a must-have item if you are going against Physical Lineup as a tank or jungler. This item provides you 40 Armor and 45+ Attack Damage.


⦁    Warmog's Armor:


Warmog's Armor doesn't provide you Armor, but it provides you massive health Regen, health, and ability haste. If you have more than 2500 maximum health and haven't taken damage for more than 6 seconds, it will regenerate 5% of your maximum health for 5 seconds.


⦁    Hextech Gunblade:


This item can be your second main item in LOL: Wild Rift. It provides 60 ability power and +30 attack damage. This item also has Life Drain, and Energy Drain is a unique passive, which provide you 15 Physical and Magical Vamp.


⦁    Rabadon's Deathcap:


Rabadon's Deathcap is a favorite item of AP Champions as it provides you 130 Ability power and increases ability power by 40%.


LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Physical Lineup


⦁    Zeke's Convergence:


Zeke's Convergence is also the best pick against Physical Lineup. This item provides multiple buffs, including 10 Ability Haste, 40 Armor, 40 Magic Resist, and 150 Mana. The item's unique passive allows you to cast ultimate ability, which grants you and a nearby ally bonus effects for 10 seconds and provide you other buffs, including 30% Bonus Magic Damage.


⦁    Luden's Echo:


Luden's Echo provides you 80 Ability Power, 10 Ability Haste, and 300 Mana, which are quite important when fighting against Physical Lineup or Champion in any lane.


Versatile Champions:


The third option is to pick versatile champions against any lineup. No matter if you are up against Attack Damage or Magic Damage, all you need is Versatile Champions, and you are good to go. Versatile champions are those champions who can build Magic or Physical Damage according to the situation.


For example, they can build Attack Damage with Magic Resist to go against AP/Magic Lineup, or you can build AP/Magic Damage with Armor to go against AD/Physical Lineup.


The following are some of the Versatile Champions you can use against any lineup:


⦁    Dr.Mundo

⦁    Evelynn

⦁    Ezreal

⦁    Jax

⦁    Nasus

⦁    Shyvana


LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Physical Lineup


These are the only versatile champions available in LOL: Wild Rift, and the other versatile champions will be released soon. Keep in mind; Versatile Champions are also those champions who are overpowering other champions after an update or patch. But do not confuse those versatile champions with the one mentioned above.




The guide has everything from a top player's perspective and how he reacted against a physical lineup, and how he would react. The above-given champions, items, and versatile champions are your best companion against a Physical Lineup and are the only choice if you want to win almost every match.


These things matter, but it's all in your hand and how much you practice with your favorite champions. Along with everything else, you must have a good grip on more than six champions and two different lanes so you can make a huge difference in the game.

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