How to Level Up Faster in Summoners War Lost Centuria

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Getting to Level 9 can be an absolute pain in Summoners War Lost Centura, especially if you are a newer player to the PC genre. With tons of different guides floating around, this one talks about the importance of levels and how you can increase them quickly on your character no matter what type they are. If you haven’t already, you can download Summoners War Lost Centuria for free.


How to Level Up Quickly:


How to Level Up Faster in Summoners War Lost Centuria


Currently, the only way to level up in the game is to level up your monsters and characters and ride the wave with them. While some might say that conserving Mana Stones is the best, we recommend leveling up your monsters until you hit Level 9 and then save your Mana Stones. As a free-to-play player, your Mana Stones are quite limited. With Season 2, you do get a boost of Mana Stones from the Stars you accumulate. However, with the stars, you still be running out of Mana Stones and won’t be level up again.


We’re going to be maximizing your tokens to get card duplicates so that you can get duplicated. Your glory tokens do refresh over time, and the max amount they can have is 200. If you are at max tickets, we recommend playing Brawl Battle because not only do you get glory tokens from the mode, but you also get stars from the Season. There are two places in the game that you can get Glory Tokens from. After you get your Skill Stone summons ticket in the Alliance shop, you should focus on your Glory Tokens.


Glory Tokens gives you immense value. But do not invest in the Tokens unless and until you can get a return for them if you are at the daily login and get your free hundred daily tokens but cannot use them. Then, wait up and let them accumulate until you are absolutely sure you can use them.


Using Glory tokens is the best way to get duplicate cards to level up monsters so that you can level up faster. Another way you can get Mana Stones is by selling Runes. However, we don’t recommend it. The Mana Stones that you get from Runes are not worth it. Make sure you do your daily quests for the day to get your 1300 Mana Stones for free.


But, as a free-to-play player, the best way for you to get Mana Stones is by spending virtual money in the shop in exchange for Crystals. Some people think you should spend 2700 Crystals is free to play on the ten summonses. In our opinion, until you are at level 9, there is no real advantage you are going to be getting from those summonses at all anyways. Here’s a quick tier list for Summoners War Lost Centuria’s characters and what each of them does.


Mana Crystals and Leveling Up:


How to Level Up Faster in Summoners War Lost Centuria


You get ten cards with these mana crystals, and you are summoned to get better skills and monsters. The chance that you actually get them with 2700 crystals is very slim. There are better efficient ways to use your crystals. The first one is the shop, 550 Crystals for 10000 Mana Stones. When you are bound on leveling up your monsters and have no other monster. When you are capped on leveling monsters and have no monsters to level, this is where you get your crystal in the arena battle.


Now for this, you will need to play and will need to win as well. It does not matter. Even if you get a lesser amount of wins, the number of duplicates you get, which you can use to level your monster, is quite great.


Now that we’re at level 9, we’re going to be talking about some crafting tips that might help you out as well. In most cases, 1-2 legendary runes after a few hundred drops are fairly common and are a norm for a game of this scale.


Ultimately, your main driving force behind leveling up and trying to be as strong as possible is to get to the highest percentile of the game since it is quite new and to also establish yourself as more than a Seasonal Player. With the ability to get to higher levels, you will start identifying fundamental aspects of the game you were turning a blind eye to all along.


How to Level Up Faster in Summoners War Lost Centuria


As soon as you start your leveling journey, we recommend focusing on your Mana Stone accumulation as much as possible. However, do not let this interfere with your plans of preparing yourself in terms of levels and items as well. Since, in most cases, you will need to be prepared for the eventual run-in with an opponent n enemy that might just seem extremely strong. In those cases, having a solid foundation, whether literal or metaphorical, is quite important.


In most cases, grinding Legendary Runes are well worth it. With their four sub-stats, they are the ultimate pinnacle of a good item in the game. With more and more players flocking in, there’s a high chance that leveling might get harder as time passes since the meta will get more concise with harder plays coming off to vs. against you.


As such, we recommend leveling up as soon as possible and not worrying about the progress as it comes around after a really long time. However, by outsourcing some Mana Stones here and there and making sure everything is going in order, there’s a high chance that you might end up getting the item of your dream item faster in most cases.


But, in most cases, an old understanding of Mana Stones how to accumulate them quickly and deals that might help increase your productivity are especially useful for this matter alone. Plus, here are some tips and tricks for the game that should help you get better.


How to Level Up Faster in Summoners War Lost Centuria


LDPlayer Features for Summoners War Lost Centuria:


Summoners War Lost Centuria is truly an epic RPG game meant for LDPlayer. With tons of features at your disposal, it is the perfect game for testing the capabilities of the Emulator. As such, you can now use the multi-bind feature to completely and quickly change which keys are assigned to what physical button.


Moreover, for those interested in rerolling, you can use the Emulator's multi-instance feature that lets you make multiple accounts simultaneously and then use the synchronizer method to access them at the same time.




Summoners War is a long, fun, Gacha game that has taken the world by storm with its startling features that have quickly swooped over the market, emphasizing its intricate mechanics and generally complex storyline with a deeply embedded plotline that still manages to enjoy itself as well.

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