Want to promote the LDPlayer Affiliate Program but can't start? Don't know how to promote a specific game? Not sure how to promote LDPlayer more effectively? Don't know how commissions are calculated? This article serves as the official promotion guide of the LDPlayer Affiliate Program, and will guide you on how to effectively promote the LDPlayer Affiliate Program so as to easily obtain high commissions.


Table of Contents


About LDPlayer

LD Android Emulator is based on the new Android 7.1 kernel, with extremely high compatibility and ultra-high frame rate, and supports gamers in running various high-performance large-scale mobile games on the computer. Through the large screen visual enjoyment, keyboard and mouse control, controller access and other functions, players can experience the competitive scene perfectly. At the same time, the LDPlayer also has exclusive one-key macro settings, one-key locating and other functions to maximize the player's gaming experience.


1. How to promote LDPlayer

We welcome users to promote our emulator in all formal and reasonable ways. You can promote our emulator on world-renowned user platforms such as YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/Discord, and other places where local game players gather. If you have your own website, you can also publish content related to our emulator on your own website to attract audiences.


1.1 YouTube video:

If you are a YouTube video creator, you can make a video (related to games/emulators), post it on the video website platform, and attach an affiliate link to tempt your fans into watching the video and downloading our emulator.
Video content suggestions:
1. The video content can be the use of emulator to play games / emulator reviews / YouTube live broadcast, etc.
2. It can include how to guide users through downloading & installing & starting the emulator, and using the emulator to play games.
3. The affiliate link is placed first in the description below the video, you can also use third-party tools to generate short links.

4. If you are promoting a specific game, please put the affiliate link of the specific game page. Please check the personal homepage for specific operations.

1.2 Website platform:

If you have your own website resources and have a stable source of traffic, you can publish articles related to games/emulators on your website, or place pictures of LDPlayer in some banner positions of your website to obtain corresponding traffic and installation conversion.
Website content suggestions:
1. The content of the article can be about emulator reviews/playing games with the emulator, etc.
2. The article can contain a brief introduction to the LDPlayer, please refer to our official website for details.

3. You can insert your affiliate link inside the article, and others can visit our website through the link.
4. You can directly download the banner image of the corresponding size from the homepage > LDPlayer Promotion Materials, and put it on your website. 


1.3 SNS/Forum:

If you are an influencer on social media with many fans or communities, you can post related content posts on platforms where players gather such as forums/Facebook/Twitter/Discord to recommend LDPlayer by using your influence and invite your relatives and friends/SNS friends to become loyal users of LD.
Social media content suggestions:

1. The content can be some experience/skills/reviews of playing mobile games with emulators.
2. Insert your affiliate link inside the post, others can visit our website through the link.
3. You can directly download the promotion picture of the corresponding size from the homepage > LDPlayer Promotion Materials.


1.4 Promotion link:

After you have successfully registered and entered your personal homepage, you can directly copy the promotion links of the homepage of the LDPlayer website and the promotion links of some popular games. If you want to promote other games, you can get a promotion link for a game by following the steps below:
Step 1: Copy your affiliate link of homepage to the browser, and enter the official website of LDPlayer through the link;
Step 2: Click Games, search for the game you want to promote, click the game name to enter the game details page;
Step 3: Copy the link of the game details page. The link must have parameters (n=xxxxxx#utm_source=aff&utm_medium=aff&utm_campaign=affxxxxxx) to be a valid affiliate link;
Step 4: Put the specific game affiliate link in your video/article and other promotional content, and the user can click the link to download directly.
As long as you use the correct affiliate link, that users access any page of our website through your link, download and use the emulator will be recorded by our system, and the tracking code of the link will not disappear as users browse other pages.

If you want to promote LDPlayer in other languages, you only need to replace the main domain name in your affiliate link. Please note: Do not modify the parameters behind the main domain name of the affiliate link. Any modification will directly affect your referral data.


1.5 Promotion restrictions

LDPlayer prohibits users from promoting affiliate links through the following behaviors or channels.  Once found, we will ban your account. If your account is terminated due to these unacceptable promotions, no unpaid balance owed to you will be paid. And, you will be prohibited from signing up for the LDPlayer affiliate program again:

⦁   It is forbidden for users to promote affiliate links through advertising channels such as: Google search ads/Google display ads/YouTube ads/Google Gmail ads/Yandex ads;

⦁   Users are prohibited from creating or designing a website similar to our website or engaging in any commercial activities in the name of LDPlayer. At any time, you must clearly indicate that you and your website are independent of LDPlayer;

⦁   It is forbidden for users to use illegal means to click farming for the download and installation of the emulator. Once the data is found to be abnormal, we will ban your accounts, which will not be cancelled;

⦁   Users are prohibited from publicizing pornography/violence/racial discrimination/sex discrimination/infringing or assisting others to infringe any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights in the name of LDPlayer.

⦁   Users are prohibited from directly placing the download package of the LDPlayer on their own website for promotion. Others must visit the official website of LDPlayer to download the emulator through your affiliate link. Once the data is found to be abnormal, we will ban your account.


1.6 Acquisition of promotional materials

You can log in to the affiliate and click "Materials" to get the promotional materials you want, such as pictures/banner/videos, etc. If you want more material support, you can also send us an email to provide us with corresponding suggestions.

2. How to get commission

2.1 How to calculate

How much commission you can get through the affiliate is entirely up to you! You can choose the best exposure method to promote LDPlayer on your website/channel to get the maximum traffic and the best "conversion". For every "converted" user you get, you can get a high commission of up to $2.5.

In Dashboard, you can check your Affiliate Link Clicks, LDPlayer Conversions, Game Installs, and Payouts here. Summary displays the real-time data of the current month by default. You can also select the time period to view the data report online. To know more details, please export it to excel and download it.


2.2 How to add and change your payment method

To add a payment method, please click payment information to complete the personal payment information, and select a feasible payment method.

You can change your payment method in your personal payment information. Please make changes before the end of each month.


2.3 How to issue

Because we need time to do manual statistics and make payment, we will issue the commission you got from promoting LDPlayer last month before the 15th of each month. Due to restrictions on factorage for cross-border transfers, only when your commission amount on the platform exceeds $30 will we make payments by PayPal. If the minimum payment amount is not reached, your amount will accumulate into the next month and we will uniformly pay after it reaches $30. Check more Payment Policy at Payment Issue in our FAQ.

LDPlayer will calculate your promotion commission for the previous month before the 15th of each month, not your commission up to the 15th of this month. Also, if your commission in the previous months did not exceed $30, it will not be calculated and will be consolidated into the next month for settlement. For example:
User A:
The total promotion commission for October (10.01-10.31) is: 40 US dollars, then LDPlayer will transfer 40 USD to User A's PayPal before November 15th.
User B:
The total commission for September (9.01-9.30) is: 15 US dollars, which does not meet the minimum payment requirement. LDPlayer will not transfer money to user B before October 15th. This part of the commission will be accumulated and settled together next month.
The total commission for October (10.01-10.31) is: 20 US dollars, plus 15 US dollars in September, so the cumulative commission is 35 US dollars, which meets the minimum payment amount. Then LDPlayer will transfer 35 US dollars to user B's PayPal before November 15th.


2.4 How can I know if the payment is finished

We will send you an e-mail once the payment is done. You can check your payment account to see if you have received the payment.