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LDPlayer 3.48 Release Notes

Last Updated:  2019-01-17

1. Fixed an issue where Mobile Legends crashed (You need to uninstall and reinstall the game).

2. Fixed an issue where acute accent in Portuguese and Turkish could not be input.

3. Fixed an issue where the color of Royal Revolt 2 was dark.

4. Fixed an issue where Sniper Arena crashed.

5. Fixed an issue that caused an app to freeze when the dialog box of camera is closed through clicking ×.

6. Optimized an issue where the graphic was not clear on Windows 7 on high dpi PC.

7. Fixed an issue where Blade & Soul Revolution crashed when playing it for a long time. 

8. Optimized and matched the keyboard mapping of Cyber Hunter.

9. Fixed an issue where 에란트 헌터의 각성 appeared blurry (for Intel integrated graphics cards).

10. Fixed issues that caused The Day After Tomorrow and Cyber Hunter to crash (for AMD graphics cards).

11. Fixed an issue where 스피릿위시 could not be installed.

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