How to increase damage by tenfold in Genshin Impact?


Genshin Impact is one of the most played and downloaded games of this decade.


How to increase damage by tenfold in Genshin Impact


The game has impacted all MMORPG lovers, and almost every android game player is playing this game. Millions of people log in to complete quests and tasks and enjoy the new open-world game and its visuals. Most of the players are searching for different ways to increase their level or make faster progression in the Genshin Impact.


Some players have discovered different ways to come out ahead in every battle by increasing their characters' damage (ten times). But do you know there are different ways you can follow to increase your character's damage by tenfold.


It's hard to believe that you can increase damage by tenfold in Genshin Impact, but it's true. You can increase your damage by doing everything we mentioned in this article. We have explained everything, so it becomes a lot easier for you to understand and follow the guide. So, without further ado, let's get started.


Increasing Damage by Tenfold in Genshin Impact:


Let's make things a bit clearer before we get started. If you think there will be some codes or some magic spell which will increase your damage by tenfold, then you are in the wrong place. This guide is about the effort you make in Genshin Impact, and while are you making an effort, why not use it to enhance your gaming sessions and experience altogether. Now it's out for the way, let's get started.




First up on our list is artifacts, and the best way to know how much damage you gain is to take a screenshot before and after the changes and compare them to see the difference.


How to increase damage by tenfold in Genshin Impact


Upgrade your artifacts as higher as possible to increase your damage. The best part about upgrading artifacts is that your resources are not wasted even if you have upgraded low rarity artifacts. The artifact you should be looking for to increase your damage in the Genshin Impact is Attack boost/percentage.


You can enhance three or two-star artifacts to increase damage in the beginning. As mentioned above, your resources will not be wasted on artifacts. Infuse the enhanced low star artifact into a higher-level artifact (when you roll a higher-level artifact). The amount of experience you consumed to enhance the low star artifact will be transferred to the higher star artifact. You don't have to farm or spend all the resources again. Also, rolling a higher-level artifact might take time.


Artifacts to upgrade:


Three-star Circlet of Logos/Berserker's Battle Mask Artifact.

The artifact will have 5.2% ATK, 2.3% CRIT Rate, and 4.7% CRIT DMG at level 0. When you enhance this artifact from level 0 to max, you will gain about 25.1% ATK, 5.0% CRIT Rate, and 6.7% CRIT DMG. You can see the difference by yourself; it's massive, and it's just one artifact.


  • Three-Star Plume of Death/Martial Artist's Feather Accessory Artifact.

This artifact should be your priority if you want to increase your damage. The artifact at level 0 will have 42 ATK, 4.2% ATK, 3.3% HP, and 15 DEF. After you max it out, it will have about 200+ ATK, 4.2% ATK, 6.6% HP, and 20+ DEF. Keep in mind the boost in stats is random while enhancing artifacts, so you might get different stats than other players.


How to increase damage by tenfold in Genshin Impact


  • Three-star Sands of Eon/Berserker's Timepiece.

This artifact will have ATK, ATK, and CRIT DMG as stats. Level this artifact to its max level to gain about more than 20% ATK, 15-20 ATK, and more than 6% CRIT DMG. Once again, all the stats are randomly increased while enhancing, so you might get a new stat like HP, etc.


  • The next artifact is Berserker's Rose (Flowers).

You can choose the artifact, which gives you more attack or attack percentage. We have chosen this to complete the Berserker's 4-piece set to get an additional advantage. Enhance it to the max level to see the changes. It's a defense artifact so let's not compare stats on it. The best option is to pick a flower artifact with an attack stat if you have completed 4-piece Berserker Set.


  • Goblet of Enotherm/Berserker's Bone Goblet Artifact.

Max out this artifact in the last to complete the set or go for any artifact that increases your attack or attack percentage.




The weapon can drastically increase your attack; this is the second thing you have to do after artifact upgrade a weapon with the base ATK to increase your damage as a DPS character.


How to increase damage by tenfold in Genshin Impact


For example, you can choose any bow which gives your attack bonus, attack percentage, or physical dmg bonus. Upgrade that weapon to its max level but do it one by one; don't burn your resources at once. If you have done it, then compare the damage you have been dealing with before, and now you will a massive change in the damage.




Talents can also increase your damage exponentially. When you level up talents, it gives you more attack per hit or more hp, etc. It usually depends on the character you are using. If you are using a DPS character, then you will have talents that will increase your attack upon leveling up.


Bonus Tips:


Go for weapons that have attack speed. The more attack speed you have in the game, the more damage you will do to enemies in a short amount of time. Look for the weapons, talents, artifacts, etc. for extra attack speed along with attack or attack percentage.


The next tip is to stack your attacks to do more damage to the enemies. All the above-given details can be applied to any character in the Genshin impact. However, it is the best option to choose a DPS character because a DPS character comes with the attack, crit dmg, crit rate, etc. It's better to maximize a DPS character than any other character if you want to increase your damage by tenfold in Genshin Impact.


Other characters' damage will increase according to their stat; for example, if they had 40 ATK at the start, they will be around 400 ATK by the time you are through with them. You do not need to enhance more artifacts for other characters in Genshin Impact.


How to increase damage by tenfold in Genshin Impact


You can always replace artifacts between your favorite characters without any restrictions. Just a reminder, your damage will only increase by tenfold when you have maxed artifacts, weapons, talents, and your character. So, make sure to work on them to increase your damage in Genshin Impact.




This game guide is what you really need to make your impact on the game. Increase your power, increase your damage, and every task or quest will become a lot easier for you. Follow the guide to the letter and start increasing your damage. However, if you are already playing the game, then an increase in damage will depend on the current situation.


Do not forget to note down the damage you have and compare it after you are done with your character. You will see an increase in your character's damage. This game guide is also for those who want to make a faster progression because you will automatically make progress as you go through all the above tips.

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