Hunt Royale Codes October 2022 – Earn Free Rewards


Hunt Royale makes you hunt more and more within a battle royale gaming experience, and it indeed takes you through a unique gaming experience as you are directly fighting against enemies based on fantasies. Although there are powerful characters to beat these enemies with total destruction, you always need to be careful to have more support from the game since you are basically dealing with a battle. And that is where the Hunt Royale codes are going to help us with new free rewards.





Survival is not enough for this game, and we have to do more and more hunting in this game. So, as players, we have to gather up the skills and strength as much as we can, and we also need to level up ourselves. When we managed to hunt some more new enemies from this game, it made us finished with missions, and this means we will be offered free gems, coins, gold as well as many other rewards. But you cannot just earn them by finishing off your missions as they require codes.


So, this codes guide has been made to update you with the most recent codes of the game, and the ones we are mentioning here are all up to date. By claiming these codes, you can have access to some more amazing prices, and there is no point in making you delayed here. Let’s start your Hunt Royale codes.


Active Hunt Royale Codes


  • DMUAMYGNHZLRWDTZ - Redeem this gift code for 30 Gems

  • HETGHFGMMECCPICC - Redeem this gift code for 202 Gems

  • Hunt333

  • DISCORD50K -  x500 Gems

  • HETGHFGMMECCPICC – earn some rewards as well as free gems


Every code we display here has to be redeemed the way it seems because if you misspelled a word or any character, it doesn't work for you anymore. And the other thing is that you don’t have much time to redeem these codes as they have a limited time to be in an active state. So hurry up and take your steps to earn more and more rewards.


How to Redeem Hunt Royale Codes?

You don’t have too much stress over thinking about how you are going to redeem the codes. Even if you are a beginner, the redeeming steps are simple to understand, and the process goes as follows.


  • - Open your Hunt Royale game first.



  • - Tap the icon for settings



  • - A new window will be opened up, and here you can see the redeem button. Click it



  • - Enter a code for entering the redeem code part as we listed, and if you aren’t sure about what you are typing, you can copy it from our list.



  • - Claim and have your rewards enjoyed



How to Earn More Hunt Royale Codes?

It is not that hard to earn more codes from the game if you have an eye for the official social media channels of Hunt Royale. Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and Twitter are releasing new code announcements if there are any, and keeping your eyes on them can make you earn more and more codes from the game as per your need.


And we know it is not that easy to follow up on such a huge number of channels, so you can check this guide often to see if there are new codes or not. We make updates to this guide constantly.


How to Play Hunt Royale on Your PC?

Playing a battle royale game on a PC has many advantages, and it does not only make you play the game from a wider screen. It has many benefits. To access these features, you must first take the game into your PC by following some steps.



  • LDPlayer 9 has to be downloaded first from their official website

  • Go to the LD Store after installing the emulator as it has so many android apps on it

  • Search your Hunt Royale game name in its search bar

  • Find your game, and then install it through LDPlayer and enjoy the best gaming experience


As we said, the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, comes with a lot of advancements for battle royale gameplay, and the first thing that makes the best adjustments is to the Keyboard controls. The Keyboard Mapping feature from this emulator can make you ease with every movement of your battles by setting the most engaging keys for your ease. So you get personalized keyboard controls here.


The second thing is about the repeating movements. Now the Keyboard Macros can combine several actions into one with macro commands, which will ease your gameplay with the most straightforward gameplay. Apart from these, you will have a wider screen, the smoothest gameplay, and the best graphics with the best optimizations done to Hunt Royale to reach for the next level of gaming experience. These all are in one package; it is LDPlayer 9.



And that marks an end for our Hunt Royale codes guide, and this is your time to shine with new support. Have your best rewards claimed with the use of these codes, and the turn is yours now.

Download Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle on PC