Girls Frontline Neural Cloud Beta Testing and Pre-Registration Guide


Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud is an auto chess strategy rogue-like mobile gacha game. The larger Girls Frontline universe will be getting a whole host of games, and one of them will be Project Neural Cloud, a prequel to Girls Frontline. It is currently in its closed beta phase for China and is slated for release in December. Project Neural Cloud is rogue-like, auto-chess-like.


Girls Frontline Neural Cloud Intro


Exquisiteness and attractive characteristics go hand in hand in this game. Each character from the next generation of the human form is waiting for you to give instructions. You can search for them, expand the size of their "exile" ranks, expand your favorite humanoids, help them break through the shackles of the mind, and even discover their unknown past - shh, it's a secret that belongs only to you.


Let's first discuss the basic information about this game to ease your way through the CBT starting today and how to register for the CBT and Pre-register for the game.


Girls Frontline Gameplay and Features:




The battle and combat in this game is Turn-based but plays out like an auto-chess game where all your characters move on their own and attack enemies while using skills and ultimate on their own. This beautiful game and unique design take an innovative approach with a Roguelike in mind where you have to think before placing your characters as once you do, the game is out of your hands mostly.




Fun and function go hand in hand: The materials harvested during the adventure are the tools used for building and upgrading the "Oasis" belonging to the new home of the "exiles," so please enjoy building the city according to your preferences, upgrading the buildings, renovating the dormitory, and obtaining rich resources and a substantial bonus. Before your next departure, may you enjoy half a day with your favorite people?




Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud is being touted as an amalgamation of Auto chess, Strategic, Roguelike, and Gacha. What are all these, you might ask? Let’s explain it to you one by one.


Auto-Chess – Because your units fight by themselves after the battle starts without the need (or ability) to control them manually.


Roguelike – Roguelike refers to the random stage generation that makes every map clear attempt different. Some Rogue-like games employ a high amount of randomness to counteract this and incentivize players to try new things. The abundance of Cache Coins and Function Cards available in shop nodes and some Overclocks makes it easier for players to create the perfect loadout. After clearing a few stages, players would usually stick to the same team composition.


Gacha and Characters – Gacha in this game is the unit collection aspect as it's a fairly standard character gacha with per-pull rates similar to other character gacha mobile games. You can also do "freerolls" that mostly drop resources but can yield 1-star and 2-star dolls. Basic Retrieval Instructions can randomly drop from missions and are also generated passively from an oasis building you can upgrade. At max upgrades (Level 5 Retrieval Terminal), a full Basic Search 10-roll is generated for free every ~24 hours. 


Girls Frontline Neural Cloud Characters


You can easily earn Rolling currency by doing Daily and Weekly Quests, getting from each chapter of Endless Mode, Achievements, and Maintenance Compensation, if any. Some 1-star and 2-star Dolls are the best units in their own class. 3-star Dolls have a slight usability advantage: their ultimate/passive skills are immediately unlocked on the acquisition, whereas 1-star and 2-star Dolls will have to be upgraded to 3-star first.


Five classes can be broadly categorized as:


  • Healers
  • Warriors
  • Defenders
  • Control
  • Snipers


Characters have five main stats:


  • Max HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Rate


Strategy – The Strategic element comes in choosing which character and when while doing advanced micromanagement whenever needed and possible. You can sometimes manually use stun to interrupt some enemy skills, kill a low-health enemy, set a target to burst down an enemy boss, chain synergies of the ultimate of your different characters together. Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud has a lot of strategic depth and somewhat a high skill cap.


Graphics and Polish:


Micateam has given us such a high level of polish to the game’s visuals and graphics. Even in early to mid-stage development, the developers have done with the game's UI and 2D character illustrations, making them exceptionally good.


Girls Frontline Neural Cloud Gameplay


There still are some flaws with the gameplay, though. First is the randomness of each run. Most rogue-likes fans love rogue-likes for is how each run is different from the last one, but on the other hand, the game’s graphics and some truly superb gameplay mechanics, along with the Function Cards, have shown their power.


Tutorial and Story:


The tutorial and chapters in Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud have introduced the mechanics gradually, and you naturally learn all the tricks just by playing through the main storyline.


It starts with Function Card Basics and the Map Layout and how the destructible obstacles affect the battlefield. Next, it moves to your dolls and how to position them efficiently. Then the tutorial teaches you how to buff and debuff to control the priority Targets and so on.


The player character is referred to as "Professor" and can interact with the battlefield through "Professor Skills." These skills require SP, which regenerates at 2 SP per second, with a maximum storage of 20. The more expensive a skill, the flashier the effects will be.


How to Pre-Register and Release Date:


The Registration for the CBT and Pre-registration is well underway. Open beta starts on July 13, on Android only. Your data will be deleted from the game after July 27.


Girls Frontline Neural Cloud Beta Testing


Firstly, as the Beta Testing is going on, you can sign up by filling a form that takes a few minutes, but you will need a CN Sunborn or Bilibili account. Follow the following two methods if you want to play in the Beta Test.


Registration Method #1 (Easy):


  1. Start by creating a Bilibili account.
  2. Fill up the form at
  3. You're done! Wait and check in a few days to see if you got in.
  4. If you got in, you'd receive a notification in your Bilibili inbox from Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud.


Registration Method #2 (Slightly Harder):


  1. Create a account ( is different and does not work!)
  2. Create a Sunborn CN account if you don't already have one.
  3. Gmail does not work (create an Outlook account), and Fake Chinese ID generators no longer work. However, you can still verify using your real ID or a generated ID from a different country. 
  4. Fill out the TapTap survey.
  5. You're done!
  6. If you are having trouble with these steps, please check out the following infographic link for detailed instructions. 




To pre-register for the game, go on the TapTap website and click on the OS buttons to sign up for pre-registration. You need to have an account in TapTap to do so, which you can do with an email or google account. You're now pre-Registered!


Release Date:


Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud has a tentative release date at 12/08/2021


Girls Frontline Neural Cloud Conclusion




The Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud takes much visual and design inspiration from Arknights. It indeed turned it into an Auto-Chess strategy Rogue-Like game rather than a Tower Defense. The gameplay and graphics seem promising, during the gameplay and mechanics are top-notch and unique. We are sure that you can’t wait to jump into the world of Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud and have fun with your dolls.

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