Free Fire Upgrade for Dragon AK Skin! Redeem Codes May 2021


Becoming the most popular game worldwide, Garena Free Fire has reached so many downloading at rates. Every scenario in the game with its events and tournaments is increasing the gameplay so much exciting. From time to time, developers are delivering character upgrades and rewards to boost the performance of gamers. So you can download Free Fire on PC to take place on getting the rewards.


Garena Free Fire has latently released its Gun Skin Green Flame, and now there is another skin upgrade for the Dragon AK Skin. This upgrade is accessible via the redeem codes, and now it has released the redeem codes on the game. These released redeem codes will help the gamers upgrade Dragon AK skin and take those benefits for free. So here we are going to provide the details on what you should know about these redeem codes.


Free Fire Upgrade for Dragon AK Skin! Redeem Codes May 2021


What are the Redeem Codes on Free Fire?


Redeem codes can be known as the easiest and accessible method to take on upgrades of Free Fire, and it makes you the way to obtain rewards from the game's battle royale. The usual method for getting the rewards and benefits is to purchase through diamonds, and you would need to buy those by spending diamonds. But if there are redeem codes, you can use them for free to obtain those rewards and benefits in Free Fire.


Now Free Fire game has the May 15 redeem codes with it, and it will clear you the path of taking various rewards and upgrades for free. Today in this guide, we focus on getting the Dragon AK skin as a free reward in the game. In addition to these all, players can avail the Weapons loot crate of Vandals Rebellion, Justice Fighter, weapon loot crate of Sneaky Clown, loot crate of a firefighter, 4x MP40, Free starter's pack, and 50000 free diamonds by using these free redeem codes in Free Fire.


Redeem Codes for May  2021


The primary code for this day is the RJ12-0RGS-KAIG, and it will give you a chance to upgrade the Dragon AK skin. This upgrade will be free, and the following is the list of redeem codes available for today.


  • HSKS-BBEH-3773


  • WHSK-O96G-EA25





  • BSJS-FSIG-58H3


  • AJDG-753H-LHS5

  • RJ12-0RGS-KAIG


How can players redeem these codes? 


These redeem codes consist of 11 or 12 characters within them, and those are made up of alphabets and numbers. To use these codes, you must type them correctly, and none of them cannot be changed.


To redeem these codes, you need to open the official site of the Free Dire redeem website and click the link. After that, log into your free fire account. Once you have logged in, you will see a page loading and type your redeem code on the dialog box that appears. Right after that, all your rewards and the upgrades are directing to your mailbox, and those can be collected to earn rewards.


Free Fire on LDPlayer


Set your unique key movements with LDplayer's Keyboard Mapping feature and create your favorite keyboard movements into the control of Free Fire. You will take a chance to engage with your most familiar keyboard settings to play the game with this feature, and no need to be bothered about embracing a standard new key set.




Free Fire redeem codes for getting Dragon AK Skin are out now for players, and use these codes to earn your skins and the rewards. Please note that you need to type these from the same show; otherwise, they will not be working.

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