Free Fire on PC: the 2020 Kapella Patch Guide


Free Fire called the Kapella Patch was last updated on April 8, 2020. In this release, there are multiple features that are updated. Free Fire OB21 update has been released for both IOS and Android and the size of the update is about 600MB. Android users can play Free Fire Kapella Patch on their PC by using an Android emulator. You can use a keyboard and mouse to play Free Fire Kapella Patch with the best emulator LDPlayer.

Free Fire Kapella Patch 1


The following new features and updates are introduced in Kapella Patch Free Fire OB21.

  • New character Kapella
  • New character Lucas
  • New weapon Thompson gun and smoke grenade
  • Clash Squad Rank Mode
  • Pet Ottero
  • New Emotes
  • Auto Speed Pickup
  • Free Look feature
  • Kill Secured Mode


New Characters

Usually, whenever an update comes in Free Fire, it will bring new characters in the game. Under this update, there are two new characters are introduced called Kapella and Lucas.


1. Kapella Character

In the Kapella Patch OB21 update, a new character called Kapella is introduced in Free Fire. Kapella is a pop star and singer. Increasing the effects of healing is her special skills and it also reduces the HP loss of allies. When she dies, her treatment receives less damage from bullets and explosives. As you progress to the next level, her healing effects keep increasing. Her main role in healing power makes her perfect for the support of the team. She will make her entry into the game with a special character of" Pop singer".


The ability of Kapella is more complex and it is difficult to understand. The name of ability is" cure song". At level one, if you use its ability with Medkit, it increases the 10% HP. It means you get more 7HP. Its ability is maximum at higher levels. At level 8, It increases the 20% HP. It means you get more 14 HP. Its ability is not only used with Medkit but it is also used with inhaler and Alok to increase the HP.

Free Fire Kapella Patch 2


2.  Lucas Character

In the latest update, there is also a male character called "Lucas" who is an energetic young soccer player with a special skill of Hat-Trick. With this skill, the amount of HP gets restored once he kills an enemy. HP is important because it makes you stronger on the battlefield and you can live longer.


New weapon - Thompson Gun And Smoke Grenades

Thompson gun is a new SMG in the latest update. This gun is only available in the classic matches. It has a high damage level and is best to use in battles. This gun has an amazing fire rate and with the smoke grenades, you can disappear yourself for some time and can help find covers when enemies are attacking you.


This gun will be used for close and mid-range combat. If we compare the new gun with MP40, we come to know that a new gun is better than MP40. For the long-range, the damage of MP40 on the body is 10 and the damage of Thompson gun is about 15 for long-range and also Thompson gun has great headshot damage for long-range than MP40. For mid-range, the damage of MP40 is about 15 on the body and Thompson gun is 20. Also Thomspon gun has great headshot damage than MP40. For the short-range, the damage of Thompson gun is also great than MP40. So we can say that the Thompson is better than MP40.

Free Fire Kapella Patch 3


Pet Oterro

A new pet name "Ottero " is introduced in Free Fire in the latest update. It can help to recover EP while recovering HP. As your progress to the next levels, the effects of the pet increased. Using the Medkit or treatment gun at the first level, the amount of EP recovered will be 35 % of the HP. Ottero has two exclusive outfits and three emotes that gets unlocked when you progress at the different levels.

Free Fire Kapella Patch 4


Clash Squad Rank Mode

One of the main game modes of free fire is clash squad rank mode. It is very popular among players. In its new update, Free Fire has also introduced rank mode. The ranking method of this mode is different from rank mode in Battle Royal. In this mode, you can play the game at the expert level.

Free Fire Kapella Patch 5


Kill Secured Mode

The " Kill Secured Mode " is a new update in the game and is only playable on Bermuda Map. In this mode, players have the option to choose the set of equipment out of four and the goal is to kill the opponent team players. The team that kills 80 or more players at the end of 10 minutes will be the winner.

Free Fire Kapella Patch 6


Free Look feature

In the Kapella Patch OB21 update, a new feature is also introduced called the Free Look feature. This feature enables you to look at any direction without moving your character. In the control setting of the game, you can enable this feature and you can control the sensitivity in the sensitivity setting of the game.


New Emotes

In the Kapella Patch OB21 update, four new emotes are making their way to Free Fire. these emote are given below with their taglines.

Bring it on: Bring the challenge on

Tea Time: After some headshot get relaxed

Fancy hands: Keep watching you would not get it anyway

Why? Oh, why?: I am a poor little soul

Free Fire Kapella Patch 7


Auto Pickup Speed

In the new update, you have the option to auto pick up the speed or you can set it on default. These changes can be made under the " Auto Pickup " setting section of the game.

Free Fire Kapella Patch 8


How to download Free Fire Kapella Patch?

You can play it on mobile and if you want to play this game on your desktop, then the best way is to download the LDPlayer. You can download Free Fire Kapella Patch from the LD Store or a built-in Google Play Store on LDPlayer. Also, please check - Play Free Fire on PC with High Performance - for more useful information. That’s it for Free Fire on PC: the 2020 Kapella Patch Guide. Visit our platform regularly to get more guidelines for more games.





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