Free Fire: How to get the newest Gun skin Green Flame Draco M1014?


Free Fire has taken a new step from the game by adding a brand new gun skin to the game. This was the most awaited weapon we have already been expected, and it is finally here. This is the new Gun skin named Green Flame Draco M1014, and it is an Evo gun skin that can be used to ground obliterating. 


Free Fire: How to get the newest Gun skin Green Flame Draco M1014?


If you ever wanted to try an ancient item forged by the beast of the ancient nations, this would be a perfect choice. The earth’s deepest layers materialize the Green Flame Draco M1014, and it is your time to take it for the action. So download Garena Free Fire on PC and enjoy the ancient beast in action. 


How to get the Green Flame Draco M1014?


Green Flame Draco M1014 gun skin is launched to the game on the 8th of May, and this comes in the popular segment of the game Luck Royale. It is designed for launching the weapon skins and bundles when the lucky drawings perform them. 


Free Fire: How to get the newest Gun skin Green Flame Draco M1014?


The newest green-flamed Evo Gun skin is launched on the 8th of May, upgrading features to level 1. Players are allowed to take the Green Flame Draco M1014 by using the faded wheel section. The faded wheel section will be available in the Luck Royale until its 6th of June from the 8th of May. So here we provide you with detailed information on how to take this new gun skin in the game. 


  • Luck Royale


At first, when you start to play Garena Free Fire, the game will load its default loading menus. After this opening, you need to tap the Luck Royale part, which will be seen from the left side of the screen.


  • Faded Wheel Option


As the second step, you need to click the option of Faded wheel. This will have appeared on the screen’s left side from the bottom.  


  • Participating in the Draw


All the players can participate in the draw, and they have to use diamonds for it. If you have acquired some prizes, those are not going to be repeated. For each draw, players will need more diamonds, and the first spin of the draw will be free from the diamond's charge. 


  • Removing two prizes


Before you perform a draw, you can remove two of the prizes you don’t need. But remember you can’t remove the grand prize. Select two items to remove and press the confirm option from the wheel’s middle. 


  • Claiming Bonus Prizes


When you are done spinning the wheel, the draws you have been performed will reach n the targets, and the players who spin the wheel can claim the bonus prizes. The brand new Gun Skin Green Flame Draco is guaranteed for the players from its 8th spin. 


Cost of diamonds for each spin


Each of the cumulative draws or the spins will cost a specific amount of diamonds as follows. 


  • 1st spin is free
  • 2nd spin will cost 9 diamonds
  • 3rd spin is for 19 diamonds
  • 4th spin is for 29 diamonds
  • 5th spin will cost 39 diamonds
  • 6th spin will cost 69 diamonds
  • 7th spin will cost 99 diamonds
  • 8th spin will cost 199 diamonds
  • 9th spin will cost 499 diamonds


You need to make sure yourself before performing a spin to check if there are enough diamonds to top up in the accounts. 


Free Fire with LDPlayer


Now you can use the Keymapping feature of LDPlayer to have the best key controls for your own self. Rather than playing the default key sets for a shooting game, it will be a lot more quickly to gameplay with having a unique keyboard set controls for a gamer. So LDPlayer has provided the opportunity for it, and now you are free to use your own control movements.




Get up and hurry up to win your favorite and the most awaited Gun skin of Green Flame Draco M1014, and it will make your gameplay more enjoyable with excellent weapon skin. So grab your chance and make your gameplay on free Fire more interesting. 

Download Garena Free Fire: 5th Anniv. on PC