FIFA Mobile 21: Retro Stars Guide

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After finishing the exhausting National Heroes Worldwide Event, as guaranteed prior, EA brought back the long and possibly the most expected event to the game as FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Star. The event is an approach to bringing back and introducing players from more established events who were truly OP in gameplay and performance. The players boast a vintage look and come with a big OVR jump with different skill boosts and positions.


This fan-favorite event lets you play Skill Games and Matches along with letting you grab great rewards from the Arcade Claw and lets you wander through Rad City for top players. Invest some time by the Gumball Machine for some interesting rewards and put your VS Attack and Head to Head abilities to the test in Midweek Madness! Ultimate Memories: Retro Stars is guaranteed to be fun. 


FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars Event Description

  • Event Duration: September 30th – October 21st (21 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 7 Retro Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 4 Coin Packs daily giving 7 Retro Energy each for 100,000 coins
  • Energy: Retro Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 21 Retro Energy
  • Daily Claim: 300 Gumball Tokens and 100 Retro Score


FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars Event Flow


Retro Room

From the Main Tab, you can go into the Retro Room. You will utilize your Retro Energy to progress through Skill Games and Matches for Retro Points. Playing 6 Skill Games and one match will grant you Retro Points. Completing the daily path gives the player a bonus of 100 Arcade Tokens. The path is only playable once each day for the duration of the event.


FIFA  Mobile 2021 Retro Room


There are additionally 4 week-by-week coin packs that give 7 Retro Energy for 100,000 coins each and 3 day-by-day promotions giving 7 Retro Energy using the coin. Losing the matches returns all of the energy, so you don't have to use the coin packs.

Make sure you complete the flow every day along with the match at the end; as you finish the match each day, you get 100 Arcade Tokens and precious Retro Points, which add up in the end.


Arcade Claw

Arcade Tokens can be used here to earn extra Retro Stars Players, Coins, Skill Boosts, and Training XP. This is the player wheel familiar to every FIFA Mobile player since it has appeared in every event until now. This is like the Mosaic from the last event, and after 10 pulls, you'll get a guaranteed Player. It's a renamed random player pull-type thing.


FIFA Mobile 21 Arcade Claw


The arcade claw is refreshed with new players every week during the duration of the event. You can progress down the Milestone Path by spending your Arcade Tokens. Skill Boosts, Coins, Training XP, Retro Points, Players, as well as Common, Epic, and Legendary Shards can be earned.


Gumball Machine

This is essentially a reskin of Fishing that we had from the Summer Celebration event. Take a shot at the Gumball Machines to test your luck at procuring the Daily Featured Rewards! Gumball Tokens can be used at any of the 3 Gumball Machines to get Retro Stars Players, Coins; Skill Boosts, Training XP, Arcade Tokens, and Retro Points. 


FIFA Mobile 2021 Gumball Machine


The first two Gumball Machines cost 100 Gumball tokens, with the third one costing 200 Gumball Tokens as it doubles the rewards and grants you a higher chance at winning the featured rewards. Also, it is restricted to one time each day. So never, always remember to get this machine; there is no justification for why you shouldn't.


FIFA Mobile 2021 Android Game


Remember that each different Gumball Machine has diverse award chances. Return every day for another Featured Player and other pivoting rewards! There are achievements for this; up to 10000 pulls can get you 105 OVR CM Rafinha. 


Rad City Hub

Everything gets rad here! Bounce on the party bus and take a look at Rad City to get select Rad City Players and prizes! Retro Points can be exchanged here for a variety of rewards. However, the part differs a bit from the Summer and Spring events. This time FIFA Mobile lets you go left, right, or up or down to get 105 OVR players.


FIFA Mobile 2021 Rad City Hub


Rad City Nodes will certainly give an irregular 94+ OVR player, while others are ensured players. Opening each path node has a chance of giving you a bonus reward. This can range from additional Arcade Tokens, Gumball Tokens, Base Currency, Emote/User Logo, and surprisingly a 107 OVR Player! This is similar to Spring and Summer, where you have random spots for additional prizes.


FIFA Mobile 2021 iOS Game


Trinkets can be claimed only once. Earning every reward is possible by claiming every node on the Rad City path. It is important to keep in mind that you will not end up having every player. However, as long as you burn through 35000 Retro Points, you will wind up with either 110 OVR CM Henderson or 110 OVR ST Martinez. Utilizing 40000 and 50000 Retro Points will guarantee you 101 OVR Event Icon ST Shevchenko and 112 OVR GK Lev Yashin. Obviously, Black Spider is out of reach. 


Midweek Madness

This is by far the most exciting part of the event. This is a form of VSA/H2H grindable aspect of the event. It comes along with the Weekend Tournament and is playable three days every weekend. VS Attack and Head to Head can be played for bonus rewards! You play with energy, i.e., Retro Health Points, which is obtainable from everyday advertisements and coin packs.  


FIFA Mobile 2021 Midweek Madness


  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 5 Health per ad
  • Coin Packs: 3 Coin Packs daily that give 5 Health for 50,000 coins
  • Duration: Midweek Madness is open from Thursday 19:00 UTC to Sunday 19:00 UTC for all 3 weeks of Retro Stars.
  • Energy: Health starts at 15 after tapping Start and does not increase over time. Health does not carry over from week to week. 


FIFA Mobile 2021 Game Guide


When you win, you get 10 Madness Points, just as your energy back! Subsequently, you should play a huge load of matches! Losing awards you nothing and takes your energy back. In any case, on the off chance that you do the math regarding the number of matches you can play, it's staggering! Madness points should be used towards the 5 weekly offers available. Madness offers refresh every week. Madness Points do not carry over from week to week.


Retro Pass

Obviously, we get an event-specific Pass. Come here consistently to guarantee additional prizes, including Retro Points and Arcade Tokens. There's a paid way accessible for added rewards. Obviously, the Premium Pass is far more rewarding than the free one. You can get every one of the prizes in the Free Pass just by signing inconsistently to get the Retro Scores. 



It shouldn't be a surprise that there are SBC's for rank shards. You are offered a single weekly Squad Building Challenge in the main tab that exchanges for Rank Shards, which can be used to rank up. However, you ought to be finishing the SBCs; the more you hold on, the less expensive the players will turn into. It should not be considered a challenge as each requires just 5 players, with the absolute group OVR being 98 OVRs, while just four of them being Retro Stars players.


FIFA Mobile 2021 SBC


An additional SBC is also available, which requires a total team OVR of 95 and grants 1600 Skill boosts; the players are very cheap with the release of the event and should be able to complete them easily.


FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars Event Currencies


Retro Points

  • Earn them from playing Skill Games and a Match on the daily path.
  • Use them towards rewards and Players in Rad City.


Gumball Tokens

  • Can be earned from logging in and from the Rad City reward path.
  • Use them for rewards from any of the 3 Gumball Machines.


Arcade Tokens

  • Earn them from completing the daily Skill Games path and from the Rad City reward path.
  • Use them towards Players and rewards in the Arcade Claw chapter.


Health Energy

  • Start with 15 weekly Health, and receive more from Ads and Coins Packs. Health amounts refresh weekly.
  • Use them to play VS Attack or Head to Head in Midweek Madness.


Madness Points

  • Earn them from winning Matches in Midweek Madness. Madness Points refresh weekly.
  • Use them towards Madness Offers for Players.


Running the Math for F2P Players

Here are your odds as a F2P player by our numbers.


Resource Management

Energy 21 Initial Total
Hourly Refresh 1 Per Hour 503
Daily Coin Pack 28 Per Day 588
Daily Ads 21 Per Day 441
  • Total 1553 Retro Energy and 965 without the Coin Packs


Matches and skill games can be completed in the Retro Room with this Retro Energy. Also, there is no need for you to buy all the coin packs. A total of 1029 Retro Energy is required for a maximum of 10 Coin Packs which can be obtained by completing the path daily.


  Retro Points Arcade Tokens Gumball Tokens
Retro Room 31500 2100 0
Milestones 2000 0 1500
Daily Claim 0 0 6300
Free Pass 3000 300 500
Rad City 0 600 1800
Total 36500 3000 10100
  • A minimum of 36500 Retro Points can be obtained, given the usage of your coin packs.


Your luck plays a part here in granting you additional Retro Points and Arcade Tokens from the gumball Machine. As for the Midweek Madness, we start with 15 Heart Energy, and it gets refreshed in the following way via daily ads and coin packs for 3 days. 

Energy 15 Initial Total
Daily Coin Pack 15 Per Day 45
Daily Ads 15 Per Day 45
  • Total 105 Heart Energy can be spent in Midweek Madness (per week) with the coin packs.


These Heart Energy will be utilized to play VSA/H2H matches in the Midweek Madness. Remember that you get back your energy on the off chance that you win a game, so there will be a lot of grind at the end of the week. 


FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars Event Tips and Tricks

FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars event is huge after the National Heroes event. It has a decent amount of grind with daily skill games, tons of PVP matches, and event currencies. So here are our extra tips and tricks to assist you with getting the best from the event. It took us some time to find these solutions and work out everything.


As a matter of first importance, this is an energy-based event as usual. So never at any point let your energy get finished up. Try not to allow your energy to refresh out. Also, simply purchase your coin packs, there is not any justification for not buying one, and you need to keep in mind that this path is not replayable. You should not buy all your coin packs in one go! Stacking up your energy enough to complete one path per day with the ads and use your coin packs only when the situation demands is a great idea. 


Rad City Hub


Player Retro Points Gems Required
105 LM Henrikh Mkhitaryan 14250  
105 LW Marcus Thuram 14250  
105 CB Nacho Fernandez 14250  
100 RM Adama Traoré 14250  
110 CM Henderson/ ST Martínez 35000  
101 ST Event Icon Shevchenko 40000 17500
112 GK Prime Icon Lev Yashin 50000 67500


We can unmistakably see you get two of the 105 OVR players from the Rad City table above. You have to keep in mind that both the 105 players need to be from the same side. This makes the 110 OVR choice of Henderson and Martinez free-to-play! The event icon 101 OVR Shevchenko is not completely free-to-play like the previous events. 

You will require at least 5k gems to pack Shevchenko, given your luck from the Gumball Machine. Other than the 36500 Retro Points from the ability games, you can likewise acquire up to 2500 Retro Points from the Gumball Machine based on your luck. 


FIFA Mobile 21 Game


From the image, we can see the 500 Retro Points come a total of five times. If someone is extremely lucky, they can accumulate a total of 2500 Retro Points as free-to-play obtainable from the game. With those points, one can obtain

  • 2 105 OVRs from the same side
  • 1000 Arcade Tokens (400+100+400+100)
  • Choice of 110 OVR Player from the Milestone
  • 101 OVR Event Icon Shevchenko for 5k Gems minimum

Thus 101 OVR Event Icon ST Shevchenko costs a minimum of 5k Gems based on your luck on the Gumball Machine


Arcade Claw

You have a chance to win an additional 5000 Arcade Tokens from the Gumball Machine, depending on how fortunate you are. Making your total tally of Arcade Tokens


  • 3400 Arcade Tokens from the event (Skill games, Free Pass and Rad City)
  • Another 5000 Arcade Tokens from Gumball (depending on your luck)
  • 107 OVR CM Bernardo Silva becomes Free-to-play (without any gems)


That is quite the amount of resources just from players, excluding the number of in-game resources you will claim along the way in boosts, and coins, and XP on the path and as well as the Arcade Claw.


Midweek Madness

As referenced above, given the Hearth energy, if you watch every one of the day-by-day advertisements and purchase all the coin packs, you will play an absolute minimum of 105 matches per 3 day period. A 105 matches, and that is on the off chance that you proceed to lose each and every match persistently. It's something grindable, and subsequently, every single award is available. Each and everything can be acquired by grinding as long as you've got the hours to put into it.


FIFA Mobile 21 Midweek Madness


Other than the players, there is 50 extra expertise support trade that you can obtain 125 times. Free-to-play players can grab an astonishing 6250 skill boosts. Furthermore, the 108 OVRs are not something that cannot be achieved as they require 50 wins, 40 additional gets you the 106s, and 20 additional for the 103s. That is a lot of rewards available to anyone! Again there is a lot of things to play with and time to place into.


FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars Players

That's pretty much the Retro Stars event. Besides this, there isn't anything else to say about this event. All the calculations are provided to you; utilize them well. There are up-sides with this event; there are a lot of resources with this event alongside the ranked players. As long as you get enough wins, you can get every one of the players that popup in the Midweek Madness. Pursue the 106 and 108 as they will have the extremely significant rank shards. It is a three-week event, so you have time to think and plan how you can go on about playing this.

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