Fate/Grand Order Sabers War II Rerun Event Guide


With the New Year Celebration coming to an end for the Global Server of Fate/Grand Order, a brand new event has been released in order to bridge the gap between different break periods to help players fasten their momentum and gather more resources for future contents and main story chapters. This time, the special event being held is the rerun of one of the game’s most anticipated events - Saber Wars II. In addition, one of the most powerful limited servants in the game will make her return in this event - the 5* Avenger Class Servant Astart aka Space Ishtar. 


In this guide, we will go over the main details of the Saber Wars II Rerun Event and advises players on how they can best obtain all of the events’ rewards and clear the entire event in a timely fashion in order to obtain materials and premium currencies to strengthen their teams and to summon for brand new servants. In addition, we will also debate on whether or not players should spend the hard earned premium currencies on the return of the Limited 5* Avenger class servant - Space Ishtar.


Let’s play Fate/Grand Order on PC and find out together !

Fate/Grand Order Special Event Rerun - Sabers War II

Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, a special war featuring only saber servants with their lightsabers , foods and ahoges fight it out among themselves to become the strongest saber servant in the entire servant verse, and you, the master of Chaldea will be in the center of this very conflict. That is to say, in order to read the full story of Saber Wars II featuring special references and parody of a very distinct franchise set in space, you will have to partake in the event with all of its mechanics and obtain all the rewards that are available for grab. Follow this event guide and you might have the chance to go through the event as quickly and painlessly as possible in order to enjoy the event’s story at its finest.

Sabers War II - Main Story Quests

During the event period, players will have the chance to partake in the story of Sabers War II and read the main story of the event by clearing specific story nodes and clearing the event missions. These Main story quests will serve as the main objective for players as in order to clear the event, players will need to finish the main story of the event before attempting to go for other contents during the event. Each node of the event story only costs a minimal amount of AP per node (5 AP per node) and can be cleared easily as long as players can borrow the event specific servants and know the mechanics of the stage, so trial and error is highly recommended.

It is important to note that certain main story nodes are locked behind timegates and missions cleared, therefore, players might need to farm the event to complete specific event missions before they can advance further in the main story. In addition, up to a certain point, players will need to clear event specific bounty quests in order to achieve the true ending to the story, so players should pay attention to the event requirements before clearing the later main story nodes.

Saber Wars II - Farming Stages

During the time you progresses through the main story, specific farming stages will be available for 40 AP each to help you to farm for the primary event currencies of the event, allowing you to exchange for special event rewards from the shop and to be spent to unlock the event specific bounty missions. In addition, farming stages will be the main source of enemies to help players clear the event missions in order to advance in the main story as certain missions will require a specific amount of enemies defeated or certain farming stages be farmed a specific number of times, therefore, players should absolutely spend the AP on these farming stages in order to advance in the main story.

The primary currencies in the event are divided into 4 different currencies, 3 types of different galactic badges that can be used to exchange for event shop materials and Event Exclusive CEs. The last currency is known as the Saber Ahoge only drops from enemies with the Ahoge in their portrait and can be used to unlock the event specific bounties that reward players with a large amount of Qps and help advance the main story.

Event Shop

As mentioned above, special event currencies can be obtained by the players by clearing farming stages and these currencies can then be used to exchange for special event exclusive items within the event shop, allowing the players to obtain the event limited CEs that have special properties within the event’s settings as they can boost the damage output of all servants within the party by up to 100% and can stack together, increasing the damage of all servants within the party and helping players to clear the main story stages and farming stages more quickly and efficiently.

In addition, for a limited time, special character upgrading materials can also be exchanged in the shop, so players should prioritize spending the event currencies to exchange for the Event Exclusive CEs, then the characters upgrading materials and then the EXPs.

Event Missions and Bounties

Special Event Missions and Bounties will also be made available during the event’s periods, clearing these are essential to complete the event, therefore, players should pay attention, exchange for the bounties and complete the missions as soon as possible to complete the event. The event will be completed by finishing all 100 missions within the event missions tab.

Sabers War II Special Rate Up Banner - Should You Roll

Together with the event rerun is the grand return of one of Fate/Grand Order’s most powerful servants - the infamous farmer of all card types - Space Ishtar.

Space Ishtar

Space Ishtar is a 5* Avenger class servant that is one of the most powerful and unique servants to have ever been released in Fate/Grand Order thanks to her unique ability to completely changes the card type of her AOE Noble Phantasm, allowing her to adapt to all card types farming and can be buffed by all support servants in the game.

Space Ishtar is an extremely powerful servant with a skill kit that buffs her offensive power immensely by buffing her performance in all 3 different card types in addition to buffing her own NP damage and even grants herself a hefty 50% NP battery charge, allowing her to spams her NP constantly.


Space Ishtar's main point comes from her ability to use her 2nd skill, which changes the NP card type of her Noble Phantasm for 3 turns, allowing her to farm in all 3 different card types when going together with the right support servants.

Should You Roll

Yes, absolutely. Space Ishtar is one of the servants in the game that can be used by all players and is an immensely valuable asset to have in addition to being a good investment in the future as she can work with all farming schemes and teams, helping all players to have a good farmer in all situations.

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Fate Grand Order Melusine the 5 Star Lancer Review

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