Fate Grand Order The New Servant Demon King Nobunaga in-depth review

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Fate Grand Order is a turn-based RPG mobile-based game developed by a Japanese company. The strategies and plot of this game are mainly demarcating from other typical mobile games. In this game, you will meet a role called Masters and Servants. All these characters have either literal, historical, or mythological significance in different cultures. There are many exciting quests and events from time to time.


Fate Grand Order The New Servant Demon King Nobunaga in-depth review


Now, we are going to find details about the Demon King Nobunaga. This character has been introduced to the game due to the lack of enough Nobus in the game. He will address as "Big Bob," who can burn through all the rulers when they are awake. Now download your Fate Grand Order on PC and come to play adventures with Nobunaga.




King Nobunaga is going to release on the 20th of June 2021. This avenger is also known as Oda Nobunaga. Mainly, she is a damage creator and can introduce as she is a bit selfish on that. King Nobunaga has unleashing skills, but on the other hand, it can argue that she has significantly less practical usage. She has a little trouble with her survivability. 


One day in the future, King Nobunaga will praise by everyone with the help of his brother. 


Skills of Demon King Nobunaga


Although she is a selfish damage creator, his skills can enhance Noble Phantasms' damage and availability. NP is the essential damage dealer to the Masters. So, they are working hard on empowering the Noble Phantasm centrism. The Demon king Nobunaga has three primary skills.


  • Can't be helped A – this is his main damage booster. In every turn, the attack will increase by three runs. If the master wants, she can use Nobunaga in the final wave as it has good durability. In the Burning field, some of the other servants will receive bonuses, and it is the best cosmetic till the quest of rank up.
  • But a dream B – it will give the power of invincibility and resistance to the buff removal. It will act against who would inactivate his first skill and high NP levels, which would remove the buff. It can say that the skill of invincibility is the most important because it does not change with the cooldown.
  • Demon King on sixth heaven ex – this creates a perfect amount of stars. They can provide an NP gauge charge of 20%, which can remove significant damages whenever necessary. 


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Class Skills


Demon King Nobunaga possesses primary three-class skills, and they will do an excellent justification for his character. His class skills are as follows.


  • Avenger B- - she is an avenger from his dynasty. When the damage is dealt with in 17.5%, there will be an increased gain of NP. At the same time, it will decrease the debuff resistance of all the allies, including the sub-members. A demerit of the class skill is expecting up to 7.5% from yourself.
  • Oblivion Correction E – this can enhance the critical strongness by 2%
  • Self-restoration C – this is also known as magical energy. It can improve the NP gauge by 3.3% for yourself in every turn.


The Noble Phantasm of Nobunaga


This belongs to the category of Anti Divine, and it can remove all the defensive buffs from all the enemies. It includes Evade, Invincible, and Def up defensive buffs. In five turns, it can create burning damage up to 1000 per turn to all the enemies. If it overcharged, it could make additional and special damage by attacking divine enemies.


Fate Grand Order The New Servant Demon King Nobunaga in-depth review


Ascension Materials of Nobunaga


As the Ascension Materials king, Nobunaga needs the following materials in different stages. 


  • At stage two, she needs ten Evil bones and ten Void's dust. It will cost 100,000.
  • At stage three, she needs ten Ghost lanterns and ten Eternal gears. It will cost 300,000.
  • At stage four, she needs ten Black beast greases and ten Tearstones of blood. It will cost 1,000,000.
  • At the stage max, she needs ten Cursed beast gallstones and ten Mysterious divine wine. It will cost 3,000,000.


Materials for the skill enhancement


Apart from the Ascension materials, King Nobunaga needs several materials as skill enhancements when moving from one level to another.


  • When she moves from level one to level two, she needs ten Meteor Horseshoes. It will cost 200,000.
  • When she moves from level two to level three, she needs ten Fool's chains. It will cost 400,000.
  • When she moves from level three to level four, she needs twelve Lamps of evil sealing. It will cost 1,200,000.
  • When she moves from level four to level five, she needs twelve Mystic spinal fluid. It will cost 1,600,000.
  • When she moves from level five to level six, she needs twelve Refinedmagatamas. It will cost 4,000,000.
  • When she moves from level six to level seven, she needs fifteen Mystic gunpowder. It will cost 5,000,000.
  • When she moves from level seven to level eight, she needs fifteen Soundless bells. It will cost 10,000,000.
  • When she moves from level eight to level nine, she needs fifteen Reactor cores of dawn. It will cost 12,000,000.
  • When she moves from level nine to level ten, she needs one Crystallized lore. It will cost 20,000,000.


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So, in the game king, Nobunaga wants both Ascension materials and Skill enhancement materials to complete the game successfully.


Strengths of Nobunaga


Like all the other servants in the game, even king Nobunaga has several strengths and tactics. Out of the following are the most highlighted strengths.


  • Unavoidable Noble phantasm – this strength makes her attack as an enemy. In the beginning, it will remove all the defensive buffs from the divine targets. It can surpass all the elusive activities of enemies with divinity. 
  • Divine damage – on the Noble phantasm of divine enemies, king Nobunaga will impose her damage buff. It can hit divine waves critically, and it can get bonuses in opposition to Heaven's enemies. It will create the same environment for the function of Noble phantasm effectively. 
  • Good NP gain – if he has no Buster Noble Phantasm and a buster gorilla deck, there can occur few issues in the NP gauge charge. So, King Nobunaga has a small gadget to charge per turn and demand charge skill up to 20%. It also can create many NP gauges from proceeding hits.


Weaknesses of Nobunaga


As same as the other characters, even King Nobunaga has few character flaws. Her main character weaknesses are as follows.


  • Low damage – King Nobunaga as an avenger has everything from the perspective of damage. So, they do not have passives to boost the damage, and what they can do is only attacking the buffing skill. As they have a low charge, it is challenging to deal considerable damages in the field. 
  • Low durability – it is pretty odd to say king Nobunaga has a low durability rate, although he has invincibility skills. But, he has a shared pool of HP with five-star servants. So, their first skill and invincibility will vanish up to 30% within the first three turns. 
  • Delayed Buff ramp-up - If king Nobunaga wants to utilize her skills efficiently, she needs a field of three turns to activate her abilities and strengths. So, in most situations, she will be poor. Her passiveness will decrease the resisting ability to debuff over only a few stars while others suffer.


Recommendations for the Level Up


As a selfish damage maker, king Nobunaga can increase the damage and accessibility of Noble phantasms. So, the master has to enhance the Noble phantasm-centric element of the kit before dealing with the injuries. It will increase the NP to do massive damages.


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Fate Grand Order The New Servant Demon King Nobunaga in-depth review




The demon King Nobunaga in the game Fate Grand Order is a valuable character in many aspects. Like all the other characters, even she has strengths and weaknesses. So, as a player, you have to make wise decisions on how to use, when to use and why to use this particular character after reading the guide.

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