Eversoul Petra – Everything You Need to Know for the Best Tank


There is another entry for the RPG gaming world as Eversoul, and you will be the savior to look over the land called Eden. This is one of the best games you can grab these days as a new entry into the gacha world, as there are many things to enjoy here and many things to deal with too. But have you heard about its characters? And did you see how interesting they are and especially Petra?

Eversoul Petra

Petra is now considered one of the best tanks available in the whole Eversoul tier list, and the players' interest in this character is growing day by day. One of the biggest reasons for making her into this rank is her look, and the other thing is that she is an epic character that allows you to do many great things with her stats and putting her into your team is surely making a best Eversoul team out of others.

So, we are here to review this most epic character for you with this guide for all the Eversoul beginners, and we will see her stats, skills, and the information currently available for her as follows. This is the time for you to take Eversoul on PC with LDPlayer 9, and let's have a big look into our Petra as follows.

Eversoul Petra – Introduction

Eversoul Petra – Introduction

Petra  is a defender coming from an SS rank, and she belongs to the undead faction from this game. She is holding up a height of 144cm here, and she is ideal for the early PVE gameplay, and she is holding the STR as her gear type in the game. Petra is most likely to deal with the jokes as well as the shiny things, and she doesn't like restraints at all.

This character, on the other hand, has a spooky aura with her as per her original description. And she is also very unpredictable, and when it comes to expressionless faces, she is going to play with them. It is suspected that Petra is connected to the cemetery ghost. She is very well specialized in navigating through the darkness, and Petra is also fluent in digging.

Petra Skills

Petra Skills

And now, let's get to know about the skills of Petra as it helps you to know why she has become the best tank in the game. She is going to have a main, ultimate, and passive skill with two sub-skills, and all can be described as follows.

Energy Absorption as the Main Skill

The Energy Absorption skill of Petra allows her to recover the HP, and she does this by absorbing all the energy surrounding her. This HP absorption will equal a maximum of 12% of HP from each enemy within an area of 3 meters. But note that the damage that comes from here cannot exceed the attack of Petra by 300%.

If you upgrade this skill the first time, it will increase the HB absorption to 14%, and it will turn up to 16% for the second time. This will be a double absorption time when there is an enemy placed within 3 meters of range.

UnderWorld Keeper's Evil Eyes as the Ultimate Skill

UnderWorld Keeper's Evil Eyes as the Ultimate Skill

And this skill can activate the evil eyes of Petra, and it will make 10% of damage equal to the maximum HP on all her enemies. This skill can also remove 2 of the buff effects, and similar to the dealt damage, Petra will recover the HP too. For this, the damage should not exceed a total of 300% attack of Petra.

The first upgrade to this skill will raise the damage taken from it to 12%, and it will be 14% when it comes to the second upgrade.

Fickle Grave Keeper as the Passive Skill

The Lonely Grave Keeper, as the special buff in here, will be raised up to 60% from its defense with this passive skill, and for this, there should be no ally coming around Petra within a radius of 2.5m if she sees an ally within this range, the attack if the Grave Keeper's Bond is going to be high with an increased amount of 30%.

When you upgrade this skill for once, it will increase the 70% of defense from the effects of Lonely Grave Keeper Buff, and there will be a 35% increase for the Grave Keeper's Bond Buff effects. And when it comes to upgrading 2, 80% of defense will be increased with the Lonely Grave Keeper buff effect, and the attack from the Grave Keeper's Bond buff will be raised to 40%. It is also making you immune as well as having an effect on knocking back.

Soul Extortion

This is one of the subs coming from Eversoul Petra, which can take the enemies' souls when there is the highest attack. For this, it should be locked up from the lantern too. There will be 30% damage taken by the target, which Petra originally revives for over 18 seconds. But please note that you cannot avoid Soul Extortion.

When there is one upgrade done here, 35% of the damage transfer will be there, and it becomes 40% when there is upgrade 2. But with this second upgrade, all the targets affected by the Soul Extortion will attack Petra for the whole duration.

Soul Release

Soul Release

This is the second sub that is available for you, and you will have a shield for Petra here with a lamp-bound soul released. It can absorb 140% of similar damage to the attack of Petra and will be there for over 10 seconds, applying for all the allies. The upgraded one done to this skill will change the Shield HP by 160%, and it will be 180% for the second upgrade. But with the second upgrade, you will be added an effect that will decrease the enemy attacks for over 10.8 seconds within a range of 2.5m.

Eversoul Petra – Artifacts

Eversoul Petra – Artifacts

And for last, we have a quick introduction to the artifacts of our Eversoul Petra, which is called the Spirit Calling Incense. Here, you will be added with a Soul Extortion effect, which can absorb the HP of your targets by 0.5% for over 18 seconds. This will happen every 2 seconds. But here, the damage coming from each duration should be, at most, the attack by 100%.

You can do six upgrades for this artifact, and from those six turns, you are going to change its HP absorption by 0.75%, 1%, 1.5%, 1.75%, 2% and by 2.5%.


And that is all that we have as all the details regarding Petra, and we hope that you can have an overall idea of her stats and how she is going to be stronger for your gameplay by referring to all these stats. And if you really want to enjoy this gaming to the next level, the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, will also make you a great player. With that all, we are here to end our Petra guide with related Eversoul tips and good luck with your journey with the best tank.

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