Epic Seven Side Story Revamp - Best Side Stories to Pick


With the January Update patch  of Epic Seven coming into effects with major changes and new systems being reintroduced and revamped, the special event structure of Epic Seven’s main events stories have received a massive overhaul to allow players to play any Event Side Stories from the start of the game to the latest side stories at anytime they like. This system not only allow players to obtain a massive amount of currencies and rewards but also allows players to essentially choose any character to be on a rate up banner for them to roll for.


In this guide, we will go over how the Side Story System Revamp works, the rewards players can get from them and how they can best obtain all of the rewards. In addition, we will also go over the best side stories that players should pick to clear in order to have the best rewards and best character rate up banners to roll.


Let’s play Epic Seven on PC and find out together.

Side Stories System Revamp Guide

As mentioned during the Epic Seven January Update Patch article regarding the changes for Epic Seven in January, the side story function has now been changed into a chronicle where players have the ability to actively change the side story that players want to play every 2 weeks, allowing players to redeem all rewards from all side stories from old to new eventually. In addition through the utilization of this function, players will be rewarded with the choice to pick certain special character rate up banners to be available for a certain amount of time by spending special currencies, allowing them to roll for the characters for a limited time.

Side Story Rerun and Rewards

With each side story unlocked, players will have the ability to completely playthrough and obtain all of the rewards from the side story like when it was released previously in the game as an event, meaning the event rewards won’t be cut and will remain in order for players to obtain during the duration of the side story.

Playing through the side stories will reward players with 30 bookmarks in total (=6 pulls), up to 200 skystones, 1 million gold and 2 molagoras in addition to various other character upgrading materials, allowing players to upgrade their characters and accumulate resources for future banners over time through exchanging for them in the shop and by clearing stages in the side stories.

It is important to take note that if players were to change side stories, players won’t be able to access the old side stories anymore, therefore players should clear out all the items from the side stories’ shops before changing side stories.

Special Side Story Banners Pick

Once players have cleared the side stories they picked, they will get access to a special item known as Story Collection that can be spent to unlock special character rate up banners for a limited time. Each side story will be associated with a specific character’s banner and players will need to have unlocked and played through the side story of that character in order to pick the rate up banner for that character.

Each character banner will last for 1 week once they have been unlocked and will have a 120 pity counter like other rate up banners of the same kind. For the first time players choose a rate up side story banner, it will cost 0 Story Collection , from the 2nd time onwards, each banners pick will cost 4 Story Collections.

Best Side Stories to Pick

In this section, we will go over the best side stories to pick for both the side story’s rewards and materials but also for the ability to pick the rate up banners of the most valuable characters to have in the game in both PvP and PvE contents in order to conserve players’ story collections.

5. Visitor From Perland

Visitor from Perland is a 2nd episode Side Story that requires players to clear the first main chapter of the game to access and features the adventures of the main character involved - Violet.

Violet is a 5* Earth Thief Hero that is notorious for his ability to dodge and counter enemies attacks when attacked and buffing himself with massive amounts of damage boosting buffs, allowing him to sometimes clear an entire enemy’s PvP team by himself when the conditions are met.


Violet banner features himself and his artifact, which boost his dodge rate and attack even more as the turns go by, allowing him to deal massive amounts of damage and dodge even more enemy attacks, ensuring his survival.

4. Two Keys to Freedom

Two Keys to Freedom is the side story featuring one of the game’s most powerful and versatile character - the 5* Earth Ranger Bellona.

Bellona is a 5* Earth Ranger that specializes in inflicting the defense down debuffs on enemies and clearing massive waves of enemies using her AOE attacks, allowing her to quickly farm stages. Bellona’s strong point also lies in her normal S1 attacks that deal damage proportional to the enemy’s max HP, making her extremely powerful when attacking boss enemies.


Her banner features her and her artifact, which boost the damage of ranger enemies against enemies of the ice attribute.

3. A Concerto of Light, Fire and Ice

A concerto of Light, Fire and Ice is the side story featuring the spirit lord Destina, one of the oldest and most useful soul weavers in the game.

Destina is a 5* Earth Soul Weaver with the ability to permanently buff her own effect resistance, ensuring that she will not be debuffed by the enemies. In addition, Destina has the ability to completely revive the entire team with her S3, recovering their HP and completely cleanse the team of their debuffs, making her an extremely powerful character to have in PvP to make a massive comeback as long as she is alive.


Destina's banner features her artifact which improves her healing amount and grants the entire team 30% effect resistance as long as a soul weaver has it equipped.

2. That’s What Friends Are For

That’s What Friends Are For is a Episode 3 Side Story that can only be unlocked once players have advanced a certain progress in the 3rd chapter of the main story. This chapter features Choux, one of the best characters for Wyvern Hunt.

Choux is a 5* Ice Warrior that specializes in buffing the entire team with attack buffs and preventing the team from taking critical damage. In addition, Choux kit revolves around her attacking using her S2 which pierces the enemy’s defense massively doing massive amounts of damage. With Choux’s Exclusive Equipment, for each normal attack using S1, S2 will have a 40% chance to initiate dealing an extra instance of damage.


Choux’s banner features her own artifact which allows her to gain combat readiness for each attack from the enemies that is not critical.

1. Shining Star

Shining Star is the best side story for players to unlock especially for new players as it features the best character for PvE content - the queen herself - Tamarinne.

Tamarinne is a 5* Fire Soul Weaver Hero that is hailed as the queen of PvE contents due to the fact that as long as players have her built up, they will be safe to go through all PvE contents in the game. Tamarinne is a unique character that has the ability to switch between modes using her S3. When in normal mode, she will heal allies using her S1 and S2. When in her Idol mode, she will recover all of her lost HP, granting herself an extra turn and push the entire team’s combat readiness by a massive 50% using her S2, allowing the team to move quicker.


Tamarinne’s banner features her artifact which allows her to increase the combat readiness of the hero with the highest attack whenever the character equipped with the artifact is attacked.

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