Epic Seven January Update Patch Guide


With the New Year coming to an end and he celebrations for Lunar New Year behind us, Epic Seven is returning to updating the game with a monthly update with big gameplay features, changes to the game side story and event systems and introduces a brand new 5* character - the 5* Fire ranger Beehoo and a brand new patch of 3* heroes to go together with him.


In this guide, we will go over the details of Epic Seven’s January Update Patch and advise players on how they can best take advantage of the update patch and obtain all of the rewards that the patch offers in order to improve their account as best as possible. In addition we will go over the brand new 3* heroes and the 5* Fire Ranger Hero Beehoo and advises players on whether or not they should roll for the characters.


Let’s play Epic Seven on PC and find out together!

Epic Seven January Update Patch Guide

With the January Update Patch, Epic Seven is bringing its players various gameplay mechanics changes in regards to its side story function, main story chapter 1 epilogue revamp, brand new exclusive equipments for old characters and introducing 5 new 3* heroes to the heroes pool for all to summon.

Side Story System Update

With the January Update, the Side Story event system of Epic Seven has experienced a big change and has been overhauled to accommodate for dead weeks and players choices for new banners when the game doesn’t rate up certain characters.

The side story function has now been changed into a chronicle that players have the ability to actively change the side story that players want to play every 2 weeks, allowing players to redeem all rewards from all side stories from old to new eventually.

In addition, after clearing side stories, players will have the chance to start rate up banners for characters that is featured in the side story, allowing for the chance to obtain practically all 5* heroes in the game if you have the resource eventually and have the chance to obtain the characters you like most without having to wait for a rate up banner.


For the best rate up character banners and character side stories and how players can best take advantage of this feature, we will go over the feature more in an upcoming article.

Chapter 1 Epilogue Revamp

Together with the rework of the side stories system, the chapter 1 epilogue has also received a massive overhaul to accommodate for better storytelling and faster gameplay progress. 

Previously, the Chapter 1 Epilogue was considered the hard mode of chapter 1 and consisted of 10 different chapters, each chapter including 10 stages with 6 extra stages on the side. However, with this update patch, the epilogue will be changed to a massive map of a total of 33 continuous stages, telling the story that was going on during the end of the first chapter of the main story in a more condensed manner with its difficulty being reduced significantly.

By clearing all 33 stages of the epilogue, players will also obtain up to 800 skystones and 8 molagoras, useful for upgrading characters and for rolling for new characters. Therefore, players should attempt to clear this brand new epilogue revamp as soon as possible to obtain all the rewards available.

Brand New Exclusive Equipment for Characters

Exclusive Equipment are equipment that boost a character’s skill effects and stats, allowing them to perform better in the long term or help to boost their usage in certain situations, be it PvE or PvP.

With the update patch, 2 characters will receive exclusive equipments, they are:

- Krau: Krau’s brand new exclusive equipment buffs his spd by 5-10 spd, allowing him to take turns faster and deal better damage with his skills. His exclusive equipments have 3 different effects that buffs each of his skills with the 1st effect buffing the provoke chance of his S1 by 25%, 2nd effect grants Krau a speed buff for 2 turns after using his S2 and the 3rd effect reduces his S3’s cooldown by 2 if his S3 kills an enemy. For PvE it is recommended that players pick his 2nd effect for his Exclusive Equipment. For PvP his 3rd effect is much preferred.

- Sharun: Sharun’s Exclusive Equipment allows her to be a more powerful and active Soul Weaver and Healer in the battle field. Her Exclusive equipment buffs her effectiveness by 8-16% and grants 1 of 2 effects to her S2 (either increases her combat readiness increase effect by 5% or strengthens her barrier effect by 15%). Sharun’s Exclusive Equipment 3rd effect helps reduce her S3’s cooldown by a permanent 1 turn, allowing her to loop her skills more effectively. For Sharun, her S3 effect is the best effect to go for for both PvE and PvP contents but more so in PvP contents as a whole.

5 Brand New 3* Heroes

Together with the end of the 4th chapter of the main story, 5 brand new 3* heroes from the 4th chapter of the main story is nwo introduced as playable characters in the game, each with their own power and niche in terms of usage for both PvE and PvP contents:


Juni is a 3* Fire Warrior Hero that specializes in utilizing fighting spirit to deal massive amounts of damage to all enemies, debuffing them with decreased defense and cleansing the team from debuffs using her S3. She works best as a niche option for tanking damage from enemies and dealing the damage back once her fighting spirit reaches max or when the enemy has the ability to revive.


Talaz is a 3* Ice Warrior Hero with the ability to provoke enemies with his normal attacks and counterattack with a massive blow when he is attacked by the enemy. His ultimate S3 will deal massive amounts of damage if the enemy facing him is provoked, making him a very versatile unit for PvP for provoking and tanking damage for allies.


Lilka is a 3* Earth Ranger Hero with a heavy emphasis on dealing damage and buffing allies when fighting against Ice elemental enemies. Her S2 and S3 provide different buffs to herself and the ally with the highest attack than herself, allowing both her and the ally to deal massive amounts of damage and take turns much faster when fighting against Ice elemental enemies. 


Talia is a 3* Light Thief hero that has the ability to completely remove a single enemy’s buffs and make them unbuffable for 2 turns, rendering them completely useless for 2 turns all the while granting herself and an ally debuff immunity and barrier for all allies for better survivability.


Suthan is a 3* Dark Mage hero that specializes in inflicting unhealable and burning the enemies for massive damage proportional to his own attacks. His kit revolves around dealing as many burn stacks as possible on the enemy, making them take massive burn damage.

Special Rate Up Banner - Should You Roll

With the update, a brand new hero is introduced in Epic Seven - the 5* Fire Ranger Hero - Beehoo


Beehoo is a 5* Fire Ranger character that have high base spd with the intention to go first in any combat to disrupt enemies formations and inflict massive amounts of burn damage to all enemies.

While not able to deal critical damage due to his S2 passive effect, Beehoo S2 grants him 20% attack and defense in addition to strengthening his burn damage by a massive 30%. This allows Beehoo to deal massive amounts of damage for burn stacks he inflicts on the enemies.


In addition, Beehoo’s normal attacks have the ability to detonate any burning effects on the enemy, allowing him to instantly explode the enemy without having to wait for the burn stacks to take effect overtime.

Should You Pull

Yes, you should. Beehoo is an extremely powerful character in PvP with his ability to crowd control and prevent the enemy from doing damage in addition to dealing massive amounts of burning damage that ignore the defense of enemies instantly, making him a valuable asset to have in various different PvP situations.

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