Reach your Dream Rank Fast in Mobile Legends


Are you unable to rank up in Mobile Legends? Stuck in the same tier for long? Look no further, this guide should help you reach your dream rank fast in Mobile Legends! These tips are mainly meant for advanced players but can also be applied to those who are stuck in lower ranks. If you haven’t already, you can download Mobile Legends for free using LDPlayer.


Improving Your Network Settings:


After you have played the game for quite a bit. You might realize that ping plays an important factor in the game. It controls your input rate and the amount of time for actions or skills to register. If you want to rank up fast, your first order of business should be identifying what server is closest to you. In most cases, the server that is geographically closest to you gives you the least amount of ping.


After you’ve recognized which server is the best, you’ll need to go to the network setting and turn speed mode ON for a faster connection. Turning it on helps keep your ping small. You can also use a VPN to further reduce your ping if you are having routing issues.

If your Mobile Legends client is suffering from packet loss, you will need to stop any downloads that are happening on your network connection for a better, more stable connection.


Graphics Settings:


Reach your Dream Rank Fast in Mobile Legends


Contrary to popular belief, graphics and visual settings are of pivotal importance to have the best performance possible. When you are playing the game on an Emulator like LDPlayer, you do not need to worry about performance whatsoever.


So, you can head towards your basic Graphics Settings, and if your phone is not lagging and go for high-quality graphics. But, if you do end up lagging, you should probably end up choosing medium or smooth. However, for the most framerates possible and the most competitive settings, you should go for basic settings.




Itemization is an integral part of a strategic MOBA like Mobile Legends. If you want to learn about every item in the game, you should take a look at the summary present in the game’s own client as they provide you with an in-depth look at what you need to vary.


In order to access the summary, go to the preparation tab and click on the book. There, you can find a description of each item. You can look at all the items that you can build and what their particular effects are. However, before we dive into other aspects of the game that help you rank up in Mobile Legends, here’s a quick summary of the different kinds of item types present in the game.


Reach your Dream Rank Fast in Mobile Legends



Consumables: Consumables are items that are quite self-explanatory. They are consumed after they are used once and generally do not have any passive stats. They are mainly meant as early game items for healing and mana regen or for late-game buffs. In either case, they are relatively cheap due to their temporary nature but are quite pivotal. Wards and other Support Items are also considered consumables since they are perishable after use.


Early Game Items: Early Game items are ones that you get at the start of the game. These are later on built into mid-game items and late-game items depending on what they are. They do not have a lot of active benefits and are generally meant for stats. As they are primary base extensions of more powerful items, they are not extremely strong but they do provide a viable use especially in the early game where every stat counts.


Mid Game Items: Mid Game Items are ones that are built in the mid-game. These are usually made with a combination of 2-3 early game items and tend to have some active effects. At this point, these items share some semblance to their late-game counterparts and are thus quite useful. In Mobile Legends, the Mid-Game is where most of the fighting happens. So, if you have good mid-game items, there’s a high chance that you’ll be winning fights.


Late Game / Luxury Items: Items that are present in the end-game. These are the most expensive and usually are a combination of 3-4 end-game items. As such, you should try to focus on building these as much as possible. But, you should always have an idea of all their actives and passives as mentioned above so that you can use them swiftly.


In order to rank up quickly in terms of items, focus on a few characters, their roles, and what they do well in lane. Then, learn the various routes of itemization they can lean towards. Pick one that you prefer for a match and stick to them.


Make sure to understand why those items were recommended in the first place and implement whatever is taught in a good into your own gameplay. As you start efficiently playing each of your items and have an idea of your character and role, you’ll end up ranking much faster simply due to your individual performance. However, in the end, Mobile Legends, like any other MOBA is a game that relies on teamwork, which perfectly brings us to our next point. If you haven’t already, you can take a look at the Tier List for Mobile Legends to find the best hero that suits you.


Communication is Key:


Reach your Dream Rank Fast in Mobile Legends


Let’s face it, you are in a low rank, you don’t see a lot of people communicating and sometimes saying what’s on your mind but not yield the best results anyways. However, one important aspect of the game that many seem to forget is the fact that even at the highest level, communication has always lead to victory.


Your role in the game is a part of the bigger picture, and you can only be as strong as the weakest link in your game. For example, while you might be doing a stellar job in the mid lane, if your ADC is getting absolutely thrashed in the lane next to you, there’s a very low chance that you will end up doing a lot after you fall off (which you eventually will.)


Moreover, this applies to other aspects of the game as well. If you are excellent support and are helping your carry out but your other lanes are suffering, it won’t be long before fed enemies from the other side of the map come and absolutely dominate you due to the gold and XP lead they have. At that point, there won’t be a lot you can do.


So, make sure you communicate with your team as efficiently as possible. The type of communication you do will greatly vary depending on the role you are playing. If you are a Support, you will end up being a shot-caller in the Early Game and as you naturally fall off due to the nature of your role will go towards a more passive spot.


Here are some tips that should help you learn how to communicate in lower elos with minimal effort:


Pinging Missing: Pinging Missing or notifying of miss is when people in your lane on the opposing side have suddenly disappeared. In most cases, this signals that some other lane is about to get ganked. So, you should always inform your teammates of this. Even if someone is not missing in your lane but you can identify a gank happening soon, let your team know! The lesser the number of kills given away to the enemy team, the higher the chances of you surviving.


Item Suggestions: While not always listened to in lower elos, you should definitely call them out in a respectable manner as they might just be acknowledged. The biggest mistake a lot of players make in lower elo games is not identifying the proper item to build. In most cases, the choice is quite obvious but it is often missed. If this is the case in your game, notify your teammates respectfully of what item you feel is the better fit here.


Positioning: No one likes micro-managing. But, call-outs are quite important. Try not to overcomplicate, confuse or even annoy your teammates with constant redundant call-outs. Instead, save them for when they really matter. If you feel like your teammate is over-extending or if they should be split pushing at a certain spot, let them know!


Fighting: When you want to fight, let your teammates know exactly when, who they should target, and why. Identifying key metrics before a fight can help your team laser down a particularly pesky opponent. In most cases, this is pivotal to you winning a fight as you will want to target support or an ADC, the squishier parts of a team.


Split Pushing: We’ll be talking about how important split pushing is later on in this guide. However, for now, keep in mind that you should always notify your teammates about an opportunity to split push as it is a pivotal part of the game as you’ll soon find out.


The Importance of Split Pushing:


Reach your Dream Rank Fast in Mobile Legends


As mentioned earlier, Split Pushing is an integral part of Mobile Legends or any MOBA game for that matter. However, that begs the question, what exactly is Split Pushing, why is it Important and why should you care about it?


Well, simple. As you already know, the game is divided into three lanes with each meeting with creeps/minions from the other side to clash it out with each other. These creeps are the best way for you to get XP and Gold. However, as the game goes on and the landing phase ends, most of these waves are ignored or are simply too dangerous to go to.


Split pushing, in essence, is utilizing this dead space and creeps and taking advantage of the apparent lack of movement or activity there to safely farm and quickly get a lane or two of the farm. The biggest caveat with split pushing in most cases is the fact that the lane might be too dangerous for a particular champion. This is very true. Support cannot run into lanes that have a chance of enemies hiding in the bushes. Instead, they should resort to more Tankier heroes.


Here are two ways to split push that you must know about that guarantee you ranking up quicker in Mobile Legends:


Shoving: Shoving the lane is quite self-explanatory or basic. This must be done with heroes that are able to clear waves quickly due to an AoE ability or cleave. In this method of split pushing, you generally take down creeps as quickly as you can and leave the lane as soon as possible. This is mostly done when you know there might be a danger on the other side. So, if you do not know where the enemy might be and need to get some farm, this is the smartest way to get some much-needed farm.


Crashing: Crashing is the second way you can relieve some pressure off the map. This time, instead of shoving the wave as fast as possible, you hold the lane exactly where it is and try your best to not auto-attack creeps so that the lane equilibrium is not upset. In most cases, this guarantees you an unlimited amount of farm that can only be hindered if the enemy decides to dedicate some resources to try and stop you. If they do, you’ve successfully averted their attention and if they ignore you, you can farm up until you get your core items on the way. Crashing should only be done however when you have a clear idea of where the enemy might be otherwise you might just be setting yourself up for a free kill.


Take Advantage of Guides:


Mobile Legends has tons of different item builds, emblems, and spells for each of their heroes. This begs the question, how can we know we’re doing the most efficient, optimal build every time?


Simple answer, you go to the leaderboards and check the heroes used by the top players or top global players. For example, for a hero like Layla, you will see item builds of the top players and their emblems and spells. The only issue you might run into is you won’t be aware of why they might be picking up those particular items or why you should be going for those emblems and spells.


So, before you make a decision on your item build, take a look at the top 5 players and see what items they have in common. Those items are the core items that you must build in every match. Then, take a look at a detailed item guide or two so that you are able to understand what you need to go and why you are going for it. Eventually, you should have a good grasp of how to itemize just by taking advantage of guides.


Prioritization: Guides also help you in terms of prioritization, you get an idea of what items you are buying and what order you should be buying them at. When you purchase an item, you always have two choices which are your first and second recommended items.


This means that if you just buy the two items that are recommended on the top of your shop, you will be building 2 mid-game / late-game items at the same time. However, in most cases, you will need to prioritize one item to build first as you can take advantage of its active effects much quicker. If you haven’t already, you can learn more about item prioritization by taking a look at our Mid Lane guide for Mobile Legends.


Tower Diving:


When attacking a hero inside a tower, the tower will start attacking you. But, there is a way for you to not get attacked when you are diving in towers. The way for you to do this is to wait for the enemy to get out of the range of your tower which you can see as a green circle.


Once the enemy is out of the tower’s range, you can attack or use any skill without getting by the tower whatsoever. This is extremely useful when you try to dive onto enemies which is often the norm. Make sure to ping the player laning with you to let them know of your intentions before you attempt this maneuver however as towers do a lot of damage in Mobile Legends.


Turn on Advance Camera:


While most professional players use Emulators and thereby rely on a mouse and keyboard, you can still use the advanced camera to swipe it right, left top, or bottom and use it to see the enemies you are going to attack and use it while walking if you use your two fingers at the same time.


If you wish to play on your mobile screen which is quite a bit harder and less efficient than a mouse and keyboard, make sure to get the hang of the Advanced Camera as quickly as possible.


Finding Enemies in The Bush:


Bush Ganks are very common in the game even in lower ranks. You can know if an enemy is hiding in a bush by attacking jungle creeps. If it goes to the bush instantly, it means that there are enemies there. You can do this to identify if enemies are waiting for you on the bush.


If your hero is melee, you can use your first skill to get an idea if enemies are near you. But, do note that as a melee hero, if the creeps are nearer towards you, the jungle creeps will start coming towards you. So, be careful as you will end up being fodder if there actually is an enemy hiding in the bushes.


Stealing Buffs / Turtles:


Stealing buffs is another integral part of ranking up in Mobile Legends. When it comes to stealing buffs, there’s quite an easy way to do it. You can start using Retribution. Retribution’s damage increases depending on the level of the hero.


This makes it quite easy to steal buffs and objectives. So, you should use those skills or end up using the strongest skill to try and steal the buff from the enemy team.


The Green Dot Indicator:


The green dot that you have seen on the top of your screen in the face of your teammates is an indicator that they have your ultimate. But, if your teammates have the ultimate or they haven’t used their ultimate yet, the green dot will keep appearing.


The real advantage of this is the fact that when you are ganking or if there is a team fight, you will get to know if your teammate has an ultimate which you can then use for the purpose of rotation.


Turning on Advanced Aim Mode:


Reach your Dream Rank Fast in Mobile Legends


The advantage of advance aim mode is that you can select which target your hero will attack you if you are going to click the bottom part of the hero. This means that your target has crept and if you are going to click the top part, you will only hit the tower.


Fixing Target Priority:


Next, when it comes to target priority and its settings, you can select either the target with the lowest HP or the one closest to you. Both of these are good depending on what role you are playing.


For example, if you are a marksman who has to target someone who is closest to you, then this targeting method is the best. But, if you are an assassin who should select the target with the lowest HP, then you should change that setting accordingly. You can also use the hero lock mode so that your character casts all their attacks and skills accordingly.


Understanding Hero Timings:


Finally and perhaps the most important part about improving yourself as a player and ranking up faster in Mobile Legends is understanding your role and your timings. While it is quite simple to understand what your role is in the game, it is also important when your role is the strongest.


For example, if you are a support, you are strongest in the Early Game because that’s the point in the game when you have the most impact. If you play in the mid lane, you are strongest in the early to mid-game while the ADC scales the hardest in the late game.


In any case, understanding your Hero’s timings helps accelerate you towards your win. You should not waste any time trying to move around the map when you know you are the strongest. Communicate effectively with your team and try to make things happen on the map so that you can eventually rack up your kills and secure a win for yourself and your team. If you are a new player, take a look at our 7 Essential Tips for Mobile Legends players.


LDPlayer Features for Mobile Legends:


Reach your Dream Rank Fast in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends is one of the best mobile MOBA games out there. As such, nothing but the best emulator suits it in terms of gameplay. LDPlayer is arguably the best Emulator for such MOBA games due to its superior capabilities, optimizations, and features such as key remapping which lets you play the game with a mouse and keyboard alongside macros that let you cast multiple spells with one single press of a button.




By following these tips, you should be able to quickly rank in Mobile Legends with relative ease. The game itself is designed to retain its competitive nature while also letting you practice and improve so that you get to a higher rank as quickly as possible.

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