Crime & Chase: Conflict City Tips for a Best Power Gained


If you are tired of trying role-playing games and shooting games, how about you try a strategic game mixed with racing and building aspects? Yes, our topic in this guide describes the same kind of game: Crime & Chase: Conflict City. Besides racing, you can earn more partners and cars and build different constructions, giving you thrilling and unique gameplay. But to be a real thug while being the best in all the competitive tasks, you need these Crime & Chase: Conflict City tips.



Crime & Chase: Conflict City Tips


With these tips, you will learn what you want to do in this game to achieve faster gameplay progress without getting slow in the process, even if you are a beginner. And after reading this guide, you can play Crime & Chase: Conflict City on PC through the best android emulator, LDPlayer 9 and thanks to the features and tools in LDPlayer 9, you will be able to have a more convenient gaming experience. So, this is the medicine you need if you are passionate about becoming an underworld boss, higher in power and everything. 


Perform Tap Mini Game

Performing the tap mini-game is one of the best Crime & Chase: Conflict City tips you can use when you play it because the more you win mini-games, the more you earn rewards, and it will help you to clear the operation you have to clear much easier. 


In the base where your headquarters are situated, you will see there are red cars in different spots with two other men waiting on the sides of the car, and once you tap on them, you will have to play a mini-game which is tap tap tap. When you play the game successfully, you will be able to perform car theft action and earn more rewards, but if not, you will lose the chance to win more prizes. 


Perform Tap Mini Game


So, let us explain to you in this guide how to play the tap tap tap mini-game to win and earn rewards successfully. When you tap on a car, as in the description mentioned above, it will show you a bar with three mentioned taps and one indicator, and there is a tap icon you can use to tap. If you successfully hit the tap icon when the indicator runs through the three mentioned taps, you can earn rewards as you have performed well in the mini-game. 


Since it is an easy mini-game that you have to complete, do not get failed here as if so, you will miss an opportunity to have more prizes which will be very useful. So, as mentioned among the best Crime & Chase: Conflict City tips, you should try your best to win the tap tap tap mini-game and earn more rewards. 


Wipe Out Opponent Cars with Better Skills

The next one of the best Crime & Chase: Conflict City tips is to wipe out the police cars with better skills when you clear the operations given to you. In the control center of the game, there is an option called Operations, and when you go there, you will see a set of operations numbered to complete according to the order. And achieving these operations the first time will reward you with better rewards. 


Wipe Out Opponent Cars with Better Skills


Once you tap on an operation to start it, you should assign different partners for each operation and then consider both parties' combat power. If your combat power is lower than the opposition party, then you should upgrade the partners you have assigned for the operation; upgrading the partners can be learned through the next part of the guide. 


After you are done with combat preparation, you can start the operation, and in operation, the cars fight with each other by colliding with each other, and there are given sets of skills for each partner. So in the car fight, all you have to do is, use the skills of each partner when the necessary energy is accumulated to use the skill. 


Every skill consumes energy, and after gathering enough energy in the energy bar, you can use the skills, and when using the skills, you need to tap on an opponent's car to choose which car will be affected by the skill you are going to use. 


When you choose an opponent's car to get attacked by the relevant skill, make the wise decision. The game has made it easy to launch skills attacks successfully by showing you the car you need to attack to perform massive damage advantageously. 


If you see a car with a red downward arrow when you tap on a skill to launch, then do not use that opponent's car because it will be disadvantageous for you. Still, if a car is shown with a blue upward arrow, you should choose to attack with the relevant skill as it will be advantageous. 


For this, you should wipe out the opponent's cars using the skills given in the game for each partner, and as we said in this Crime & Chase: Conflict City tips guide, you need to perform attacks when it is advantageous for you. 


Upgrade Partners, Gears and Skills

The Partners menu is on the main screen of the game, and tapping on it will allow you to enter the Manage Partners menu. You will see the partners you have obtained in this game there, and by tapping on each available partner's avatar, you can improve their power.


When you select a partner, you can level up the selected partner using the experience points (EXP) gathered in the gameplay. The more you level up the partner, the more it will increase the combat power of the partner along with the attributes such as leadership, attack defense, health status etc. 


Upgrade Partners, Gears and Skills


Also, each partner is equipped with a different gear, and upgrading each gear using the appropriate amount of electricity will help you power up the partner more. Since upgrading the partners and their gear is one of the best Crime & Chase: Conflict City tips to be used in the gameplay, you should do as this guide says. 


Another thing you can do to improve the partners is, level up their skills, and when you level up the partner's skills, you will be able to experience much better performance of your partners in the car fights. But to level up your partner's skills, your partner should have two stars, and you need enchantment ample in necessary amounts for that. 


Other than leveling up, you can promote the partner, and when you promote the partner, it will increase the number of stars each partner has. But before promoting the partner, you should level up the partner to an appropriate level along with the necessary amounts of shards of the same partner. 


Upgrade Cars

Upgrading cars is one of the best Crime & Chase: Conflict City tips you should always pay attention to when playing, as cars are an essential factor in this gameplay. Since cars are very required and vital, you should upgrade them when you have the necessary resources, as mentioned among the best Crime & Chase: Conflict City tips


When you upgrade the car, it will improve the combat power of the car as well as you can enhance the attributes of the car such as durability, bulletproofing, steel plate, speed, fuel, evasion rate and strike damage. 


Upgrade Cars


Once you level up the car to its max level, you can promote it while increasing the number of stars the relevant car has. But it needs a certain amount of blueprints of the same car. After you meet all requirements to promote the car, you can perform it successfully and make it much more vital to participate in any car fight, no matter how powerful the enemies are. 



These Crime & Chase: Conflict City tips are all we got for you for now, and if you use these tips well when you play the game, your hardships or challenges here will be nothing but a piece of cake. And if you are still a newbie looking for a better Crime & Chase: Conflict City beginner guide along with these tips, here we are.

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