Clash Royale Rage Tournament Guide - Everything to Know


Hey, what's up, guys? In our Clash Royale Rage tournament guide, we're going to talk about the Rage Tournament today. We will talk about the best players' decks and show you what the best Clash Royale Rage tournament decks are.




The  Clash Royale Rage tournament is very different, so if you're used to graveyards and rage decks, they won't work here. Instead, there will be a lot of cycle decks instead of graveyards because a lot of units that move quickly will wipe out your graveyard skeletons. 


You'll also see a lot of spawners, earthquakes, multiple spell decks, mega knights, and elixir collectors decks. We will show you a few decks that work really well and the decks that most high-ranked players are using. If you wish to play Clash Royale on PC with a larger screen and better visuals, you should use LDPlayer 9. So let's see what we have. 


Hog Rider Earthquake


This is the best deck right now if you are very good at the game. Everyone at the top ranks is running this deck in the Clash Royale Rage tournament because they can use a giant skeleton, Valkyrie, or knight as a mini-tank. 


Sometimes they only use royal delivery, cannons, and fast cycle skeletons to do chip damage. Still, usually, they defend all the bridge spams with royal delivery, giant skeletons, bomb towers, and Valkyries, and no one can break through because their mechanics are so good. We'll show you the easier decks we think you should use if you haven't played this tournament mode before or if you just want to win without thinking as much as the best players.


Our Clash Royale Rage tournament deck comprises the giant skeleton, hog rider, royal delivery, log, skeletons, earth quick, bomber, and musketeer. When you send a hog-rider and a giant skeleton with this deck, the giant skeleton should give you a lot of value when it explodes on your opponent's stuff because your opponent has to drop units to defend against the hog-rider and kill the giant skeleton, so when the giant skeleton dies, he is going to take that bunch with him.


If your opponent uses giants with small units, you can use the royal delivery to kill the giant and then quickly use the log to kill the small units. You can use the bomb tower if the log is already gone. One thing you should know about this deck is that if you're playing against a hog deck, you should always have a bomb tower on hand to fight the hog rider. And if you're wondering, if you use log, then earth quick, you can take away the magic archer in one second.


We used Musketeer instead of Archer Queen in this deck because when it is raged up, it gives you more value for less elixir cost. If you cycle this deck with a hog rider build, hog riders aren't going to stand a chance. We said that because it's a high-skill deck and you have to predict when your opponents will log, you have to keep something to defend against other players' units and should move the counter with his troops. But if you can do all those things correctly, this deck will serve you well.


Mega Knight, E-Barbarian Deck


This deck comprises Maga Knight, Canon Cart, Elite Barbarian, Wizard, Elixir Collector, Heale Spirit, Minion Horde, and the zap. This deck was made with rage, but we removed it and added zap because rage does not stack with the rage tournament game mode. You just need to keep adding elixir collectors and spam your elite barbarian and all other support units until you eventually overwhelm your opponents.


Because it has a minion horde and a wizard, this Clash Royale rage tournament deck can beat lumberjack, balloon, and freeze decks. You won't be at a disadvantage in those situations. To play this deck, you can't stack the Elixir collector too early, or you'll get hit hard. Instead, you have to wait for the first counter and then start putting down the Elixir collector.


If your opponent has earth-quick, zap, or other spells that can get rid of the elixir collector quickly, you have to wait until those spells are out of his cycle before you can put down an elixir collector. In this way, you will be able to get the value from the elixir collector. 


The best way to use this is to wait for a big push from your opponent or a time that you are going with a big push, since most of the time, your opponents won't have enough elixir to stop your collectors after something like this; since you have the advantage from there, you must keep pushing while spamming collectors. 


If you play this deck against the e-giant deck, you can put down an elixir collector to counter the e-giant because the e-giant can't get the reflection damage from the collectors, so it takes a long time to get through them.


Mega Knight, E-Wizard Deck


This Clash Royale Rage tournament deck involves Mega Knight, Inferno Dragon, E-Wizard, E-Barbarian, Bandit, Poison, and Arrows. The players in the top 50 also play this deck, it does not have a win condition, but it has triple spells.


Usually, your opponents will drop things close to your towers; you can use poison, arrows, and zap to get rid of them while getting chip damage. You can counter their bridge spam with the mega knight or the e-barbarian, and when your opponents send air troops, you will have an inferno dragon and E-wizard to defend it. 


When you play this Clash Royale Rage tournament deck, your Maine focus should be getting the chip damage when your opponents put units closer to their towers but make sure to avoid activating king towers. To counter the hog riders, you should use an e-wizard, but if they pair it with a horde of units, you should use E-barbarians and inferno dragon as a last resort. 


Skeleton King- Mother Witch


Skeleton King- mother witch, is the last Clash Royale Rage tournament deck we are going to show you. This deck consists of Giant Skeleton, Mother witch, Goblin Hut, Flying Machine, Arrows, Skeleton Army, Elixir Collector, and Skeleton King. This deck has a very good win rate and is easy to adapt.


Because of the rage buff you get from Clash Royale Rage tournament, spawners will produce units faster, and then your mother witch, which will give you a lot of value; giant skeleton, makes everything go kaboom. If you use skeleton king when you have a lot of units on the map, he will overwhelm your opponents with his skeleton souls. 


You can use Fireball, arrows, and Earthquake depending on what your opponents have on the map. If your opponents are using a lot of buildings, you use earth quick; if they are playing a lot of firecrackers, you use arrows, and then fireball is really good; if you are playing against a fireball bait and then you spam goblin hut to win the game. 


The spells are always interchangeable, but it is the general way of using them. As we said earlier in the Clash Royale Rage tournament, no one is going to play graveyard, but some stubborn soul will, for that only counter attack you need is mother witch; she will turn all the skeletons into pigs and give you a lot of more value than you could imagine. If you keep getting matchups with many spawners, you should consider changing the arrows to fireball or earthquake.


How LDPlayer 9 Can Help You Play Clash Royale


Suppose you are a dedicated Clash Royale, or you are pushing trophies. In that case, you have to play the game throughout the day since you won't be able to 3-star and get a lot of trophies at once in higher arenas. But you can install the LDPlayer 9 to play the game while you work or do other things on your PC.


If you use a mobile phone, it will surely distract you with many notifications, but with this method, you can just play the game and get your work done at the same time. LDPlayer 9 has introduced a Mini-Mode and pin the window option to aid this way of playing. You can find the Mini-Mode option next to the LDPlayer 9 Minimize option, and once it is in Mini-Mode, you can use the pin window to keep it always on top. 


Using this, you can always see the game while you work and play whenever you feel like and if you want to hide the window faster, use Ctrl+Q, and using the same shortcut, you can bring it back. Not only that, when you play Clash Royale on LDPlayer 9, you will be able to deploy units faster with your Keyboard if you use the Keyboard Mapping feature.



We have shown you four Clash Royale Rage tournament decks you can use to complete the Clash Royale Rage tournament. Before playing these decks, read the cards and understand how they work; please do not go directly to the tournament matches unless you have good experience with these decks. Credits for these decks should go to the YouTube channel SirTagCR - Clash Royale thanks for reading.

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