Rohan M: Characters and Classes Introduction and Tips


Rohan M is the official portable adjustment for the great PC MMORPG perfect work of art, which has seen 14 years of administration. With the portable form currently authoritatively propelling, Rohan M will, without a doubt, proceed to become one of the most epic MMO titles out there!


Characters and Classes

Humans always like the close battle with a blade in one hand and a shield or knife on the other. Players can change their class to a hostile class, the Guardian, or a cautious class, Defender. Half-Elves can kill adversaries from separation and utilize quick mobility and range to assume responsibility for the war zone. They can change their class to a force type bowman, Ranger; or speed-type toxophilite, and Scout.


Dull mythical beings can utilize incredible hostile enchantment and different debuffs. You can pick between a revile enchantment master, Warlock of an assault enchantment master, and Wizard. Dan's assaults depend on covertness and shirking, and their capacities can cause prompt harm. They can change into a forceful professional killer, Avenger, or a sly professional killer, or Predator.

Rohan M


Game Highlights

  • Blend Framework

The rigging mixed framework from the first game creates an epic rebound. Consolidate things with arbitrary alternatives to make gear with more elevated level details! Joined choices acquire all to the last details you have made, bringing about with your arrangement of other options.


  • Open Field

Rohan M is set in an enormous open world. There are 18 tremendous territories to investigate and seven cells to prevail.


  • Town Occupation

By involving a field, you can force charges and increase the benefits of the field.


  • Attack War

The other highlights of the game are the most extreme organization versus society occasion in the game.


  • Example Dungeon

Rohan M offers you five occasions of cells which can be entered consistently.


Plenty of Various Game Modes

  • Programmed battle framework
  • Society framework
  • Sickness framework
  • Aptitude Enhancement System
  • Hongdaen System


What's more?

Rohan M is now accessible in South Korea and supports the Korean language for the present. A worldwide rendition is yet to be reported. However, it's sheltered to state, and we'll get one since the first PC adaptation was discharged all-inclusive. 2019 has turned out to be a time of great MMO recoveries at this versatile stage, and the year is scarcely mostly over. For this typical MMO, you might want to get a portable form straightaway.

Rohan M battle pics


Rohan M Plays with Sea Character Class Direct

The character recommendation guide for the Rohan M game is as follows:


1. Dhan Assassin 

Dhan is a Kraute Del Lagos adherent who settles down in the north of the island to dodge human armed forces. Dhan was prepared to be an executioner since they were youthful. After escaping from their territory, they made their way of life and solely weapon that can dodge and quickly assault foes alongside the toxic substance that could debuff adversaries.

Dhan Assassin


Professional killer (Class 1)

High agility can make the fiercely harmful by quickly and truly assaulting an adversary's weak point. At this point, upon reaching Level 50, you have the option to change to 2 classes.


2. Justice Fighter

Most aptitudes can make things severely harmful in a brief timeframe.


3. Predator

The Predators can make scuffles harmful and buff that can be quickest in executing adversary.


4. Dull Elf Mage

Dull Elf Mage is a superb and proud race; their capital "Montt" is in the south of Rohan. The learner class is "Mage," a ground-breaking enchantment client who utilizes enchantment to Attack, Debuff, and Teleport.


5. Maga

Maga can assault from long range by utilizing dark enchantment, "Int" is their most elevated essential detail which can cause fierce enchantment harm.


6. Warlock

An essential ability of Warlock is a debuff, which can make adversaries tainted and weak.


7. Wizard

The Wizard is highly AOE, and it is magically harmful to the enemies to destroy them in 1 hit.

Rohan M battle pics


8. Half-Elf Archer

Half-Elf is the half-drain species structure Human and Elf their appearance comparable with both Human and Elf, yet they are not being acknowledged. They live in Kai'non woodland and master in arrow based weaponry.

Half Elf Archer


9. Bowman

High nimbleness can be made firmly, and it is harmful from a long-range for the enemies.


10. Ranger

Ranger is highly harmful to the enemies and does that in 1 hit


11. Scout

Scout is another great character that is highly destructive to numerous enemies and wide territories.


12. Human Knight

Human is the principal race that has lived in Rohan for quite a while prior. They've made Del Lagos, which has Einhoren as their capital city, and their compelling army is plummeting from Paladin, and the Human Army is most noteworthy and rules over the mainland. Human Knight is the one that is notable in Powerful and Toughness; they have a blade and shield appropriately to be a Tanker for the party.


Knight: Who is the Expert in Melee Combat High Attack and Defend? 

  • Watchman

Watchman has higher attacking abilities than defending and is exceptionally mastery in a 1-on-1 fight.


  • Protector

The expertise of the Protector is to safeguard rather than attack. It can be an extraordinary Tanker for the party in light of the high HP and Defend!

Rohan M Character


The Bottom Line

Rohan M is an amazing game to play and enjoy the fight by using both, attacking as well as the defensive characters. Knowing about the abilities of the characters of any game is important. The same goes for Rohan M. In this article; we presented the character recommendations of the game. This is all about the characters of Rohan M, how they work, and how they help each other in the game.


It would help if you had the idea of how you need to keep up your levels by playing the solid game with your characters' choice. You can always get in touch for the guidance of the game and the character guide, and we would still be happy to help our readers. Choose your characters wisely and enjoy the Rohan M game!

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