How to Always Catch the Impostor by Communicating Effectively in Among Us?


How to Always Catch the Impostor by Communicating Effectively in Among Us


Among Us is the latest mobile sensation that has taken the world by storm. A group of Indie Developers called Innersloth is currently developing this game. The game is known for its quirky cartoony graphics with a premise that matches older real-life games such as Mafia.


You can be randomly selected to be a part of one of two factions in the game, the Impostors, or the Crewmates. As the Impostor, your job is to kill the Crewmates as discretely as possible without being voted. As Crewmates, you are tasked with completing a certain set of tasks while playing the game and weeding out the Impostor by vote kicking them.


Among Us relies on effective communication and good teamwork skills to quickly catch Impostors before they can do too much damage.


Use The Discussion Time Wisely:


The Discussion time is mainly used for accusing one person and then everyone voting them off without evidence. Being silent is not recommended, especially if you have doubts about who the Impostor can be. Unless and until there is some glaring evidence or at least two people guarantee that they have seen the same thing, you should not vote someone out randomly.


Firstly, stating your location and verifying anyone else should be the first order of business. After this, identifying where the kill has occurred should always be your second line of business. Thirdly, you should stifle around the crewmates to ask them their doubts and who they think the Impostor might be.


After collecting all these statics, it is important to take a mental note of the people you deem suspicious or anyone who has vouched for themselves (as there is a high chance both can be the Impostors.)


Clump up when doing Tasks:


Crewmates are generally much harder to kill if they stick together or are in the same general vicinity. The best way you can achieve that is by announcing where you will be going before the Discussion Time ends.


Informing everyone will ensure that the Impostor stays away from you as seeing your dead body in that area would quickly indicate who the Impostor might be. However, in more serious cases, you can always go ahead and clump up to your Crewmates. Preferably, as soon as any of them have completed their task.


How to Always Catch the Impostor by Communicating Effectively in Among Us


Then, as soon as you see, a corpse uses clear and effective communication in Among Us to tell them about your thought process and let them know of your suspicions. Knowing where everyone is and ruling them out is a quick and easy way to understand whom you have confirmed as a Crewmate and whom you have suspicions of.


Show your Animated Tasks:


Animated Tasks are a very easy way for you to show that you are an actual Crewmate or identify someone else as one. But they seem to be kind of useless if you do not have someone vouching for you if you end up completing those tasks.


Therefore, never do your animated tasks first. Only do them when someone has their suspicions about you. If that is not the case, you should ask someone to accompany you in Discussion Time to ensure that the entire lobby knows of your location. In this way, if you end up being killed by that person, it is quite easy for others to understand what went wrong.


If that does not end up happening, then you have one person who will always vouch for you as a Crewmate. Keep in mind, though, the person accompanying you might still be an Impostor and may have thought of it as unwise to kill you right there and then.


Let people know of your Sacrifice:


How to Always Catch the Impostor by Communicating Effectively in Among Us


In most games, the ratio of Crewmates to Impostors is 1:5. So, the life of an Impostor is much more valuable than that of a Crewmate. In this case, it makes sense for you to have more sacrificial and riskier gameplay than your peers. So, to weed the Impostor out, it would be worthwhile for you first to communicate your game plan in discussion time and then follow the following steps.


Firstly, go to areas where you know no one else comes to often. In Skeld, this might be the Pilot or Reactors. After staying in those secluded spots, keep an eye on people who are roaming around you. If you are not sure of their legitimacy, there is a high chance they are Impostors trying to eye out a kill.


Suppose this is the case, instead of falsely reporting them and putting suspicions on them with no evidence. Stay there! In this way, the Impostor will have to kill you eventually. So, someone might see them killing you, or it can be very easy to infer who the Impostor is if you already have effectively communicated your suspicions out to everyone.


Never Defend Yourself:


Not defending yourself might seem counter-intuitive. But as a Crewmate, it makes much more sense for you to be thrown out if you are considered an Impostor, so the rest of the players can look elsewhere. If that does not happen, there is a high chance all the players might begin tailing and wasting their resources on you, and the Impostors will get an easy game.


How to Always Catch the Impostor by Communicating Effectively in Among Us


So, if the entire lobby is dead set on you being the Impostor, you should take one for the team and not defend yourself. As soon as you are ejected, it will be very easy for them to weed out the Impostor. They are usually the person who is silent when it comes to voting people out.




Among Us is a game of wits and charm. Outsmarting your opponents is the name of the game. However, Crewmates might sometimes feel hopeless when facing more experienced Impostors as they hide in plain sight very effectively.


In these cases, effective communication is the only way to close the game. So, by understanding the tips mentioned above, you should identify individuals who are not as communicative and easily layout your worries and doubts before you die.

Performing all these tasks will make that you are a Crewmate who, even if he dies first can contribute something of value.

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