Blue Archive Pick-Up Recruitment will Debut New Student and Reruns


Blue Archive is the game that managed to pick the hearts of so many players since its official release, and the story falls with the Academy, Military, and Youth going through some amazing characters from this RPG game. One of the many reasons that the Blue Archive managed to gain popularity is its amazing characters, and now they are going to come up with new units as well as re-running units with a new Blue Archive Pick-Up Recruitment.




As per the details we have right now, it is officially confirmed that the game will feature two rerun units and a new unit. The new unit will be the Mimori, while the other two re-running girls are known to be Shizuko and Izuna. We got every little detail covered for these girls. And don't forget to play your amazing Blue Archive on PC with LDPlayer 9 to get the most out of these girls with the best performance.


So, let's get into the details of these girls, and here is everything that you have to know about the new Blue Archive Pick-Up Recruitment.


When Will This New Blue Archive Pick-Up Recruitment Available?

The date is fixed to release Mimori, Izuna, and Shizuko on the 20th of September, right after the maintenance of the game. The event will start by 01.59 UTC.


The New Target Pick-Up Student – Mimori

The latest addition you will collect into your roster will be the Mimori from this new Blue Archive Pick-Up Recruitment. So let's get to know about her with every detail we have right now.


Mimori will be a new 3-star unit to the game, and she will be a supporter striker, and she is going to hold the blue mystic attack type to the game. There will be three skills that are currently displayed in her portfolio as follows.


  • Ex Skill – the Ex skill will cost three memories, and it can move the whole team anywhere you want. And when she does that, the entire attack speed of your team will be raised within 40 seconds.


  • Normal Skill – the normal skill of Mimori is going to regenerate the HP from any of her team members every 45 seconds. She will choose the lowest HP ally and conduct the whole healing procedure for over 20 seconds.


  • Passive Skill – Mimori, with her passive skill, will raise the defense stats of the player.


  • Sub Skill – Mimori can increase her team's defense every 35 seconds, and it will be within a circular area for over 23 seconds.


Talking more about Mimori, you might see some of the tank's strengths with her but don't get her wrong for a tanky role. She is just a middle-lane supporter and will be a good unit to reposition the students at the lowest cost. But being honest, we don't see any other strengths that she holds for a team, and Mimori will not be much suitable for raids or any other specific reason.


Rerun Blue Archive Pick Up Recruitment – Shizuko

Shizuko is a re-running unit that comes with the Blue Archive Pick-Up Recruitment, and she will be a two-star unit in the game. This is a supporter from the back, and she will be a specialist. Shizuko, as a re-running recruitment unit, will hold four skills as follows.


  • EX Skill – Shizuko can make a barrier along with the health that is similar to her health by 29.2%, and then she can raise the rate of accuracy from her team within a circular area for over 30 seconds.


  • Normal Skill – Shizuko can have damage every 25 seconds that will be similar to the 184% from her attack power, which will be done against a single enemy. And then, she reduces the attack powers of these enemies for over 21 seconds.


  • Passive Skill – with the passive skill, Shizuko can raise her accuracy rate by 14%


  • Sub Skill – the sub-skill of Shizuko can raise the critical rate of her allies by 9.1%


Shizuko might not be a great healer or a buffer for you. But still, she can come up with some useful stat bonuses and a structure for the team to face any type of battle.


Rerun Blue Archive Pick Up Recruitment – Izuna

Izuna is the second re-running character to the new Blue Archive Pick-Up Recruitment, and she will be a 3-star unit. She is going to be a mystic striker and will not show much strength to the red damage. She is going to be placed on the frontline, and being an attacker, Izuna will deal with enemies by being close to them. The skills that she holds are:


  • EX Skill – Izuna can move to a certain position and then raise her attack speed for over 30 seconds.


  • Normal Skill – this normal skill will make Izuna deal with damage equal to 444% attack within every six normal attacks. This will be done against the enemies who are in a circular area.


  • Passive Skill – passive skill of Izuna will raise the rate of the critical damage of her by 14%


  • Sub Skill – whenever Izuna is using her EX skill, she will be able to raise her attack power within 30 seconds.


Izuna is a good re-running unit that will be most suitable for some missions and some assault missions. But she is not that ideal to be utilized in a PVP battle, and when there is no manual position ability, there is no guarantee of her being in a proper position.


So these units are actually useful for a player for a pulling, but it is only going to work if you know for what they have to be utilized. They will not be some universal heroes that will work for you all the time, and they will be specific.


New Blue Archive Pick-Up Recruitment Units with LDPlayer 9

And now that you are going to have a chance to test some new units along with re-running units, try to get their best performances from the best movements provided by the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9.


First, use the Keyboard Mapping feature to set all these units with shortcuts as you want, besides the default W, D, A, and S keys provided by the feature. Set any key for the attack, dodging, and anything you want from the game control with these units and dominate your battles in advance.


For the second, it is time to utilize the Keyboard Macros with repeating actions combined to one, and if you want to do two actions at one time, just write some macro commands for it, and then set it to be performed with a single key. This will help you set yourself up by doing two actions, like turning right and attacking at one time. So, if you want to get the maximum potential from these three units, here is your chance.



And that is all for the Blue Archive Pick-Up Recruitment details, and this is your time to have some new units to brighten your gameplay; take the chance to play with Mimori, and two other re-running units and make your gameplay more interesting with this new event.

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