Blue Archive New Festival Banner Will Start with Wakamo


Blue Archive always has the greatest news to offer its players as they come with numerous events and offers to the players from time to time. Since this is an RPG game that has really interesting features on it, it is making new ways to amaze us with its new contents, and there is going to be added a new element for it by September 2022. The Blue Archive team will bring Wakamo to their new festival banner, and here we have brought every detail we have right now regarding the game.




Blue Archive is a game well-known for its most beautiful waifus. Among them, Wakamo is well-known as the fan-favorite character. It is mainly due to her attractive design and eye-catching features included in her image. So when she comes with a new event from the same day of the Schale's Happy Valentine patrol, it eventually becomes a surprise for every Wakamo lover, and now it is like a dream that comes true.


So, we are not going to make it longer for the intro part here, and we will see what actually comes from this Blue Archive new festival banner with every detail we have right now.


When Will Blue Archive Festival Banner with Wakamo Start?

It will start on the 06th of September 2022 and will feature until the 12th of September 2022. So you will have over six days to participate in this event with Wakamo.


Event Details

The festival banner is going to arrive with a 2.5% to 5% rate with 3-star rates, and there will be special end-game boss killer features here. It is Wakamo, and she is going to be featured as a limited arrival exclusive to the event. She will be featured as a 3-star banner, and there will also be 40 free pulls offered for the players right after the game maintenance.


The next thing that you will be offered with this new festival will be three drops, which will last until the 12th of September 2022. Drops are exclusive for the lessons as well as for the bounties. These all are offered for you during the 3-star banner of Wakamo.


After the Wakamo, the game will offer you 100 free pulls, which will be provided as 10 per day. It means that there will be 2.5% of banners. You can use these daily free pulls for Chihiro. On your 20th day of the game, you can pull off one set of 10 ticket pulls, and there will also be starring das offered for every player, along with the skill-ups for the selectors.


And then there is this Valentine's Event which we have mentioned before, until the 19th of September 2022, and you can farm the Fubuki, known to be a welfare unit with the Hod raid as the core. During the valentine's event, you will be able to go on dates with some girls from the game, and they will have collectibles that you can collect as chocolate.


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So that is all that we can bring you about the new festival banner of Blue Archive, and don't miss the chance. You have only six days to enjoy the gameplay with your favorite Wakamo.

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