Blue Archive is up for pre-registrations globally on Android and iOS devices


Blue Archive was primarily released on February 4, 2021, in Japan, and the global release is yet to take place. The game is developed by NAT Games and published by Yostar. An English version of the game was promised in August 2021, and the parent company of NAT GamesNexon, also launched an official website and a social media account. Other than the release of a local promotional video for the game itself and different character profiles, no other information regarding the global Blue Archive release is known at the time.


General information about the game

This game belongs to the RPG genre of mobile Gacha games that have been developed by NAT games and operated by Yostar. The Japan version of the game provides us with rough information about the game. Gacha games are becoming a trend these days; hence they are getting a lot of attention. Blue Archive has got the potential to become one of the best Gacha games out there. During its first release in Japan, people seemed to love it there. The screenshot, fan arts, and other things grabbed the attention of many players as they wished for the game's global release.


Player's role in the game

The player will be playing the role of a teacher or tutor in this game. You can interact with one of the characters named "Arona," who is your secretary as per the official website. But after having a conversation with Arona, she informs you that she will catch up with you soon and requests you to be patient. The game is quite similar to Genshin Impact, but the storyline is very different. There is not much information or teasers regarding the game, but it looks very exciting in the trailer, and there are positive responses from people who have played it.


Blue Archive Mobile Game


Previous releases and pre-registration information

Blue Archive announced the global pre-registration of the game earlier on Twitter which started on October 14, 2021. Blue Archive is only playable on Android (Google Play) and iOS (the App Store) in Japan. Henceforth Nexon Korea and NAT Games are taking control of its global launch. The final launch date is yet to be declared. From October 14, 2021, all interested players can pre-register for Blue Archive on the official website. 


In coordination with the parent company with the help of a new official site for the game, Nexon Korea ultimately declared the release of the game on other platforms as well.


Pre-registration rewards and goodies

Blue Archive global pre-registrations will probably have the following milestone rewards and goodies:


  1. 10,000: 50,000 x Credits
  2. 30,000: 100 x gems
  3. 70,000: 200 x gems
  4. 100,000: 300 x gems
  5. 150,000: 600 x gems
  6. 200,000: 2 x Star Junko


Players can rush towards the game's website to enter their information before its official launch. Players who sign up will be rewarded with in-game bonuses and 50,000 credits to start the game with a bonus upon the official launch later this year.

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