Baseball Superstars 2020: Tips and Play Modes


Baseball Superstars 2020 is an RPG game developed by GAMEVIL. Baseball Superstars is globally available on Android and iOS platforms. The game not only provides you a chance to play your favorite Baseball, but it also provides you with the “Develop Players” option in which you can develop as many players as you want.


Baseball Superstars 2020: Tips and Play Modes


You can customize your Team, Stadium, and Equipment. You can also Recruit, Combine, and Develop players to create the best team.


You can also customize your pitch, manage your team by changing their name and looks, play in different modes to become the best.


You can also collect more than 100+ unique trainers to help you develop your team's skills at every position.


Play Mode:


In-play mode, you can play all sorts of different modes; Galaxy Cup, Superstar League, Planet League, Daily Game, and DIA Home Run Champ.


⦁    Galaxy Cup:


Galaxy Cup is yet to make its way to the game. It hasn't been launched, but it will come soon, according to GAMEVIL.


⦁    Superstar League:


In Superstar League, you can challenge other players around the world. Go to Play mode, Superstar League, and press "start." The system will show you three types of opponents and their difficulty level; Easy, Normal, and Hard.


You can select any of the opponents you feel confident beating. If you select Easy, it will give you near about 31 points depending on your level, if you select normal, it will provide you with about 41 points, and hard will provide you with approximately 48 points depending on your level.


Once you have selected your opponent, you will be able to choose Stadium and items to use during the match. During the match, you will have to complete a specific mission to get an extra bonus. You can choose to play manually or auto. Once the match is over, you might get Superstar coins and gold.


Baseball Superstars 2020: Tips and Play Modes


⦁    Planet League:


In Planet League, you can play matches against other players. There will be nine teams representing each planet. So, when you win a championship, you will get a chance to play against the Champion Team of other planets, and once you defeated all of them, the next difficulty will be unlocked.


⦁    Daily Game:


In Daily Game, you will be able to challenge three different missions every day; Home Run Face, Dramatic Comeback, and 3 Innings- Full Count.


⦁    Home Run:


In-Home Run, you will have ten chances at-bat. What you will need to do is to hit a certain number of home runs to complete the mission.


⦁    Dramatic Comeback:


In Dramatic Comeback, all you need to do is mount a comeback to win the game.


⦁    3 Innings- Full Count:


In 3 Innings- Full Count, during Innings 7-9, every batter will start out as a Full Count (3B/3S).


⦁    DIA Home Run Champ:


All your players/you have to do is hit home runs as much as you can. It allows you to practice for home runs. The simulation requires you to hit home runs, but if you fail to hit three home runs, you will be out.


Baseball Superstars 2020 Tips:


Baseball Superstars 2020: Tips and Play Modes


After developing the player press "CONFIRM" you will be directed to a new screen to train your player. (To know how to develop Player read our article here.


⦁    You will see a "Train" button on the lower-right side of your screen, tap it.


⦁    Select the stats of the player that you want to raise. S, I, D, and M.


⦁    Tap the button "Move to Training Field" in the right lower bottom.


⦁    Training costs stamina, and after training, players will get a boost in the selected stats. You will also gain Skill points and G points.


Baseball Superstars 2020: Tips and Play Modes


⦁    Tap the "Lodge" button; it will be next to the "Train" button. The lodge allows your player to Recover Stamina by taking Rest, it will also restore your mode (If your mood is bad) through Recreation, and it also allows you to heal yourself when you get injured during training.


⦁    During training, do not forget to complete weekly matches, events. Weekly matches and events will give you skill points and G points.


⦁    You will also see a "learn the skill" button right beside the "Train" button. Learn the skill give you two options; Choice skills and Pitch Type Skills. In choice skills, you can learn Batter skills, but if you are training a pitcher, you will need Pitcher Type Skills. You can use skill points to learn the skills. Learning the skills will raise the player's stats.


Baseball Superstars 2020: Tips and Play Modes


⦁    Next up is League Game, you have to win league game matches to earn skill points and G-points. You can also develop the skills and get better gears for your player if you manage to get more points.


⦁    Auto Mode will allow you to train your player without even playing. Tap the "Auto" option; it will be on the top-right side of your Baseball Superstars 2020 screen. By selecting Auto, your player will progress faster and quicker through training, matches, etc.


⦁    Learn Superstars' team skills. During the training weeks, there is a chance that you might get your training by Elite players. Your manager invites Elite Players according to your training. You can earn Superstar Skill while being trained by these elite players.


Baseball Superstars 2020: Tips and Play Modes


⦁    After completing all training in 7 weeks. You will be able to see the player's stats you just trained, Super Skill, Gears, etc. Tap the "COMPLETE" button, but make sure you have spent all the G points because if you haven't, it will not come back.


After completing, you will be assigned a New Tier Record based on the performance. Once you have finished, you will be able to go to Sell the player you just developed, assign him to the position, or go back to Main Lobby to train more players.


Baseball Superstars 2020: Tips and Play Modes




After reading this article, you might’ve understood almost everything about players and training in Baseball Superstars 2020. Baseball Superstars 2020 is a dream come true game for the lovers of Baseball.


GAMEVIL developed this game, especially for the baseball fans, giving you and all other fans a chance to have a new experience with the players, stadium, and other stuff of your choice.

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