Azur Lane | Hatsuharu in the Limelight Limited Time event 2021.06.03

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Azur Lane is a naval, side-scrolling, shoot 'em up video game developed and released by Chinese developers around three years ago. During this time, the game has undergone several specific changes and new updates. This June, they are going to launch a new event. This may be a very exciting event for you all!


Azur Lane | Hatsuharuin the Limelight Limited Time event 2021.06.03 


Hatsuharu in the Limelight is a limited-time event that is going to start on June 3rd. There are some events that a player can participate in and win beautiful skin. You can download Azur Lane on PC and let’s start the guide for the event.


Hatsuharu in the Limelight


Entering the event


The event will start on June 3rd, 2021, and end on June 17th, 2021, at 11:59 P.M. (UTC-7). There will be two missions every day. You have to unlock them daily and finish all the tasks to solve the puzzle. Then you can get Hatsuharu's skin "Hatsuharu in the Limelight". The list of all the rewards and description of tasks that you have to complete to receive the skin.


  • On the 1st day, your tasks are Sortie and defeating 3 Boss Fleets for five rewards and Log in to the game for 100 rewards.


  • On the 2nd day, your tasks are completing three daily challenges for two rewards and retiring two ships for 100 rewards.


  • On the 3rd day, your tasks are conducting tactical training twice for three rewards and resupplying the Dorm with Snacks 5 times for 100 rewards.


  • On the 4th day, your tasks are Defeating 20 enemies for three rewards and building two ships for 100 rewards.


  • On the 5th day, your tasks are opening 1 Tech Box for one reward and enhancing ships five times for 100 rewards.


  • On the 6th day, your tasks are completing two commissions for two rewards and completing two commissions for 100 rewards.


  • On the 7th day, your tasks enhance gear two times for one reward and Sortie and obtain 10 Perfect victories.


Azur Lane | Hatsuharuin the Limelight Limited Time event 2021.06.03 


Available New Skins


There are nine new limited skins at hand from June 3rd to June 16th, 11:59 P.M. (UTC-7). You can purchase it at Akashi's Skin Shop using Gems or unlocked by in-game events. Let's see what those exciting limited skins are,


  • Weser –you can obtain this skin Urbane Onyx for 1080 Gems.

  • Formidable – her snowy skin, Timeless Classics is available for 880 Gems.

  • Hermione – this beautiful Graceful Afternoon Tea is available for 880 Gems.

  • Hood – the classy dress Dawnlight'sDame, is available to purchase for 880 Gems.

  • Montpelier – this hot skin, Persephone's Throne, is available for 880 Gems.

  • BlackPrince – her skin, Pop the Cork, which looks like a pretty party dress, costs 780 Gems.

  • Naganami – you can obtain this Long-Awaited Warmth skin for 780 Gems.

  • Valiant – this Queen Valiant I's skin is there for 780 Gems.

  • Hatsuharu – you can purchase this event's reward dress Hatsuharu in the Limelight at Skin shop.


Out of nine characters, Weser is the only Live2D model.


Available Rerun Skins


These rerun skins are available to purchase at Akashi's Skin shop from June 3rd till June 16th, 11:59 P.M. (UTC-7). These skins come under the category of party and summer skins. Now, let's see what those beautiful skins are,


  • Ping Hai – her skin, Delicious Crimson, can purchase for 1100 Gems.

  • St. Louis – this seductive Luxurious Wheels is available for 1080 Gems.

  • Albacore – this dark Beneath the Black Dress costs 990 Gems.

  • Dido – her Anxious Bisque Doll skin is available for 900 Gems.

  • Enterprise – this pitch-black Heroic Finery dress costs 900 Gems.

  • Littorio - Calabria Aurea is her seductive dress for 880 Gems.

  • Massachusetts – this white color Dressed to Impress skin costs 900 Gems.

  • Agano - Blue Butterfly's Confession skin costs 800 Gems at Skin shop.

  • Biloxi – you can get Empress in the Silk Seat skin for 800 Gems.

  • NingHai - this cute and short skin, Gorgeous Violet costs 800 Gems.

  • Forbin – this classy blue color Feast of Champagne skin is available for 800 Gems.

  • Hammann – the short Prideful Fairy of the Ballroom dress costs 800 Gems.

  • Sussex – this seductive Wine and Red Roses skin is available for 800 Gems.


Azur Lane | Hatsuharuin the Limelight Limited Time event 2021.06.03 


Among all these characters Ping and St. Louis are the only Live2D characters.


To know how to become the best player on Azur Lane, check our strategy guide of Azur Lane.


System of Renting Skins


There is a system of renting outfits starting from June 3rd till June 16th, 11:59 P.M. (UTC-7). You can log in to this exciting event and earn three Rental Outfit Vouchers. Using three vouchers, you can rent Formidable's Timeless Classics, Hermione's Graceful Afternoon Tea and Montpelie's Persephone's Throne for 48 hours.


Available New items at Akashi's shop


At Akashi's shop, Exquisite Lucky Bag 2020 and Exquisite Lucky Box 2021 available from June 3rd, June 16th, 11:59 P.M. (UTC-7) up to 1 purchase limited. Players can buy these different various supply packages either by spending real money or game Gems.


You can buy Novice Sailing Supplies and New Commanders Support Pack I and Pack III per player and Event Lucky Bag per event for real money. Spending your Gems, you can obtain LV 10, 20, 30 and 50 packs Daily Supplies Pack per player. Limited Strategic Supplies are limited per event. Limited Build Supplies and Promise Crate is per refresh.


Azur Lane | Hatsuharuin the Limelight Limited Time event 2021.06.03 


Exclusive Character Story and CV Updates


Parallel to this event, there is a new character story named Me and the Boise. This is a Questline for Boise. When you are commencing this quest chain, you have to set Boise as your secretary. Then tap her for one time. Once you have started the quest chain, it is not necessary to keep her as your secretary. After completing seven levels successfully, you are entitled to obtain 100 rewards.


There are feature skin updates for Birmingham, Black Prince, Bunker Hill, Cooper, and many other characters regarding this event.


Important Notes


At the Fleet Formation menu, there is an added feature of character mood display.


The game has fixed the problem that caused overlapping Smoke Screen ability at a different level.


Azur Lane with LDPlayer


Use the Multi-Instance Sync feature by LDPlayer to perform multiple rerolls in a single time. Enjoy the emulator copies to perform rerolls from each and gain experience to a way more fast and accessible hero reroll from LDPlayer. 




The newest event by Azur Lane, Hatsuharu in the Limelight, is a limited-time event starting from June 3rd, 2021. There are available new skins, a rerun of skins, and a system of renting the selected skins. So, this is going to be a marvelous event for you all game lovers! So, don't miss this chance!

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