Awaken Chaos Era Codes June 2022


Awaken Chaos Era is the game released by the Century games as an RPG strategy based and there we have to collect our heroes to combine them for forming a powerful team. We will attempt to defeat the enemies we face, and any one of them standing in front of us is going to be defeated by us with our powerful heroes. So to make these procedures with some added functions and gifts related to the game, we are going to need some Awaken Chaos Era codes.



Once you as a player are conquering through the PVE campaign's ways, you will be turned into a battle, and there you will have to face some PVP actions. Explorations are limitless with so many roguelike dungeons. And we as the players will take these all like the experiences from the game.

So if you are looking for some freebies through the Awaken Chaos Era game, this guide is created for you to find them as follows, and if you aren't sure about how you can redeem these Awaken Chaos Era, we have listed the instructions as well. The following code list is the latest ones you will be taking from the game, and they will undoubtedly contribute positively to your gameplay.

But before heading into all the working Awaken Chaos Era codes for June  2022, let's have a simple look at what this game is and what things are included here.

Awaken Chaos Era – Introduction

As Century Games are well known for releasing the most hitting games for mobiles like Lumia Saga, they have taken a new step in their successful journey by Awaken Chaos Era. This game is their brand new RPG, and the mobile standards are full filled immensely through this Awaken Chaos Era graphics and the cut scenes. It has a unique gameplay style, and they were fueled by some amazing recruiting characters and upgrading methods.



Awaken Chaos Era is a game that suits well for beginners, and the diving and its revealing is so interesting for any kind of player. There is an extensive tutorial associated with the game, and it ensures to give us every opportunity to learn all the basics before settling down for some big challenges.

Although this game is easier than many for beginners, it just does not come with all the simple things. Awaken Chaos Era expects some strategies to be practised by the players from their initial levels because those levels are somewhat more challenging than we expect. Battles are getting more and more challenging with each level upgraded, and those are the perfect things that increase the perfectness of this amazing game.


Awaken Chaos Era Codes

The Awaken Chaos Era game is coming with some opportunities for the players to have some freebies from time to time. Those opportunities are coming as codes, and they are wrapped up with the items that can increase the effectiveness of our gameplay. These provided items do not have to be purchased because they are totally free.

So for a player looking for some freebies in the game, the first thing they need to check is Awaken Chaos Era codes. The newest and the total working codes are listed here, and they all are included with several items that are helping players to level up their heroes, increase their whole powers and have some better equipment for them in the gameplay.

There is one thing to be concerned about with these codes because they all are time-sensitive. These codes will not be going to work forever, and they have some expiry limits. Some of them will last for some months, but not all have that life limit to redeem. So make sure to redeem these listed codes before they are going to be time out and expire.


  • FOODY – this code can earn you free items from the game


  • Swordout – you will be offered with free rewards by this code


  • ACEEXP – multiple freebies can be earned by this code


  • Hello100 – earn free rewards with this code


  • Ineedadoctor – at level 5, this will offer you free rewards


  • ACE777 – you will be offered with free rewards by this code at level 5


  • whosyourdaddy – this code is also going to be useful in level 5 and you can earn free rewards by this


  • ACEDC – earn free rewards at level 10


  • ACEBONUS – earn some free rewards


  • ACEFB – at level 10, you will be granted with free rewards


  • fullspeedahead – rewards


How Can We Redeem these Awaken Chaos Era Codes?

There are some simple steps to redeem these codes from Awaken Chaos Era as follows.


  • Open your game
  • Tap the star which you see at the right from the screen, and it will open you up the menu



  • Then there will be the settings button, and you need to tap it



  • After that, there is the tab of Account from the menu, and you need to tap on it



  • Then tap the button of Redemption Code from the settings



  • Enter the provided codes on its text box
  • Confirm
  • Take your rewards by checking your mailbox


Be aware that a single word misspelling will not be going to offer you rewards with these codes, so you need to type them on the text box just as we have provided them to you. If one of them shows an error for working, you might probably have entered some wrong spellings, so we suggest you copy from this list to enter. Have a double-check of codes before entering them to see if they are typed correctly to earn the rewards.

How to Earn More Codes from the Awaken Chaos Era?

More codes can be obtained from Awaken Chaos Era by checking this guide from time to time because we are updating this code list whenever there is a new code added. And also, the new codes will always be released on the official Facebook account of Awaken Chaos Era, and if you want to know from other players, official Discord is there for you to share details.

Can We Play Awaken Chaos Era on Our PC?

Yes, you can, but with the use of the best android emulator. The LDPlayer is the best choice we are suggesting here because it gives us the smoothest and the most advanced gaming experience for anyone who plays games on it. You can download this emulator by visiting their official website and then going to their LD Store to find this Awaken Chaos Era game. After that, install it on your device and that is it. You can now play Awaken Chaos Era by using your PC.




So these are the all working codes we have for Awaken Chaos Era for this month make sure to bookmark this page to know more working codes to redeem more rewards. This guide will be updated. Redeem the offers before they expire and make the best use of them to progress your gameplay.

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