Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle | Release Date Gameplay Tips Characters and Pre-registration Guide

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Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle is the newest RPG that is about to be released in June. This RPG has a featuring story from its main story, Atelier, which was initially launched in Japan. Now it is planning to be released in July. There is a wonderful story to coming with players, and they need to operate with their other alchemists to find materials and items. This can be done individually or team-wise.


Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle | Release Date Gameplay Tips Characters and Pre-registration Guide


The gameplay of this game will have an adventurous them to move within the field, and there will be a battle system as well. Attacking enemies and defeating them is the main task in this game, and there is new material providing with enemies. So what do we have to know about more on Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle? Let's find out.


Play Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle on PC, and let's start our guide to the adventure.


Release Date and the Overview


This game is set to release on the 8th of July, and it is coming as a 20th celebration to the series Atelier. The game is a fee to play the game with an online playing system and a co-operation mode. The game has a plot of an island in the Bressisle, and there is alchemy is not popular as it was. Players are getting the role of an alchemist, and they have to enter into an academy built newly.


The ultimate goal of a player should be to pass the tests of that new Academy while you are improving the skills of your role alchemist. Players are enabled to customize all of their outfits, equipment, and skills as well. The field of this game will eventually change from its appearance, and there are changing monsters, gathering materials depending on the weather and season.


Currencies on this game are known as Ether and Cole, and those are the crucial currencies available in the game. You can use Cole for exchanging the gacha rolls, and it will let you have some items by the shop. Cole can be brought from the real money to the players or earn it from titles, quests, and daily attendance.


Ether is used to have upgraded items and synthesizing. These are the most common reward in the game and Cole, and you can earn them through combats, quests, selling items, and daily attendance. There are also some minor events available in the game that letting you have rewards. Those can exchange for the premium goods and the events on the shop when the event is executing.




Alchemy is the synthesis that consumes Ether. There will be three types of alchemies in the game as follows.




Items are mainly known to the useable items, and they can be either quest items or the items used in the other item's synthesis like supplements. For example, healing salves and the Bomb are the useable items in the game, and the players can equip those as auto or manual items.


Manual items will be used in the battles at a command from the players. They originally have cooldowns with them. Auto items are allowing the members of your party to use items by their accord. Slots are available for a limited number of item usage on both.




You can earn new equipment from Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle by synthesizing equipment, and you can do it by the gacha as well. If a player manages to get a piece of new equipment through gacha, he will automatically gain the recipe. Recipes allow the players to make their items in a more customized way and for a better way. So those can be used in possession of needed materials in the game.




In usual Atelier titles, we use food items for healing. But in the game, they are not using to heal, and they will be used to increase the character states of the player. There are several preferences for each character, and you will see some minimum requirements to have the quality of your item to accept it.


All of the items coming under these three categories are seen on quests. But remember that if there is an item that doesn't have a use outside of any quest, they are also going to the item category.




There are multiple regions divided in this game, and they can be accessed when a player progresses through the main storyline. Different types of main materials are applied to each region, and you need to gather them. Materials are not the only ones you will see in regions, and there are some monsters to battle as well. This is because so many materials can be found in each region.


Regions are again dividing into several small maps and to the dungeons. They are allowing the players to visit, and there will be settlements used to rest for the players and talk with town people.


Players can choose two tasks. One is they can freely explore the land, and the other one is they are enabled to gather materials by using the Auto feature. If a player wants to use a full area, they need to prepare items like Bombs as they are helping you to clear the obstacles. And also, these items will help a player to decide the time, notice the weather, and know where they can spawn the items.


Monsters are populating the maps, and the number of monsters in a map will be based on if it's day or night. In addition, players will be enabled to use several types of premium items, and they can enhance materials for a temporary time within the area.


Characters of Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle


Characters are coming from the Academy as well as the Inhabitants of Bressisle as well.


Academy Characters


Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle | Release Date Gameplay Tips Characters and Pre-registration Guide




This is available in both male and female versions and known to be an alchemist raised in the Academy. However, he wants to be a full-fledged alchemist, and this character is considering the academy staff and students as his family. The main characteristic of the Protagonist is silence and can pick up all the types of weapons in the game.




Sorrel is a mage character and a student. She is coming from the protagonist’s same year. This character is not likely to be in academic life, and Sorrel is tired of that life. So this character wants to seek adventures, and there is a rumor saying she is a king's daughter. But it is remaining as a secret. Sorrel can be known as a main ally to the Protagonist, and she will be joining the party through a storyline. Sorrel can also equip the staff.


Anise Hyssop


This is a sage of apprentice, who is coming from the Protagonist’s class. This character likes to study, and she is recording the studies on nature and customs by using books. Most of the time, we can see Anise is sitting in the academy library, and she is fond of reading books.


Anise has worse reflexes with her, and she is identified as a childhood friend of the Sorrel. Anise can equip the staff, and she is joining the story the same as the Protagonist.




Cresson is an apprentice guard in the game, and he is a best friend to the Protagonist. He is also becoming a primary ally for the Protagonist and will be joining the party through the game's storyline. In addition, Cresson can equip the swords in the game.




Peppermint is the character who is guiding the Protagonist. She is so in love with apples, and peppermint is not a character that you can play. However, she will accompany the party and converse often with the silent Protagonist. Peppermint is a fairy who has a good appearance with an image. She is an energetic character with some confidence.


Peppermint can be identified as the most popular character among the mascot academy students. People identify this character as the somewhat stupid one. She is an over sleeper to the game. Peppermint is enabled to navigate the areas where we cannot see the mini maps.




Wisteria has been found at the Academy when she was collapsed. She is more like the Protagonist, and wisteria has memory loss. Others took her to the Academy to be an alchemist. When talking about the talents of wisteria, she owns a considerable talent to be helpful for alchemy, and she is seeking knowledge with a huge thirst.




Hazel is the body president of the student in the Academy, her uncle is the Silver Birch, and you can see Hazel as the master of Poppy. Hazel can be played on the gacha, and she is enabled to equip the maces and gears in the game.




Majoram is a teacher in the Academy, and she is specializing in teaching magic. She holds the supervisor position of Sorrel, and Majoram is a playable character through the gacha who can equip the staff.




Bergamot also an alchemy teacher to the Academy, and she is holding the supervisor post of the Protagonist. Bergamot is a very strict character, and students are very scared of her. However, you can play her through gacha, and Bergamot can equip maces in the game.




Poppy is an android. This is holding an ability to pull objects from different dimensions and handle them through the game's gacha system. Poppy is eating gems, and for that reason, you need to ask Cole to exchange services to afford them.


Silver Birch


Silver Birch is also a teacher at the Academy who is specialized in mechanical engineering. His niece is Hazel, and poppy can be identified as an inventor of silver birch.


This character will be handled through the gacha of the game.


St John's Worth


This is the academy headmaster, and he considers the Protagonist as his own kid.




Thistle is the right hand of Hazel and can be known as a powerful fighter to the Academy. Thistle cannot be seen at the school often, and she likes to study about adventures. Thistle is so popular with her other classmates due to her cute appearance.


Inhabitants of Bressisle


Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle | Release Date Gameplay Tips Characters and Pre-registration Guide




Angelica is a huntress, and she is living with her brother Nettle. She was forced for a dubious work that delivers the paintings to Rose Hip to support her brother's life. These paintings are summoning monsters. After Angelica gets to know about this truth and knowing how the Protagonist healed her brother, she has stopped the coup she was holding against the Feudal lord with her team.


Later in the story, Angelica leaves her brother at Rose Hip to care to join with the Protagonist as a corporation. Angelica is coming to the party by the storyline.




Nettle is the younger brother of Angelica, and he is sick.




Erica is a dancer, and she is one of the parts of a travelling caravan




Catnip is a troubadour who has characteristics like a cat. You can obtain Catnip through the gacha to play.


Rose Hip


Rose Hip is the wised feudal lord.


Fever Few


Fever Few is identified as the caravan leader, and he is a skilled merchant.




Calendula is an alchemist who is traveling, and he is covering his face with a hood. Calendula is so much encouraged by the Protagonist, and he is supporting the Protagonist to make pyroxene. However, Calendula seems to have an agenda unique to him, and he has his own reasons for it.




Thunbergia is the strongest fairy of all the fairies. So he is the fairy king of them. However, Thunbergia does not like humans, and he can't say no to his wife because she is always ready for lending help to parties. This character calls the Protagonist the child of vita, but he does not give reasons for it.




Cuphea is the fairy queen, and she is theThunbergia's wife. She is so much friendly to others and not the same as her husband. She shows friendship towards the Protagonist and the so workers by not considering the fact they are human. All of the fairies are descendants of Cuphea and her husband. Hence, all the fairies call Cuphea "Mom" to not hurt her feelings and explain how old she actually is.  




Valerian is a thief, and he is stealing the student ID of Sorrel. So the party is chasing him to get that ID. The chasing party will end up joining temporarily the equal bandit group, same as Valerian, to take back the ID. Valerian will eventually join the group of Protagonists as a party member of the storyline. This character is an orphan and was raided by the bandit leader and the Skullcap, the Feudal lord.


Rerunning Characters


There are a few rerunning characters from the real series as follows.


  • Nelke von Lestamm
  • Marolne
  • Logix Logy Ficsario
  • Escha Mailer
  • ElmeruliaLuluaFrixell
  • MerurulinceMeruruRedeArls
  • LydieMalen
  • Sophie Neuenmuller
  • Ayesha Altugle
  • WilbellvollErslied
  • SuelleMalen
  • ChristophAurelArland
  • StrekenburgSterk Cranach
  • Mimi Houllier von Schwarzland
  • HousenkaShunran and HousenkaUmeaniseFoenic
  • ReisalinRyza Stout
  • Sorrel Oseille
  • RorolinaFrixell
  • TotooriaTotoriHelmold


Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle | Release Date Gameplay Tips Characters and Pre-registration Guide


Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle Pre Regsitartion 


Now you are enabled to have a pre-registration to this game, and the ones who have pre-registered will have the chance to earn some rewards from the launch as follows.


  • 6x of Grape Juice
  • 1x of Moonlight Horn
  • 10000x of Ether


LDPlayerwithAtelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle


Once this game has launched to the global server, you can make it easier to reroll characters using the Multi-Instance Sync Feature of LDPlayer. This will allow you to have rerolled from different copies of emulators from the same game simultaneously. So rerolling characters would be fast, and assurance to get a super-powerful hero would be 100%.




Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle by Koei Tecmo is releasing as a global release on the 8th of July, and this will carry you out for a full alchemist world. Venture the game through a journey with the world and allies and become the greatest alchemist on earth. Use these characters and knowledge about the basics as tips and let the adventure begin with Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle.

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