Arknights Under Tides Rerun Event Guide


With the end of the Stultifera Navis event and the end of the limited banner, a buffer type of event - the Under Tides Rerun Event is being held in order to let players rest and prepare for future hard contents like the upcoming Contingency Contract #9. This event features returning stages from Arknights’ 1st anniversary, a lot of rewards, new skins and a FREE 6* Operator - Gladia. In addition, a rate up banner will also be held in time for the event’s release featuring the 6* Caster Mostima and the 6* specialist Lee.


In this guide, we will go over all of the details regarding the Under Tides Rerun event, show players on how they can gain all the rewards from this event and what they should pay attention to when playing the event. In addition, we will also debate on whether or not players should roll on the brand new standard banner featuring Mostima and Lee.


Arknights Under Tides Rerun Event

Special Rate Up Banner - Mostima and Lee - Should You Pull

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Arknights Under Tides Rerun Event

The Under Tides rerun event will be rerun for a total of 14 days, from the 25th of October to the 9th of December, with 10 days able to be spent to farm and 4 days to exchange for materials obtained from the event stages.

Under Tides Main Story Stages

Under Tides is divided into 3 different types of stages, one of which is the main event story stages. These stages will serve as players’ primary source of farming and event currencies.

There’s a total of 13 stages in the main story stages section and clearing them will reward players with 13 Originites in total when players first clear stages.


In addition, farming these stages will grant players event currencies needed to be used to exchange for event exclusive materials in the shop. The amount of currencies obtainable is proportional to the amount of sanity spent for each stage and every stage will have a special material that might be dropped once clear, therefore players should pick a stage that has the materials you need and farm that stage throughout the event for maximum efficiency.

EX Challenge Stages

In addition to the main story stages, a total of 8 EX Challenge stages, offering challenging stages that players only need to clear once to claim their full rewards.

When first clearing the EX challenge stages, players will be able to activate the Challenge Mode, enhancing the difficulty of the stages and reward players with an additional Originites for each clear for a total of 16 extra Originites.


These stages are extremely dangerous and difficult to clear, therefore players should pay attention and strengthen their squad before attempting to clear these stages.

Event Shop

The event shop is also available for all players during the event’s duration for players to exchange for special event exclusive items and character upgrading materials.


One of the most important things players need to exchange for in this shop is the Gladia Tokens. These Tokens serve to upgrade the free Operator Gladia’s Potential further for new players who are getting them for the first time. For Older players, getting these tokens will reward them with a large amount of Golden Certificate.


Other than the Tokens, Furniture and Materials to strengthen operators are of priority.

Event Missions

Clearing stages in the event will complete special missions, rewarding players with event currencies and the Free 6* Operator - Gladia


These missions range from clearing specific stages to defeating a certain number of enemies. To obtain Gladia, players will need to finish the 4th stage of the main story section.


Gladia is the Free 6* Operator that all players will get access to once they have cleared the 4th main story stage from the event. She is one of the best 6* Free Operators in the game and is one of the strongest operators in the game in terms of utility, especially for Abyss Hunter oriented teams.

Gladia is a 6* Specialist Operator that specializes in pulling enemies towards herself or towards holes on the map.


Gladia is the epitome of pulling operators, with her ability to store charges and pull heavy enemies with her 1st skill, allowing players to use her to pull heavier enemies towards holes that other pull operators won’t be able to. Her 2nd skill allows her to pull multiple enemies at once, crowd controlling and dealing heavy damage to them.


Gladia’s ultimate skill, however, lies in her talent and her 3rd skill. Gladia’s talent allows her to grant all Abyss Hunters a massive 30% damage taken decrease and a passive overtime heal, allowing them to last longer and become almost invincible with her on the field. Gladia’s 3rd skill greats a great vortex at the enemies’ title, sucking them into the vortex for 5 seconds and pulling them towards her, dealing massive amounts of arts damage in the process.

Special Rate Up Banner - Mostima and Lee - Should You Pull

Together with the rerun, a special banner will be available for all players to attempt to roll for the 6* Specialist Lee and the 6* Caster Mostima that will both be on rate up together.


Lee is a 6* Specialist that specializes in holding lanes and dealing with waves of smaller enemies in front of him. His trait being a merchant specialist typed operator, he will cost DP overtime to be kept on the field as a cost of maintenance in exchange for his service.

Lee’s main focus is on his 3rd skill with its ability to push enemies away from himself, only allowing 1 enemy to come through at a time, allowing him to pick waves of smaller enemies off one by one, lessening the enemies advance while holding an entire lane by himself without any difficulties.


Lee also has a very special utility skill in his 2nd skill that allows him to inflict a talisman debuff on the enemies. The talisman will explode after a certain amount of time and its damage can be increased by using other operators to deal damage to the enemies first, strengthening the explosion.


Mostima is a 6* Caster that specializes in crowd controlling a big wave of enemies, slowing them down and pushing them back, holding them in place and stalling enemies.

Mostima is an AOE Caster with a high DP cost to deploy and a very powerful skill that deals damage to all enemies within her range. Mostima’s strongest ability lies in her 2nd and 3rd skill. Mostima’s 2nd skill deals damage in a 3 by 3 square before her, stunning all enemies within the space and locking them in place, dealing massive arts damage to them.

Mostima’s 3rd skill deals damage in a wave before her, slowing the enemies down massively and pushing them back, stalling the enemies massively while dealing art damage to them.


All pros being discussed , it is important to note that Mostima is not the best of a 6* Operator as she has a very big downtime between using her skills, making her extremely uncomfortable to use effectively.

Should You Roll

No, You Should Not. This banner is one of the worst possible banner in Arknights as its offer two niche and difficult to use 6* Operators in addition to lesser use 5*s Operators, making it one of the worst banners for players to roll for.

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