Arknights Stationary Security Service (SSS) Explained


Together with the Lingering Echoes Event and the brand new game update with the event, a new gameplay system and a brand new game mode is also introduced into Arknights as a means to help players to strengthen their roster in order to clear harder contents in the future. These brand new additions to the game are the Module Level Upgrade system and the tag along gamemode to get the materials needed- Stationary Security Service, commonly known as SSS.


In this guide, we will go over how the Module Level Upgrade system works, how it will affect gameplay and the meta of the game as a whole and guide players on how they can best clear the brand new game mode - Stationary Security Service with the most efficiency in order to gather resources to upgrade operators’ modules.



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Character Modules and Modules Level System

Character Modules, a system introduced in the 1.5 Anniversary Celebration way back when of Arknights, is a system that is made to increase the combat prowess of certain operators, strengthening their stats and improving their usability and skills. With the brand new Modules Level System, this system have been immensely polished and renewed so that it can provide further backup to the equipped operators.

Character Modules

Character Modules can be unlocked and equipped by operators who have had their module introduced into the game, helping to provide the operators with extra stats and enhance their abilities. Typically, modules are mainly most powerful on 5* Operators and above, granting them a massive boost in stat and changes how their talents works, helping to boost their combat ability. 

With the new update, operators can now unlock up to 2 Modules, each with vastly different abilities and enhance different aspects of an operator. Players can unlock both modules. However, can only equip the ally with 1 module at a time, so players can change the modules equipped to suit their combat needs when necessary.


To unlock modules, players will need to upgrade the operator to a certain level, raise their trust level to at least 100/200 and fulfill certain missions.

Module Levels and Upgrades

With the new update, players can spend certain special materials to upgrade the modules level of the operators’ modules to higher level, up to lv3, where the bonus stats and the talent improvement will be increased immensely.

While this sounds fairly simple in principle, this simple fact of a module level system helps to make some of the most overpowered arknights modules in existence and help to improve the usability of a lot of different operators, making them viable again in the game meta.


The materials players needed to upgrade modules to level modules to level 2 are called Data Supplement Sticks and to level 3 are called Data Supplement Instruments. Both of which can be obtained from the Event Shop for a limited amount and from the new gamemode introduced - Stationary Security Service.

Stationary Security Service

Stationary Security Service, often called SSS by players, is a brand new game mode featuring a brand new gameplay options and providing players with the materials needed to upgrade operators modules. Stationary Security Service is available once players have cleared the main story to a certain point and have unlocked the module system.

Stationary Security Service Gameplay Rules

During the Stationary Security Service, players will have to take on a total of 8 stages challenges with 1 party of 14 initial operators with the goal of reaching the end of the campaign. For each stage players completed, they will add an additional rewards to the last reward they can obtain once they have finished all 8 layers of challenges. 

The main mechanics behind Stationary Security Service battle stages are that operators who have been retreated can’t be used again unless there’s special conditions. In addition, players will need to spend a special Transfer permit point (15 for each slot) in order to transfer Operators on the waiting zone onto the deployable slots.

However, during the stage’s duration, players will get access to a special mechanic called backup tactical equipment. The backup tactical equipment is available when operators are retreated , allowing another operator to be stacked upon them and gain special buffs from the tactical equipment, each with different effects based on the class of the previous operators.

Some special effects of the tactical equipments are:

- Vanguard:  Grants the 20% Attack and 1 Sp per 3s recovery effect to the subsequent ally deployed onto the relieved operator.

- Defender: Grants 40% Defense up and 1+ Block count for the subsequent ally.

- Caster: Grants the 20% Attack and 1 Sp per 3s recovery effect to the subsequent ally.

- Guard: Grants 40% Attack to the subsequent ally.

- Sniper: Grants 40 Attack Speed Up to the subsequent ally.

- Medic: Grants 10% damage reduction to the subsequent ally.

- Supporter: When deployed, push up 1 operator into the preparation zone and grant 5 Transfer Permits.

- Specialist: When deployed onto another operator, put the relieved operator onto cooldown and make them able to be redeployed.


1 Operator can have up to 5 different Tactical equipment and the tactical equipment can be stacked on top with each other up to 3 times, providing a massive amount of stats depending on the combo you can make.

How to Clear Stationary Security Service

Use A Balanced Team of Operators

A balanced team is important to have in Stationary Security Service as it allows players to utilize the different tactical equipment benefits of the different classes. A mix between ranged and close combat options are necessary to clear many stages and you will need to have a good mix of operators to play the mode.

Know How The System Works

Players should remember that deployed operators can only be deployed once unless they have special equipment that allows for redeployment, so players need to arrange their squad usage in suitable ways.

In addition, players should take advantage of the special stacking effect of tactical equipment to boost their main dps for powerful operators.

Uses Low Rarity Operators as Replaceable Assets

As the only thing that matters when it comes to tactical equipment are the relieved operator’s class, it is possible for players to just use low rarity operators as assets to set up special buffs for more powerful operators by stacking them on top of each other.

Prepare Your Squad Properly

Stationary Security Service is extremely difficult, especially when the longer players take their time in the battle stages, the more powerful enemies become, so it is extremely important that players need to have a well built team in order to clear stages quickly and efficiently in order to obtain the most amount of rewards from the mode.

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