Arknights Near Light: How to Maximize Your Rewards

2022-04-27 Content Collaboration

Celebrating its players in the best way possible, Arknights is holding a special Thank You Celebration together with a new special Side Story, a brand new LIMITED Banner and LIMITED character and a truckload of rewards for everyone to grab.





This guide aims to explain what you should do in the Thank You Celebration event in order to maximize your rewards to progress smoothly in the game in the future.



Let’s play Arknights on PC and find out how you can best take advantage of this special Thank you event.


What is the Thank You Celebration Event?

Originally served as Arknights CN’s 2.5 anniversary event, the special Thank You Celebration event acts as a way to celebrate the players from the NA and JP servers. While the celebratory occasions are slightly different, the rewards and contents of the Event still remain the same for all servers. The event will start from the 28th of April, 10:00 (UTC-7) and officially ends on the 26th of May, 3:59 (UTC-7).



There are 3 main parts of the event that we will cover in order for this guide: The side story and log in rewards, The new LIMITED Banner and LIMITED Operator - Nearl the Radiant Knight and finally, the special 30US$ 6* operator select ticket and the operators that are worth your pick.


The Event Side Story and Log In Rewards

The Side Story - Near Light

The Thank You Celebration event features the new side story of the name Near Light, spanning over 21 days from April 28th until May 19th. Playing through the side story, your goal will be clearing the event stages over and over again in order to accumulate the event exclusive currency “G.K.T Commemorative Models” in order to exchange exclusive rewards in the shop.



The important rewards that you absolutely must get from clearing the stages and exchanging in the shop are:

- 42 Originium Primes (clearing all stages on all difficulties).

- The event exclusive Welfare Operator : Wild Mane and her Tokens.

- 3 headhunting tickets.

- Event Exclusive Furniture set.

- A variety of materials needed for both upgrading and leveling operators in game.


Essentially, it is of utmost importance that you spend all your daily reset sanity and sanity potions in clearing event stages and exchanging everything you can from the shop before the side story ends.


Log in Rewards

The Thank You Celebration event comes with a variety of special rewards for players that you can get simply by logging in and playing during the event’s duration:


- Special Limited Daily Login Reward:


Log in a total of 10 days from April 28th till May 12th and receive various rewards, ranging from sanity potions, Originite Primes and a special limited timed skin for Myrtle.


- Mining Valley Operation:


Log in during the event’s period will grant you 1 chance to mine orundums everyday, the amount ranging from 400 Orundums and up to 1000 Orundums per try from April 28th till May 12th.


- Special “Flaming Radiance HeadHunting Permit”:


Log in once during the event’s period from April 28th to May 12th and receive a special Headhunting ticket that allows you to pull one 10-pulls on the special Limited Banner of the event.


-Daily free single pulls on the Limited timed banner:


For 14 days from the start of the limited banner on April 28th, everytime you log in, players will be able to perform 1 single summon for free without spending any currencies, up to a total of 14 pulls on the limited timed banner.


Event Limited Banner - Should you pull?

Going alongside the new Side Story - Near Light is a special LIMITED time banner featuring The Limited Operator - Nearl the Radiant Knight and another non-limited 6* - Flametail. While it is certainly a tempting banner to roll as it is a limited banner featuring a limited timed character, Is this banner and the Limited Operator - Nearl The Radiant Knight actually worth your resources?



The first thing we need to determine is whether or not you have a good chance of getting the rated up characters. Unlike normal banners where there’s only 1 6* rated up, a Limited Arknights Banner features 2 6* Operators instead. In this case, the 2 rated up 6*s are Nearl the Radiant Knight - the limited one and Flametail, who is not limited.



Meaning, once you pull a 6* Operator, you have a 70% of its being either Nearl the Radiant Knight or Flametail, making it harder for you to go for the limited operator if you are extremely unlucky.


Therefore, you should consider before spending your resources on this banner unless you really loves Nearl the Radiant Knight’s playstyle and abilities and don’t mind being spooked by Flametail and other 6* operators.


The other thing to consider is the worth of the Limited Operator - Nearl the Radiant Knight. While she is a Limited Operator, compared to the previous Limited Operators, namely Chen The Holungday and Skadi the Corrupted Heart, Nearl isn’t as strong or as meta as the others. 



Nearl the Radiant Knight shines best when she’s a quick drop operator, meaning she only stays on the field for a short amount of time, dealing sufficient damage to a certain amount of enemies and then is retreated and this reflects heavily on her entire skill kit with her being able to deal True Damage and can be deployed without any cost in exchange for her having to retreat immediately after her skill ends.


If you are not the type of Arknights player that is keen on quick-drop Operators, then it is recommended that you should not roll on this particular Limited timed banner, as while it is not bad, it is not particularly interesting or meta-defining either. Instead, you should focus on the special 6* selection ticket that is available for a special limited time with the packs for this event.


The 6* Operator Select Ticket - The Top 5 Operators to Choose

Available exclusively for a limited time in the shop for a low low prices of 30 US$, the special “Rhodes island Headhunting pack” offers you 1 multi headhunting ticket and the exclusive 6* Operator Select Ticket, allowing you to pick 1 6* Operator of your choice. 



However, the ticket selection is not equal and only some of the 6* Operators are worth the 30 US$ Price Tag that you have to spend for this ticket, these operators are:


5. SilverAsh

One of the first, longest lasting and strongest operators in the game, SilverAsh is a good choice for newer players and players that haven’t gotten him to pick. 



SilverAsh is of the Lord guard archetype, meaning he has the ability to deal Physical damage in a wide area before him, hitting both ground and air types enemies, preventing them from getting past him in most battles, couples with his 3rd skill, which once activated, SilverAsh will receive an impressive 200% attack up and he will be able to hit up to 6 targets at once in a wide area, allowing him to demolish anything that stands before him without fail.


4. Passenger

Commonly known in the community as Godsenger, Passenger is a special type of Caster Operator that unleashes chain lightning onto his enemies and can hit up to 4 enemies at the same time thanks to the chain lightning’s bouncing effect.



Passenger shines best once he has reached his Elite 2 form and achieved his 3rd skill - Glorious Shard- allowing him to hit enemies from almost across the entire map in a diamond shape with him at its center.


While currently, his damage is not on par with some of the selection choices, in the future with some buffs and fine-tuning, Godsenger will become one of the strongest operators in the game, beating even Eyja in damage on numerous occasions.


3. Mountain

The convicted criminal tiger, Mountain, is another good choice for the selection ticket that is worth your money. Not only is Mountain bulky but packs a big punch, he is also extremely versatile and self-sufficient, with his 2rd skill allowing him to heal himself over time and his 3rd skill allowing him to deal damage over a wide area to all enemies. 



Mountain can essentially hold a lane on his own without you having to worry about any enemies getting past him.


2. Surtr

The ultimate boss killer and waifu, Surtr has proven time and time again that she deserves to be on the top of every list regarding the strongest and most meta operators in Arknights. 



With her S3 allowing her to disintegrate bosses in mere seconds and a talent that allows her to survive up to 8s after death, Surtr can essentially solo most bosses in the game by herself without breaking a sweat. 


1. Thorns

The most self-sufficient operator in the game and a notable lane-holder, Thorns is perhaps the best choice for you to consider when choosing in the select ticket if you don’t have him yet. 



Thorns can essentially helps clear most of the Arknights map with sufficient supports as he can hit both ground and air typed enemies, couples with his offensive with infinite duration 3rd skill, making him a perfect choice for the 6* select ticket.


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