Arknights Ideal City Side Story Guide


With Arknights 3rd anniversary celebration event going strong in full force, Arknights is introducing one of its highly anticipated events in the history of the game, with a big 3 weeks side story event, special mechanics, special log in events, brand new operators including 2 new 6* operators - the 6* Sniper Pozemka and the 6* Limited Guard Operator - Gavial the Invincible.


In this guide, we will go over the special 3rd anniversary side story event and show players the details of the event, how players can best obtain all the rewards from the event, how they can obtain a free 5* Welfare operator - the 5* Caster Minimalist and how they can best clear all the challenging stages from the side story. In addition, we will also debate on whether or not players should roll on the brand new limited banner available with the release of the new side story, featuring the 6* Sniper Pozemka and the 6* Limited Operator Gavial The Invincible.


Let’s play Arknights on PC and find out together.

Arknights 3rd Anniversary Side Story Event - Ideal City

Ideal City is one of the Arknights major big events and is a limited time 3 week event with various rewards made available for all players during the event period. With the Event, players will be able to claim event exclusive rewards such as a free welfare - the 5* Caster Minimalist, special furniture, module and character upgrading materials, and 3 Headhunting Tickets ( equal to 3 summons).

Ideal City - Main Event Battle Stages

During the event period, special event stages will be available for a limited time and players need to clear through all the stages in order to experience the full story of the event. Players also need to clear all of the event stages in order to clear all of the event’s missions and to gain originiums for stage first-clears.

After the first-clears, players will need to spend their stamina (or “sanity”) in order to farm event currencies to exchange for special rewards in the event shop. The event currencies will be rewarded on a 1:1 scale between sanity spent and amount of currencies gained.


A total of 12 Originites can be obtained from the Main Event Battle Stages.

Ideal City - Main Missions

Special Missions will also be available for all players to clear in order to gain special event currencies. In addition, these missions will also reward players with special furniture and a free Welfare -Minimalist.

In order to clear the missions, players will need to finish all of the event battle stages in addition to the challenge stages. All of the missions will only counts the first clear of each stage so for any players who have finished the event before, they will 

need to clear the stages once again in order to claim the mission reward.

Ideal City - Special Challenge Stages

In addition to the main story stages, special challenge stages will also be available for all players to attempt to clear.

For these special Challenge Stages, there’s 2 modes players need to clear - the normal stages and challenge mode stages. Each of the modes will reward players with 1 Originites for each first-clears of the stages, rewarding up to 16 Originites in total for players to gain from these stages.


It is important to note that these stages are extremely difficult in nature, so players should prepare their squads properly before attempting these stages.

Ideal City - Event Shop

This time special rewards will be available for all players in the event shop, including special Minimalist Tokens needed to be used to up his potential level and upgrade his power, special headhunting tickets (up to 3 tickets), LMDs, EXP cards, module upgrading materials and special furnitures to complete the event specific furniture set.

Players should prioritize the special event exclusive rewards on the first tab of the event shop and exchange all of them before moving on to the second event tab. It is also recommended that players exchange all of the module upgrading materials from the shop as they are extremely valuable and are only available for a limited time. In addition, the event only provides a certain amount of event currencies, therefore, players should consider before exchanging for items in the event shop.

Ideal City- Special Event Welfare - Minimalist

Minimalist is a 5* Caster Operator of the Drone caster branch, with high attack, fast attacking intervals and a drone to fight together with him that deals increasing damage when they target the same target. Minimalist’ kit is extremely minimized and is simplified to a fault, making him a really lackluster welfare operator but a decent operator for general use.

Minimalist doesn’t really have a special kit or gimmick together with his skills and talents, despite being a 5*, his main power comes from his power to deal fast damage with his attacks and drones, focusing on the same enemy and dealing increasing damage to them as long as they are in his range. His main skill is his 2nd skill which allows him and his drones to deal 2 instances of damage at the same time, increasing the stacks for his drone’s damage instantly and deal decent damage to the enemy targeted.

Special Limited Time Banner - Should You Roll

The poster banner of the 3rd anniversary of Arknights and the featured operators of the event, Pozemka and the Limited Operator Gavial the Invincible make their grand debut with the limited time banner that lasts for 14 days.


Pozemka or Pozyomka is a 6* Sniper operator of the heavy shooter archetype, meaning she deals heavy damage to enemies but has limited range in comparison to other snipers. Pozemka is one of the most powerful DPS characters in the game and one of the most versatile too due to her access to a near-global range summon - her typewriter.

Pozemka’s main power lies in her 3rd skill which expands her range, increases her attack, reduces her attack intervals and makes her deal extra damage to enemies right in front of her. This skill, coupled with her talent to grant her typewriter defense shred, when used and having her and the typewriter targets the same enemy, results in a large amount of physical damage being dealt to 1 single enemy, making it almost guaranteed that they will be deleted no matter how beefy they might be.

Gavial the Invincible

Gavial the Invincible is a 6* Limited Guard Operator of the Centurion archetype, meaning she has a high block count and can damage all enemies equal to her block count. She is an extremely powerful operator that excels at dealing big amounts of burst damage and has decent survivability.

The 2nd 6* of the Centurion guard archetype, Gavial the Invincible focuses more on using her 2nd and 3rd skill to instantly bursting down enemies in exchange for her survivability, making her a good DPS character to burst down large numbers of enemies at the same time. Her main skill is her 3rd skill which makes it so that all of her attacks are enhanced and any damage she receives during the skill duration is halved, after the skill duration, she will then gradually lose HP proportional to the damage reduced, making it a very interesting skill for burst damage and survivability.

Should You Roll

Yes and No. With this being one of Arknights main limited banners and featuring 2 good operators, some will find it highly recommended to roll on this banner in order to obtain the limited operator. However, the true star of the banner is actually Pozemka, who is a non-limited operator. In addition, more powerful operators are about to be released right after this banner, so players should take note and decide whether or not they should roll on this banner based on the situation of their own squad and savings.

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