Arknights | 2021.06.18 Flash Sale Offer

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Arknights is a Chinese game developed by Studio Montage and Hypergraph. This 2D game falls under the sub-genre of strategic games. While playing the game, you have to locate operators to protect the strategically important areas in the game map. You will encounter different types of adventurous maps, and you have to create the base of operations for your characters mindfully.


Arknights | 2021.06.18 Flash Sale Offer


Yostar official will offer their first extravaganza flash sale up to 50% on the 18th of June 2021 and end on the 21st of June 2021 at 09.00 pm (UTC-7). This will apply to selected Arknights merchandise. In the flash sale, you will also find limited quantities of Arknights X Era baseball hats. Today, we will find all the details required to know about the flash sale to purchase the best for you. 


Download your Arknights on PC and join the sale for a 50% offer. 


Product information


Arknights l wall scroll poster


The types of this poster are Doctor and Amiya and Kaltsit, Texas and Lappland, and Amiya and Chelan. The length of this Arknights wall scroll poster is 90cm, and the width is 60cm. The original price was $35, but you can buy it at $17.5 with a 50% discount on the flash sale.


Arknights | 2021.06.18 Flash Sale Offer


Arknights l PVC posters


You can buy a set of Arknights PVC posters with a collection of five posters. The length of this Arknights PVC poster is 42cm, and the width is 23.6cm. The original price was $35, but you can buy it at $17.5 with a 50% discount on the flash sale.


Arknights l Rhodes Island phone case


This phone cover is suitable for iPhone x and xs, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11. The length of this Arknights Rhodes Island phone case is 9cm, and the width is 16cm. The original price was $32, but you can buy it at $16 with a 50% discount on the flash sale.


Arknights l Key Charms Characters A


These key charms are Amiya, Hoshigume, Ch'en, Exusiai, Texas, and Lappland. The length of this Arknights Key Charms is 6cm, and the width is 7cm. The original price was $15, but you can buy it at $7.5 with a 50% discount on the flash sale.


Arknights l New product


The new Arknights product is a limited edition of Arknights collaboration cap 9fifty. There are two types as Arknights Rhodes Island Ver. and Amiya Ver. The length of this Arknights Key Charms is 57.7cm, and the width is 61.5cm. The price of this cap is $45. 


Beginners Guide for playing Arknights can be viewed from here. 


The list of Delivery Regions


There are some conditions when the Arknights products are delivering to some regions. Following are some important notices about the delivery of products. Please read it carefully.


  • At the moment, they are delivering products to Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherland, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Thailand, Venezuela, and Vietnam.


  • They deliver to the UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Luxembourg, and France. So if you are from one of these regions, these can be delivered without any issue.


  • Arknights products are not delivering to Myanmar and Brunei at the moment. If you are from Brazil, the tax ID of the receiver is needed to be include. So, players have been advised to leave their tax ID number on the instruction box on the shopping cart page. If not, the shop owners will cancel your order, sadly.


  • With the Covid-19 pandemic situation, some countries are advised to have contactless delivery. Therefore, sometimes, the players may have to go to the relevant local Post offices to collect their products. 


  • You can check the logistic information of your products using the tracking number. Then, according to the report received, you can contact your local post office and arrange the pick-up methods.


  • If you need more information or clarifications, you can contact the company. However, the contact numbers may differ from region to region. Therefore, please check the EMS website and find your phone number relevant to the area. For example, the contact number of Global Unified Customer service (SF express) is 95338.


Arknights | 2021.06.18 Flash Sale Offer

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Arknights is an exciting game that is played by a more significant number of people throughout the world. Yostar official is going to give a fantastic flash offer for four items. There is a new launch also. Before purchasing the products, you have to pay attention to the details mentioned here.

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