Anime Adventures Codes February 2023 (Roblox)


Tower defense games are way more popular these days, and it has been proved by the Anime Adventures in Roblox, the game developed by the Gomu. The game asks players to collect many characters, and they all are featured in several anime universes. So we have to protect this game's base against the invaders, and we need all the fighters' support to do it better in our gameplay. And in that case, Anime Adventures codes can contribute well to the players as they can provide us all with free rewards to boost our gameplay.



In this game, the developers offer the codes to the players, and they are usually featured with summoning tickets and gems. These are generally the codes that give us the freebies to the game, and they can help us reach for the best warriors like Sasuke, and Krillin, as it features a summon ticket. So basically, codes are a perfect gift given to us by the developers to achieve the best progress from our gameplay.

Every code we listed under this Anime Adventures codes guide will offer you free rewards, and those are the ones that most of the players are taking barely from the gameplay. But here they are for free, and take their help to boost your levels from the gameplay. So from now, let's start our code guide as follows.

Working Anime Adventures Codes


  • CHAINSAW—Redeem for 250 Gems
  • RELEASE – 50 gems will be offered
  • subtomaokuma – a summon ticket will be offered
  • CHALLENGEFIX – 100 gems will be offered
  • SORRYFORSHUTDOWN – 200 gems will be offered
  • GINYUFIX – 100 gems will be offered
  • TWOMILLION – 400 gems will be offered
  • CHALLENGEFIX – 100 gems will be offered
  • FictioNTheFirst – 1x summon ticket will be offered
  • TOADBOIGAMING – 1x summon ticket will be offered
  • SubToKelvingts – 1x summon ticket will be offered
  • KingLuffy – 1x summon ticket will be offered
  • noclypso – 1x summon ticket will be offered
  • Subtosnowrbx – 1x summon ticket will be offered
  • Cxrsed – 1x summon ticket will be offered
  • SubToBlamspot – 1x summon ticket will be offered

Our best recommendation is to copy and paste a code for redeeming from this list. If your code doesn't work, it clearly means that you have typed it wrong, and you need to avoid extra spaces as well as type the code exactly as it seems. Make sure to delete the space after you have entered the code, and to make them work, you need to type them just as we provide them to you.

Another thing is that every code will live for a limited time, and they will expire in a very short time. So you better hurry to redeem as well.

How to Redeem Your Anime Adventures Codes?

If you are a beginner at this game, you may not be so familiar with the redeeming process of this game's codes, but it is not that hard and will be very easy. A simple 4 step procedure will take you to earn your codes from the game, and it is going to happen as follows.


  • Enter the main hub from the Neo Tokyo


  • Get into the sign of CODES.


  • There will be a circle appearing with your starting area here.


  • Go to the inside, and you will see there is a text box.



  • Write the code in there and redeem it for new rewards.


How to Get More Anime Adventures Codes?

Since these Anime Adventures codes are expiring soon, players tend to find more and more codes from the game, and for the ones who need more of them, they can refer to the official Discord channel of this game. More than that, the official Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter are also the sources of getting new codes but note that the Discord channel will announce the players with new codes whenever they have been released. So we recommend that any of you participate in the announcement channels to earn more codes.

Apart from that, no problem if you don't feel like checking several channels to earn more new codes. Just stick to this guide because we will update you with the relevant new codes timely.

How to Play Anime Adventures on a PC?

Playing a game through a PC has many advantages, and it is nothing different for Anime Adventures as well. You get a keyboard and a mouse in here with all the facilities to move easily with your gameplay, and these all will be offered to you with one source called the best android emulator: LDPlayer. Apart from the mouse and keyboard, there are many things to earn here to ease up your gameplay, and here is how you first take the game to PC with your best emulator.


  • LDPlayer has to be downloaded first.
  • You need to install it.
  • There is an LDStore featured inside the LDPlayer where you can see tons of android apps in there as a store. Here by searching Roblox on LDstore’s search bar, you can find your game.
  • Install the game
  • Have your best-optimized gameplay from now on


Playing Anime Adventures through LDPlayer will take you up to so many advantages like giving you a personalized keyboard for all controls, setting up one key for all the repetitions, and so on. The Keyboard Mapping and Keyboard Macros will help you reach this goal, and after all, this emulator has been created with the most advanced features to give you the most optimized gameplay. So why just have traditional gaming? Take the game into the best emulator and see how your gameplay will change.


So these codes are the current working Anime Adventures codes we have and make sure to redeem them before you lose time. It is time to progress your game with many freebies, and why waste such a huge opportunity when you have the chance to make it for free.

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