Among Us - How to Find Impostor: 6 Crucial Strategies

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Playing as an impostor is hard, but as a crewmate is relatively tougher because you don’t have any idea who is murder and killing your fellows one by one. The Crewmate is one of two possible roles available in the game, Among Us. The two possible roles are the following: The Crewmate and Impostor.


How to Find Impostor


The ultimate goal of the impostor is to kill crewmates without being noticed, and be the last standing player to win the game, while you’re playing as a crewmate, then finding the murder is your priority without being killed and turned into a ghost. When finding the killer, the player must complete a series of challenging tasks and repairing the ship to escape. Crewmates will turn into ghosts upon getting killed by impostors.


The game assigns a set of tasks to crewmates, ranging from fixing color-coded wires to uploading data, and fueling the ship engines, as well as memorizing the patterns to let the ship reactor to start. Different types of tasks available that aren’t listed anywhere, and assign randomly. First of all, you should know about the abilities of crewmates before going to figure out the best strategies. A crewmate has the ability of Report and Use; relatively, much lesser than an imposter who has more abilities to use during the gameplay.


How to Find Impostor



If you’re playing as a crewmate then the game shows you a button of the report on your screen, and you can use it whenever you find a dead body on the selected map. Hitting the button will bring all crew members into a meeting to find out who is the impostor based on clues, hints, and more. Note – Impostors also have such kind of ability to report a dead body.



Besides Report, there’s another button “Use” that you can use for a variety of interactions. The most common use of the said button is the activation and the completion of challenging tasks. All crewmates can utilize the button to call a meeting to check security cameras or to figure out the admin map. You should know that impostors also possess the ability too.


What will happen when any crewmember dies?

When an impostor kills a crew member, his dead body drops to the ground, completely divided into two pieces. Therefore, he turns into a ghost and possesses unique abilities to move all over the map freely, even from between walls, corridors to reach the place, do tasks, and more. Being a ghost isn’t good, because there’s a disadvantage that your message can’t appear to those survivors who are alive.


How to Find Impostor


Here are the best Strategies How to Find Impostors

With no doubt, impostors are in tries of killing all crew members without letting them complete their tasks, while on other hand, crew members are struggling to repair their spaceship and complete a series of tasks without being killed. Both teams are intended to complete their tasks and to be the last to win. Therefore, we figured this would be a great time to share some Best Strategies about how to find an impostor and what you should do as a crew member.


Finish Task Early, and don’t believe anyone

You should keep in mind that no one will be there is a trusted person. This is because, the person whom you are considering your friend may kill you silently, and you come to know after turning into a ghost when you can’t inform your teammates. Therefore, you should try to complete challenging tasks as soon as possible, and during the end when there will be three or four people left, you have to stick together as the impostor try to separate the remaining survivors by playing cheap tricks. Keep your focus on running around the map to fix sabotages while struggling to complete tasks.


Get Yourself Verified

You should gain the trust of other players by showing them you are performing a medbay scan and priming shields, as well as shooting asteroids. These are the only actions that verify the status of someone as a crewmate.


Stay Near Verify Crewmates

In the game, you are supposed to stay near any verified teammates because it increases the chances of your survival until the end. Therefore, always keep a distance from those whom you don’t know, while keeping yourself close to those who are verified crew members, and you have seen them completing tasks.


How to Find Impostor


Keep an Eye on each Member

No one knows who is an impostor, and it’s the beauty of the game. Keeping an eye on each player would be somehow helpful and lets you verify who crew member is, although is difficult to recognize. Keep in mind that you aren’t supposed to run randomly across the map by chasing people if you’re not a verified person, it may become a reason to kick out you. Therefore, try to complete tasks while someone seeing you build trust, and always stay along with verified members to ensure your survival.


Build a Team of Friends and Search for Impostor

At the very start, many players aggressively started to complete in-game tasks, without having a struggle of finding who is impostor between them. This is a point from where they lose the game because the impostor takes advantage of their thoughts and silently kill them without being noticed.


Therefore, you should build your trust in others, create a team of friends, and search the map in a band of two members, as it will be difficult for the impostor to kill two members together. That way, if your friend gets killed, you come to know who is an impostor. During the game, the impostor would struggle to make a group of members split but can’t because it means abandoning his buddy, which makes him suspicion among others.


Show yourself bring stuck

Whenever you find an impostor using a vent or start cashing you, at the time you become able to escape their initial ambush, though hitting the button isn’t always best, as you have no clue to prove who the impostor in some cases is. Sometimes, crewmates suspect you instead of ejecting the accusation out.

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