Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War Game Guide and Tips for Rerolling Fast


The kingdom of heroes Tactics War is an RPG game by Neowiz games based on the Arthurian legend. This game has its specialized combat system to enhance it with other players, and every scene of this game is going through a combat system mechanical procedure. The main plot follows the story of a young prince named Arthur, and he fights against evil to protect the Avalon from their threats. The kingdom of heroes Tactics War is well known for combining Japanese manga series and Korean manhwa. So this is initially a 2D art. All the heroes of this game come with this combination of two tales: the moving 2D art.


Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War Game Guide and Tips for Rerolling Fast


There is a hexagon battling field in this game, and sometimes it can be changed according to the game levels. There are unique types of battling system and strategies in here. In this kingdom of hero's tactics war, you can combine your heroes into one. So you can have a strong power to destroy your enemies effectively. Some elements and runes divide these characters according to this game. So if you try to make a combination, it is suggested to combine them according to their rune and elements. You can select up to 250 heroes in this game, and you are capable of upgrade their skills and powers to defeat your enemies effectively. In the kingdom of heroes, there are several fun modes to play as follows.


  • Adventure – following Arthur and saving the kingdom from the evil.
  • Arena – proving the strongest by challenging and competing among other players
  • Awakening Cell – increase the hero's power by collecting materials in the valley of awakening.
  • Rune Dungeon – modify and customize heroes into more potent with runes in Rune Dungeon.
  • Rift – taking the hero you need
  • Tower of Arrogance – battle the tower and get more rewards.
  • Guild Raid – changing powers in every weekday


As we mentioned earlier, there are elements which divided the characters of Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War according to their strengths. Players have to be more concerned about who you use to build up your army and who you will sacrifice. There are five elements mainly in the kingdom of the hero's tactics war as follows.


  • Fire
  • Water
  • Tree
  • Dark
  • Light


Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War Game Guide and Tips for Rerolling Fast


Void elements are the ones we use to upgrade the heroes. So they are neutral. But we should say that players in this game are going into only four heroes. The strategy of this game is revolving around the elements, classes, and runes. Every hero of this game belongs to any of an element from those mentioned elements.


So every aspect has its specific features and skills. They both have strengths and weaknesses. So this feature of the system decides whether immense damage deal or receive in both heroes and enemies. The best option is to have four great heroes to give more damage to enemies.


As an example, you can take water heroes against fire enemies. And also, all of these heroes are divided into classes as Priest, Wizard, Archer, Guardian, and Fighter. Those classes have their way of duties to perform in the game team. Functions like the healing powers of priests and guardians' battling ability are more powerful to select the best combination to achieve more significant damage to enemies. Heroes of the game are power-up by the runes.


They are wearing them, and there will be seven different sets of runes wear by heroes. Weapons do not include power heroes. Runes are a thing that makes heroes into powerful. Each of these runes is giving the statistics, and they make heroes stronger. When they wear runes, a set bonus is given to some of the two pieces and four pieces. You don't have to be panic about which rune you have to wear. The game guides you to which set of the rune you have to eat, and it is in the review window in the hero screen.


Tips for Reroll Fast


Rerolling is a process of selecting a hero as per your own choice in the game. This process is not complicated. Then how to choose the best hero in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war?


First Tip

As the first step, you have to find out a logging method. You can log into the game as a guest or with an account. You can use your Facebook account, Apple account, game center, or Google to log in. You do not have to maintain panics about this because you have the chance to delete your account at any time you want. You can delete your account by only going into the game settings. When you choose a login method, you will see a tutorial. It is for one to two-stage. Complete it then the rune upgrade.


Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War Game Guide and Tips for Rerolling Fast


Second Tip

The next step is to collect the pre-registration rewards. You can manage all pre-registration rewards by merely tapping the mailbox icon. Mailbox is in the top right side. You have received them all and make sure to collect them as soon as possible. Because these rewards are only available to get for six days after you launch the game, when you go into the pre-registration, you will see that you have a tip called 5-star hero select summon chest.


To get this, tap on the mailbox and go to the storage option. The storage option is on the left side of the mailbox screen. You can use this 5-star hero select summon chest to summon a hero you want. On the next screen emerged, you can see a list of five-star heroes, respectively. This kingdom of hero's Tactics war game initially shows you the list of heroes and allows you to select a hero you want.


Top Character Reroll

The top tier heroes are Ingway, Claudia, Bartholomew, and Vivian. So we recommend you choose one of those heroes. As this game allows you to be a hero of five stars, it is not necessarily to reroll always here.


If you still want to do the rerolling process, you can complete the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War achievements. And also, you can complete chapters and collect more crystals. When you collect crystals more than 300, go to summon. And then, you select a banner and select the ten times banner. If you still didn't get the hero you want, go to the game settings situated in the upper right corner.


Tap the menu button to get it. And delete your account then after a type as Delete Account in the box. Then press confirms and restarts the game. Always remember that the dropping rate of the five-star hero is very law. That is why rerolling is not a very much way that we always recommend you to do. All you have to do in goo is to using the select summon chest. Then you will get your favorite hero.



If you expect to experience some strategy-based hero collection game with RPS, the kingdom of Heroes Tactics War would always be a perfect choice. This game has some unique 2D art features with great animations in 3D graphics. It is a real-world fantasy to experience Arthur's journey. So why not trying. Join the world of Avalon now.

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