Among Us: Top 20 Tips for Impostor and Crewmates

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"Among Us" is the best strategy game in which you play with other players around the world. You are either among Crewmates or Impostors. If you are among Crewmates, your job is to do the tasks and find the Impostors before they kill the Crewmates.


As an Impostor, your job is to kill every member of Crew and do fake tasks, so Crew doesn't point fingers at you. If you kill every member of the Crew, getting to you will win, but if you got captured by the Crew, you would be thrown out.


Among Us: Top 20 Tips for Impostor and Crewmates


To have more fun, you can play with friends and family. This guide is to help you provide tips to become the best Impostor or Crewmate.


Top Impostors Tips:


our job is to kill the whole Crew and point fingers at other crew members, so they don't accuse you at all. But you can't just go and kill Crew members; you must do fake tasks like sabotaging etc.


Distract crewmates, and as soon as you find someone alone, kill them to win the game. The following are the tips to become the Best Impostor Among Us.


⦁    Sabotage is the best way to kill someone in Among Us. Step into a room and start doing the fake task. Then when someone comes to help, you lock the door and kill them.


⦁    Before killing Crew members, make sure, your getting out route is ready. Because as soon you kill any crew member, you will have to leave the room and work with other crew members so they can vouch for you.


⦁    Try to earn their trust by fixing Oxygen or Reactor with them. If you help someone with a task, they will consider you trustworthy.


⦁    There are some tasks in the game, which will make some crew members safe. Try to kill them first because if you end up with five crewmates and 3 of them are safe; the odds can be against you. Try to eliminate safe people as soon as possible.


⦁    Try not to wander around crewmates too much. Take parts in tasks to keep yourself safe. There will be a time in "Among Us" when you will be asked to describe the task you have been doing. The only way you can provide details is if you have done the task.


⦁    If someone sees you killing anybody, try to report as fast as you can and blame the person who saw you killing. So, there will be a good chance the members might side with you.


Among Us: Top 20 Tips for Impostor and Crewmates


⦁    Do not kill in a crowd unless you turn off the lights first. Killing in a crowd with lights on is the end of your game. The only way you can kill in a crowd is to turn off the lights and kill a crewmate and start pointing fingers at the other members.


⦁    However, turning off lights is the best sabotage in "Among Us." Turn off the lights and run far away to kill someone; once you are done, get back to other crewmates so they can vouch for you.


⦁    If there are two Impostors in your game, make sure to work with the other Impostor to play safe. But in any case, if you think siding with the Impostor might cause problems for you, then be ready to throw the other Impostor under the bus. You don't want to be found guilty by siding with him.


⦁    Imagine you and the other Impostor are in one room, and two crewmates walk in the room. What you will do is lock the door quickly and kill both and run away before anyone sees you. But you must build trust with other Impostor first to make double kills.


Top Crewmate Tips:


When you are among Crewmates, your job is complete tasks and destroy Impostors. Help your Crew to become the best. The following are the tips to become the Best Crewmate in "Among Us."


⦁    Prove your Innocence as soon as possible. Don't be afraid to call the emergency meeting if you or any of your crewmates claim to see the Impostors.


⦁    If you have access to Trash, Medbay, or Weapons, don't waste the opportunity to use it when people come to see it.


Among Us: Top 20 Tips for Impostor and Crewmates


⦁    Use CCTV to catch Impostor but also use it to see where everyone is and who is going where. This way, you will have the idea of who the Impostors are before they kill anyone else. Also, make sure not to hug the CCTV. If the Impostor knows that you are in the security room, you will become the main target.


⦁    When you are playing with random players, make sure to ask for the reasons. People usually like to point colors randomly and how that their guess is correct. Pointing fingers randomly won't help your Crew at all.


⦁    If you are one of the last four crewmates and one of you dies. That leave 3 of you at that point don't make any rash decision because if you didn't vote or voted wrong, it will be game over for you. So, look at the past voting and try to decide based on that. There's a chance that the Impostor has the highest votes in kicking your crewmates.


⦁    If red accuses the Blue of killing the crewmate and Blue says he didn't kill anyone. What would you do? You will ask Blue to explain himself; it can be about the task he has been doing and has done. If you feel like Blue is innocent, kick the red and see if you are right.


⦁    Make sure to move with other crewmates so they can vouch for you. Also, if you are alone, there's a high chance that the Impostors will kill you.


⦁    Make sure to Pay attention to Votes. If someone vouched for the other one, make sure to remember it or note it down for the future. You don't want to kick the person who was vouched by other crewmates in the previous vote because that crewmate is your strongest ally.


⦁    If you are in the security room and you see two people standing in a room. Turn off the CCTV and turn it on to see if both are alive or not. If one of them is killed, then you know the killer.


Among Us: Top 20 Tips for Impostor and Crewmates


⦁    Only vouch for people who helped you more than one time and had been with you for a longer amount of time.




The suspense and thrill are real in “Among Us.” During the whole game, you have no idea who the Impostor is, and either you are getting in a Trap by voting out someone or not.


Every time the system kicks someone out, it also gives you a note about the player, whether it was the Impostor or not. Try to bring you’re a game no matter if you are an Impostor or one of the Crewmates.


“Among Us” is a fun game with characters, pets, outfits, etc. You can be of the same color as the other player. Also, keep in mind the system shows who got the vote from who, so make sure to not side with the other Impostor.

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