Punishing Gray Raven In-Depth Power Leveling Guide

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Punishing Gray Riven is an epic MMORPG game. Therefore, there’s a high chance that you’ve invested a lot of time into trying to perfect your technique of leveling up. As such, here’s a list of tips and tricks that explain how you can get power level both your Account and your Characters as well. If you haven’t already, you can download Punishing Gray Raven for free on LDPlayer.


Why Should You Level Up?


Account Leveling is an integral part of Punishing: Gray Raven. Most players make the mistake of focusing just on their characters and do not consider the overall state of the game and if their Account itself needs leveling up.


If you want powerful characters, you will need to level your Account up eventually, as leveling up affects your maximum character level. So, if you want your character to have higher health or deal more damage, two integral parts of the game, then leveling up your account is important.


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Plus, leveling up also increases your bracket ranking in some modes. This is mainly applicable in Warzone and Pain Cage. What this inherently means is that the higher your level, the tougher challenges that you end up getting. If you end up beating those tougher challenges, you place higher up in the leaderboards. It is that simple. However, to get to those challenges, you will need to have your Account leveled up significantly. While power leveling is definitely not the way if you want to beat challenges that are tough since you end up having weaker characters due to your speed, you can still try your luck.


Once you level up, you also gain access to completely new game modes that you cannot access unless and until you are at a particular level. While this is not a huge advantage, the game can get a bit stale after you play the same game modes repeatedly for such long shots of times. In those cases, having a few new game modes to grind and climb the leaderboards can be quite fun.


The last and perhaps the most competitive advantage is that you can get the highest possible rewards from the leaderboard ranking. This means that as you hit higher levels, you're able to do tougher overall challenges, which let you rank up higher on the leaderboards. As you get better at the game, you will need a higher tier of rewards so that they can actually be used in your inventory. While the road to level 80 is not an easy one, it can be quite rewarding to hit finally and to be able to compete at the highest level the game has right now.


Getting Up At The Leaderboard


With the highest level at the leaderboard, you should get rewards that not even pay to players can get, which presents it with some exclusivity. All the grind is definitely worth it if you can place it at the leaderboards as you get tons of rewards there which increase your overall power level quite drastically in a short span.


How To Increase Your Level:


There are plenty of ways to increase your account level in Punishing Gray Raven. Some of the most notables ones are:


  • Stamina usage on any mode requiring stamina to enter and play
  • Daily Quest Rewards
  • Weekly Quest Rewards


When you want to maximize the amount of experience you gain per day to level up your Account, it is equally important for you to know about how you can manage the stamina that you currently have, which refills every day.


Stamina usage goes towards your Account's experience. 1 Stamina Use is generally equal to 1 Account Experience. How much stamina you use per stage is equal to the amount of experience you get for your account level.


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In your daily quest tabs, the ones that show an XP icon are those that provide you with XP that contribute towards your leveling. You can take a look at the ones with a red bracket. These are the ones that help you level up quite significantly.


power leveling weekly


In the same case, the weekly quest tab also has S Rank Missions that you should always choose with ticket rewards to get the most out of leveling.




Stamina will regenerate at the rate of 6 minutes per 1 stamina. So basically, it is about 1 hour per 10 stamina. Since the game allows you to have 160 stamina at maximum, this means your stamina will always refresh to full every 16 hours from 0 stamina.


You can also get 1 stamina pot in your mailbox daily, a free 60 stamina pot from your daily quests, and 1 free stamina pot after you clear quests. So, in one day, you should have a total of 240 stamina every 24 hours + 180 free stamina pots, which is 420 stamina per day to use.


While it is possible to use 420 stamina, not everyone has the time to log in and use that stamina. However, this power leveling guide is meant for those who are diligent enough to clear daily quests. At the same time, 420 stamina is near impossible to get if you wish to save up stamina pot every day without using it, usually for those who plan to spam them on event stages.


So, we're going to be more elaborate on using both on the same day. If you plan to save up your stamina pots, then all the stamina counts will, of course, be adjusted by the stamina that you currently have.


Improving Stamina Usage:


Firstly, assuming that your stamina is at 160 when you start a day, pick the free stamina, you get every day from your mailbox.


Then, do your daily dorm quest, which gets you another free stamina pot with a lower duration. Next, pick the free 60 stamina from the daily quest and use one free stamina pot from the dorm quest. You should now have 280 stamina.


Now, try to clear a stage that lets you use most of your stamina in 1 go. Clear that stage. These stages are mainly daily dungeons and event stages that have this feature. There are two ways you can clear them:


  • If you choose manual play, you can do x8 runs, and you will have 30 stamina left after you complete.
  • You can also auto-clear now, a new feature added from the Grand Blue Update patch that lets you clear x9. However, choosing auto-play means that you will have about ten stamina left.


After doing so, leave the game for about 12 hours and then come back to it. You will either have 150 stamina or 130, depending on what option you chose. By this point, use the other stamina pot from the mailbox that has a longer duration.


Do another run that you did but leave 30 (40) stamina behind and leave the game. Come back the next day to see your stamina should be back to 150+ and then start over. Keep doing this until you reach your desired level.


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So, after all that, the daily stamina usage should be about 420 stamina per day. That is about 420 account experience daily, outside weekly missions that give you 540 account experience, which you definitely should be doing. By following these stamina usage tips, you should be going into level 80 very quickly, which lets you access the maximum potential of your characters.


Also, while you are at it, do not forget to get the weekly free 30 stamina from the shop. You can use this extra stamina to clear weekly missions. This free stamina pot is available once a week only, so make sure to pick it up. However, it does not expire, so you can decide which day you want to use it. We recommend using it on days when you really have a quest that you need just a little bit more for but cannot. In those, the stamina pot can come in handy. However, if you do not find a use for it by the end of the week, use it to clear whatever quest you have as otherwise, it will be wasted since they are refreshed weekly.


You can also look at our Tier List for Punishing: Gray Raven to get an idea about all the characters in the game!


Character Leveling:


stamina gray raven


Characters are also equally important to level up, especially during the mid-game all the way through to the end game. Since the character level limit follows your Account Level, you should try complete stages that benefit both your account level and your characters level as well.


What this means is that if you plan to level up a low leveled character or ones that you see less, make sure to bring them alongside the ones you use the most (preferably the best and well-built characters) to power-level them up.


Daily Dungeons:


All daily dungeons, even on the greatest difficulty and event stages that provide event tokens, are mostly pretty easy to beat with a team of just level 50 characters.


After the Grand Blue patch, since you can use auto-clear the stage 9 times and your characters still get the experience upon clearing, then all you need to do is use the said team and clear the stage once. Then after that, you can buy auto-clear with that team to gain an easy amount of experience.


How To Power Level Characters Fast:


Here are some tips that you can take advantage of to level your character extremely fast in Punishing Gray Raven:


  • Choose characters that are low level
  • If the characters are level 50, you can use them all in a team without any problem whatsoever.
  • If the characters all under-leveled (or even under-geared), then bring one well-built character who comes along to help them with power-leveling.
  • Go to Daily Dungeon (or Event Stage) and do the one that drops EXP bottles. Do your best to open up the highest difficulty one.
  • Do the battle one time manually. This will save up that team comp when used for auto clearing.
  • Once done, do the auto clear next until you run out of stamina.
  • Level them all up in the Character Page using the EXP bottles you got from the Daily Dungeon earlier.


Combine all these tips from Character Power Leveling and Stamina Pot Management for Account Power Level 80 Leveling. You can basically use this way if you plan to farm Fragments, Gear Materials, Gold, Skill-Up Chips, Memory, or Weapon Fodders. Careful planning on what you need daily, and you will end up having a solid level 80 team in no time. If you haven’t checked it out already, here’s our Beginner’s Guide for the game to help you get started!


Summarizing Power Leveling:


If you want to get to the gist of it, here’s a summary of everything you need to do Power Level effectively in the game:


  • Make sure you picked free stamina from Daily Quest, Dorm Quest Reward, and mailbox.
  • Start from 280 Stamina
  • Choose EXP bottle dungeon on greatest difficulty (or another dungeon of your choice)
  • Choose manual play one time (30 stamina).
  • Choose your characters, preferably low-leveled one, 3 of them (or 2 with one well-built one.)
  • Play through the stage. Once done, you can repeat using auto-clear. Use the rest of your stamina until it’s cleared.
  • Wait for 112 hours, then come back to the game, use up your last stamina pot.
  • Choose EXP bottle dungeon again and use up the rest of the stamina with auto clear.




Leveling Up is an important aspect of the game that should never be ignored. By following these tips and tricks, you should get to level 80 in no time. With more updates oncoming, leveling up will only get harder as more level caps are introduced.

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