Punishing Gray Raven Advanced Tips, Tricks and Strategies

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Punishing: Gray Riven is an extremely fast-paced competitive MMORPG game that has taken the gaming world by storm. With its recent global release, everyone’s trying to become the best of the best. Here are some advanced tips and tricks that should help you get to the next level in the game. If you haven’t already, you can download Punishing Gray Raven for free on LDPlayer.


Triumphing Gacha Mechanics:


You have first the starting banner and the weapon banner as well. So, most try-hards who want to beat everybody else will spend most of their time in the weapons banner.


This is because the weapons banner provides you with access to better weapons and items which help take your gameplay to the next level. As such, those who are primarily interested in trying to get their combat mechanics up and wish to take down mobs quickly and effectively will be going for this banner.


However, most casuals will be leaning towards the other banner, which presents you with tons of cool character skins and models which you can then play with. However, most of them are primarily cosmetic in nature and therefore do not add any substance to your gameplay. As such, you do end up having to go through a callous choice quite early on in the game.


Here are the general drop rates for the pulls that you will be getting in the game:


  • S Rank: 0.50%
  • A-Rank: 4.95%
  • B Rank: 1.98%
  • Random Pulls: 23.76%


Since there are not many characters in the game yet, the developers have had to fill in most of the pulls with random items and tickets. But, in most cases, you’ll be looking for S Rank characters as well.


From our experience, it takes you about 3-4 days of doing all the missions to get to your first S Rank Pull.


Using Your S-Rank Selector:


rank selectors


We know everyone's all excited to pop that S-Rank ticket immediately when we start the game. You'll probably be going to get it in the mail titled as the S Rank Selector for free with no Gacha Involved. This is one big reason you don't have to re-roll because you can literally choose what you want to play with.


But, play the game, finish the first pull and rank your S Rank from the Summoner. Here, after you get your character, use your S Rank Selector as you really don't want to get a duplicate which will completely ruin your Early Game character set. Since you don't choose your Summon, but you do with your Selector, always go for the random option first.


What If I Get A Duplicate?


If you end up getting a duplicate, that's quite alright. You can combine both your S Tier Duplicates to get a much more powerful double SS character. However, as always, characters with a higher rarity are harder to maintain because they require more experience to level them up again.


This is why most players, even on advanced levels, first try to get their basic characters up and running before moving on towards harder strifes.


Using Focus To Your Advantage:


In Punishing Gray Rive, you can choose what character you want in the Summoning area to focus on so you can get that character easier. This is quite a wonderful mechanic as it lets you get almost exactly what you want. There is an Event Banner where the chance for getting what you want will be 100% as long as you save up enough currency.


In the event banner, you get an S Rank character at 60 summons. You can then focus on whatever S character you want. There's also another S Banner Event Summon which asks for 80~100 pulls instead of a guaranteed S Rank character. However, we do not recommend going to that particular event as it consumes a lot of resources. You can also look at our Tier List for Punishing: Gray Raven to get an idea about all the characters in the game!


Understanding Weapon Banners:


Weapon Banners are not that complicated because each character will have their own designated weapon that you should be getting for that character. However, while most might argue that getting an insanely powerful weapon has its benefits (which it does), it really isn't possible for you to get the best weapon, especially as a free-to-play player.


In most cases, you'll be stuck with basic weapons, but surprisingly, that's completely fine too. Punishing Gray Raven, in essence, does not require you to go for the best weapons out there as the game also revolves around skill and actually gives players a proper chance to prove themselves regardless of how much money they've spent in the game.


However, if you are a whale and want to spend some money to get the best gear, you are in for a treat. Before you go for your weapons, though, we recommend that you make sure of what character you'd like to go for. After you've made up your mind, you can then head on over to the Weapon Banner and select the best possible combination there is and work towards it. Unlike Character Banners which have a lot of variety, there only are a few weapons you can get for each character which intrinsically makes it a much easier decision as there is always one weapon that is objectively better than the other.


Farming A-Rank Characters:


punishing gray raven mtitle


You can farm every A-Rank Character in the game every single day. You can farm a couple of pieces of the character, and if you farm enough, you will get the character, simple as enough. Even if you do not summon a lot, you will get tons of good level A Characters.


To do so, go to the chapters option and start farming towards your A-Rank Character ranks. After you've gotten a hold of a few quests and have started completing them, you will start accumulating pieces. Once you get to 40 pieces, you will get the A-Rank character.


This is quite useful, especially as you move on to better ranks and will need various characters to deal with specific kinds of foes. Sometimes, S Rank characters won't have the skills needed to beat down particular types of bosses. In those cases, having a few A-Rank characters doesn't hurt.


However, the game does favor a dupe system for a heavy pay-to-play player. So, you can rank up your character to a high-rank character by combining them. While this mechanic is not locked behind a paywall in terms of progression, it definitely is easier for a pay-to-play player to get dupes and therefore get to a high-rank character.


But, you can still grind your characters all the way to the top and get all the fragments you need to get a high-rank character eventually.


Implementing Advanced Combat Strategies:


While the combat system definitely deserves its own guide, there are still a few general tips related more to gameplay than anything that you should be utilized to become a much better player.


For example, when it comes to combat, try always to remain vigilant of your surroundings and make sure to know what moves you might need to implement to secure a good combo on the enemy.


Remember, in games like Honkai Impact or Punishing Gray Riven, having a good idea about what you need to do to take down a particular enemy is of pivotal importance. If you haven’t checked it out already, here’s our Beginner’s Guide for the game to help you get started!


Using Your Dodges:


punishing gray riven dodge


When using your Dodge, you can land a perfect dodge to spam your skills. You should get an idea about attack animations to land perfect frame dodges. Whenever you do so, you will enter into a slow-motion state to spam your attacks as they will be at increased speed.


This is especially useful and sometimes essential when combatting large groups of enemies at once. It presents you with somewhat of a break where you can actually land a few hits with no repercussions whatsoever. As you get better at the game, dodging will become increasingly important, especially as you face off against stronger enemies who can take you down in a few hits or so. In those cases, not landing one or2 Dodge can prove to be fatal in nature.


Dodges also serve another purpose; they help set you up for your next attack. Even if you don't have a perfect dodge, they are still important to the core mechanics of the game as most of your heavier attacks have a cast point and an attack animation which leaves you vulnerable for a few frames. If you don’t dodge the previous attack, there’s no way that you’ll be able to land a heavier attack with the fear of getting hit yourself.


To practice your dodges, we recommend going to easier stages and not hitting any enemies but instead focusing on dodging their every move. Once you understand how the mob plays and what its attack animation is, and you can dodge every move that it does, you should move onto the next easy difficulty.


The reason we go for easier difficulties is that even if those mobs hit you, they won't be doing a lot of damage. Plus, the stages you have already cleared pose less of a challenge than those you haven’t explored yet. Remember, our main purpose is to help you practice your dodges to make a good one once the real deal is here.


Try not to overthink too much on a perfect dodge. Sometimes, you might end up missing your Dodge completely because you were waiting for that frame's perfect timing, which you naturally will be missing from time to time. Instead, if you feel like a particular attack is way too strong. Dodge as quickly as possible, and don't worry about the frame timing.


It is absolutely worth it for you to dodge an attack coming right at you rather than waiting for the perfect chance and getting hit by it.


Advanced Free To Play Player Recommendations:


Punishing: Gray Raven remains a competitive game for both free and pay to win players. While pay to win players definitely have an advantage in terms of time, there is no objective, character, or weapon they can get that a free-to-play player cannot.


punishing gray raven character


However, one major issue that free-to-play players face is sometimes the absurd time wall that most games have when getting to particular points in the game that give them a power spike. Thankfully, Punishing: Gray Raven, while still quite difficult, is not impossible to do. If you grind particular banners such as the A Character completion banners and also save up your resources to get guaranteed pulls, you'll end making a lot of progress and will have a few characters that are actually worth their salt in terms of gameplay.


So, yes! The game can be completed and is actually a joy to play even if you are a free-to-play player.


Pay To Play Player Recommendations:


For pay-to-play players, the game is still quite difficult. However, one aspect of the game you won’t have to worry about is your character and weapon. In the end, however, while you will get inherent perks that make the game a bit easier, it is still totally reliant on your skill.


So, don’t be fooled by your shiny new weapon and character. Instead, be ready to land perfect dodges and hit sick combos, or else you'll end up dying just like any other free-to-play player. This is quite a respectable mechanic as it ensures that all players in the game are on the same level playing field in terms of skill.


Currently, a free-to-play skilled player will be taking down mobs at a much better rate as compared to a paying low-skill player due to the amount of disparity found between those who have a profound knowledge of the game’s mechanics and those who have no clue.




Punishing: Gray Raven is one of the most intricate games released in 2021. With it competing with major juggernauts in the scene, the game definitely has left its unique footmark with new mechanics such as elemental-based combat into the mix. By following these tips, you should cement yourself as one of the best players in the game.

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